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  1. Welcome

    It seems like you should really ground and stay off drugs. As stated before, take care of yourself, regain that tranquil space inside of you.
  2. nei gong and mindfulness meditation

    Thanks a lot Kar3n and steve! I guess I´ll just have to experiment. In regards to your comment steve, I completely agree, effortless does describe the act a lot better. Thats one of the difficulties of trying to communicate this practices Also, my question arose mainly because in yoga, theres usually and order for practicing, which goes from the rough to the more sublime, meaning that one first works with the body, doing asanas, then energy work, which ultimately derives from pranayama and lastly, meditation, therefore my wondering if there´s sort of a recommended order of practice in nei gong. Nevertheless, I´ve just tried meditating and then doing sung breathing, and I gotta say that it feels good , the focused and relaxed attention of mindfulness easily translates to the relaxing of the muscles by breathing that is this exercise in it´s first stages. Thanks a lot for your comments!
  3. Hi, I recently found on this forums a reference to Damo Mitchell´s - The Art of Philosophical Change, and I would like to know how does it combine with mindfulness meditation. Specifically, the first "exercise", Sung breathing. Is there a recommended order for practicing, like first the breathing then mindfulness? Can it be harmful to combine both in one sitting, like first meditating then doing the breathing, or the other way around? My thoughts on this, and I very well might not know enough, is that mindfulness might have a different purpose than energy work, that would be something like attention, acceptance and letting go, while energy work, like the name suggests, is a more oriented towards a "goal" activity, in which case, the passiveness of mindfulness would be lost by combining them. As a reference, I have been practicing yoga for almost a year now, and minfulness meditation for a couple of months. I would love to hear your comments on this, and I´m very grateful for the opportunity to have a place in which to discuss this, Thanks!
  4. Greetins

    Hi, my name is Cristobal, and I´m from Santiago, Chile. I´ve read a lot of books and have recently started my personal practice, but anyway, it´s hard to know what you are doing with so much information, so, a place to ask questions and talk to others is very much appreciated. Thanks!