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  1. Hello! Looking for a Mystic Master in Hong Kong

    not sure how people here feel about reviving old threads, so I apologize in advance if that is not ok but i figure due to the nature of these ongoing discussions it should be fine. I am going to hong kong at end of the september... any travel tips or advice or things to check out, things to learn, etc? best place to shop for souvenirs? a quality swordsmith? massage/bodywork school? maybe a good bagua zhang teacher? always thought that was interesting
  2. I will be in hong kong at the end of the september. Perhaps you would be willing to demonstrate the benefits of your practice which you appear to be quite dedicated to Leandro? Personally, I am not drawn to qi in order to shoot lightening out of my hands or burn holes in paper either. I think there is something much more valuable to be found in refining ones own self and being the best human one can be and living with an open heart. I am sure you are all magnificent and beautiful people, but sadly I have not seen much love anywhere in this thread. Anyone who posts a video of an individual burning holes in objects from a distance and claiming to do so with their energy is going to be met with a fair bit of skepticism. If it were true, I am sure there might be some damaged egos of individuals who have been studying qigong much longer than the five years Leandro spent in china and have still not achieved any extra abilities. I personally feel amazing things can happen when we believe, but must say that your responses Leandro have all been so defensive. If you are following truth and the way, then the truth itself should be self evident, no? Much respect to all that have added to this quite heated discussion. It has been an interesting topic to read thus far.
  3. hello friends of the tao!

    Hello all! I have seen this forum many times and looked here and there but finally decided to join. I am not an overly active forum user but look forward to interacting with you all and what might come forth of our interactions. I am from California, USA. I love to learn and also to teach what I have learned. Much love to all who read this! my interests include training the physical as well as energetic and mental aspects of my human self, as all are connected. I am drawn to and practice various chi kung, meditation, and yoga. I do bodywork and healing, and I also enjoy practicing martial arts. I like to consider myself more of a hobbyist to keep any potential ego issues out of the way. It is my pleasure to have the chance be here with you all. P.S. I am traveling to hong kong at the end of the month for 2 weeks. Any advice? Any good training?