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  1. Wim Hof's Meditation

    I practiced wims breathing technique (as presented on high existence) for a few months a couple years back. Good stuff. I eventually worked it into doing the breathing technique with different chi kung standing postures. Had good results. I phased it out to pursue other practices not because I was unhappy with results. I still take ice cold showers daily. Thanks for the vid from vice I have to check that out! -grok edit: I wanted to add I took away a lot from the short time I devoted towards his techniques that I was able to apply to my endurance training.
  2. Great Framework. Great Explanation. It's nice to see Jung represented through this paradigm (which is my interpretation as well). -grok
  3. Need help "Transmuting" Chi.

    I think you need to open up some flow brother. Your trying to anticipate and control WAY to much. From reading your posts it seems like you have high expectations for what is going to happen around different days ect. All of this causes you to project certain energies out into the world around you. I would say lay off retention until you no longer have expectations for anything. You need to know your center. You need to be able to ground. Practice yoga, and chi kung in the meantime as others have suggested. This will help with your blockages when/if you decide to resume this path. As a side note. As someone with experience in this. You need Flow. Otherwise it just hurts you. And as others have commented, in my opinion it really only is something that is good for certain purposes and within certain context. You don't need to practice this in my opinion for most cultivation ends.
  4. US law enforcement gone to hell

    Yes this is disgusting. But I don't think this is a US problem. This is a mankind problem. This happens all over the world. At least in the US we get it on camera and we have a court of law that isn't entirely corrupt. Way better than a lot of countries. Way better. I feel what your saying though. Something has to change, its getting ridiculous at this point.
  5. I think this is really good advice.
  6. I think this is a strong point (with minor strike through for purpose of my point). There is a constant exchange of energy between all things. When we cultivate (through various means) power and flow increases. If power increases greater than flow you will feel certain bridges get overloaded between the pathways . Different places, different people, different energies, and different context all creates differences in these expressions of overload. Some people here are giving you advice on how to store and divert this energy in a certain way in order to control the exchange, and others are describing how to open this flow up more and increase the exchange. Different practices and different ends. My advice would be to figure out where you want your consciousness to be, and take in the lessons from those who are more deeply settled in that place. fyi: I literally just completed laying the foundation (just experimenting don't plan for it to be long term) and have not experienced any blockages. The last few years I have devoted myself to opening, understanding, and expanding the flow of things. Not the generation of more power. Although recently I have begun to redevelop the latter. In sum, I have found the best way forward is to Know what you want, then get what you want. -grok
  7. Which accident caused the fatigue? If certain exercises feel "very good" that's usually a green light to keep going. The problem however is that your former accident may cause a blockage which long term would not be good. However, in this case I believe that standing in the stream is helping move energy around the blockage. I think your ok to keep expanding in this area of practice, but if I was you I would be open ears to others who chime in and see it differently. Also, highly recommend you follow Old Chi's advice. -grok
  8. Hi Manaus, I practiced ZZ as taught by way of energy for a number of years rather diligently. I think it is a great book to get people started without a lot of nonsense. Can you explain your accident? also are there particular positions that effect you more or less? -grok
  9. Never a bad time to quote the Spear which Shaketh!
  10. Cannabis effect on Cultivation; views in CTM

    I agree. I would add, and in the spirit of my origin post on this thread, I think it can be useful tapping into different vibrations. But as Spotless pointed out, generally those aren't vibrations I wish (or feel a desire to) to be in while practicing serious cultivation. Of course that may change for me tomorrow depending on what "space" i'm trying to grok. I also like the point raised by Spotless about meat, cheese, coffee as I definitely see a parallel in this discussion. Eating those kinds of foods will alter your vibration and in my life it depends on what "space/paradigm/energy" I want to be in at that point in time. I've lived both extremes when I've had different goals and objectives. All this leads me back to my original point. Depending on how we wish to expand/contract our perception/awareness/consciousness the good and the bad of these things are all relative. -grok
  11. Understood. Be well bro. Reach out if you ever need to talk/vent. -grok
  12. Hello Everyone

    Infolad, good to see you brother. Cheers. -grok
  13. This comes down to a few things. First. What is your reality tunnel/ thought paradigm. What is self? Second. When you work with this stuff (or any serious cultivation for that matter) the first question seems to ridiculous because it becomes clear that external/internal entities are literally everywhere. More to your statement, an internal entity can also be "externally intelligent". This requires a certain understanding or paradigm of dimension that is more easily experienced than explained. -grok
  14. Cannabis effect on Cultivation; views in CTM

    I have used cannabis to push through certain thresholds. Depending on how it effects your system it can be used to enhance different perceptions that can be useful in expanding awareness. That being said, i agree it tends to dull the aura and diminish your expressions for days after. Its like using a step stool (cannabis) which causes the floor (consciousness) to sink for few days or so. Tricky tricky . All in all I am happy to have the tool in my kit, but generally don't touch it when I'm entering long periods of serious cultivation. -grok
  15. Thank you for sharing your experience. Do you have a link to that post?