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  1. I am getting off the Internet for some time. Thank you all for your help.
  2. It is clear that I have a huge Earth and Water imbalance. It goes from symptoms in the first list (cycles of dry peeling lips) to symptoms from the second (edema in hands). There is also the salt and sweet cravings, as well as pensiveness and fear. It is almost like a drama that has been playing for the past year. I have searched on the forums for practices to do. I am interested in Zhan Zhuang and have found Master Lam Kam Chuen's 10 day video series. I also would like to do Ba Duan Jin which I found from this thread. Are these two practices good for balancing the organs (such as Earth and Water) and circulating qi?
  3. The text you have in your signature is captivating. Is it from Lao Tzu? I will be practicing this. Thank you. Thank you for the book recommendations.
  4. I am making lifestyle changes and will be seing a naturopath soon. I have also found a good acupuncturist. Thank you for the ITM Website -K-.
  5. I found on the forum a book called 'The Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong' by James MacRitchie. It is from the 'The Global Qi Project' and is free. http://globalqiproje...ians-Qigong.pdf How accurate and reliable is this book for basic Taoist teachings? What solid book, that thoroughly covers the basics, would you recommend instead? Much thanks.
  6. I have a growing interest with fasting due to good experiences. In what way do you believe fasting can be good for balancing the organs? I have researched many hours for books on Chinese medicine. This is one of the few that I believe to be accurate. What do you think of Ted Kaptcha's book? What book would you recommend instead?

This does not help at all. I have been rethinking this past week and am understanding more what is happening. I was having serious edema in my hands, which I now know is due to consuming way too much salt (Water). I also crave sweet food (Earth) like crazy without knowing why.

 All of this would indicate that I have an Earth and Water imbalance, or as described in Kaptchuk's book 'Earth's control of Water not adjusted'. What I am trying to figure out is, how do I 'rebalance Earth and Water'?
  8. I came upon a passage from Ted Kaptchuk's book "The Web That Has No Weaver" about Chinese medicine. Here is an image: Of the above conditions, I have all and they are severe. This precisely describes what I have been physically experiencing this past year and which I have not been able to find solutions. I do not have much understanding of Chinese medicine. I have a general overview of what this means, but not enough to understand it completely. What does this passage about the 5 Phases in Chinese medicine mean? What are the actions to correct this imbalance? Much thanks.
  9. Hi

    Have been learning and doing energy cultivation for some time. Lately, I have deepended my study of Buddhism and Taoism. I also have an interest in Qigong and Chinese Medicine. I find that the The Tao Bums is a good place to learn.