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  1. Hydrocele

    To update, I have schedule an appointment with a urologist. A lot of cases I've read about involve one's testicle swelling to large proportions. Mine is e same size of the other one. It is just slightly irritated, can become an annoyance and can raise higher than the other one at times.. This is accompanied by a feeling in my lower, left abdomen. I've been tested for a hernia twice and both doctors didn't find one. I'm concerned about the feeling in the abdomen and how the testicle can raise and twist at times. I don't know if the surgery to remove he Hydrocele will fix all of the problems but I guess I'll find out more at the appointment. I feel as though it effects my voice sometimes. I wish I could just completely fix all of this.
  2. Is space nothingness?

    My way of thinkng is actually more along the lines of what you describe. I am used to getting retorts that tell me that we are something that came from nothing/something in floating in nothing. I simply cannot comprehend nothingness.
  3. Is space, the emptiness between matter (planets, comets, stars, etc) truly nothingness? If it is something that can contain things, is it truly nothingness (not something)? If it can be curved, is it truly nothingness? Can something be something and still be nothingness? Is nothingness something?
  4. a posed question?

    I have no idea.... De ja Vu, Sleep paralysis, Noises in music becoming one vibration for a short duration... And then there was that time when I begged the universe to show my reality. My eyes rolled back in my head, I felt as if I was traveling through space and I only remember feeling very, very well. I get distracted and wrapped up in smaller things, but I feel an overall progression.
  5. 6th and 7th sense theory (law)

    Is it accurate to say that one's 6th sense is their intuition and that their 7th sense is the ability to consciously navigate through the information that powers their intuition? So, if I were to use my 6th sense (intuition) to end a relationship, I would end it on a hunch or a feeling that things aren't right. But, if I were to use the 7th sense, I would see the information/reasons why things aren't right. Is this correct? In this example, it seems that the 7th sense is just a well developed 6th sense. Slightly off-topic: What is the 8th sense? I've heard mention of it on conversation, but people never know how to properly explain it.
  6. Sleeping surface

    What do you all sleep on? I got rid of my mattress after I tested sleeping on the floor. For the first two weeks, the firmness worked much better than the give of the mattress. But, now I find that I could use something there; something firm, thin and practical. Do any of you share my experience? Do you have any idea? I don't exactly want to spend hundreds of dollars. I am also wary of these chemicals that everyone mentions in modern mattresses.
  7. Not sure who has experience in this field, but if one were to get a distribution deal for their feature film, how does that usually work? Is there a sum of money given up front? Let's say a film is put on Netflix, does Netflix pay the producers of the film to put the film on there? Would such a payment be a large up front payment or is it usually paid periodically?
  8. Emptiness

    I admit, I don't feel that I understand emptiness fully. My practices include fasting, qi gong, yoga and meditation. But, I haven't really read through any texts ther than Alan Watts. I seek the truth, but in don't feel it is necessary to read any texts. My current feeling is that I am just part of some organism that seems infinite and what I am doing and will do is just the same as what anyone else has done or will do in this process that is happening as we speak. I can't claim to know anything for a fact. I feel that if I get a grasp on what emptiness is, I will come to a realization that will help me do more good in this life. How can I go about understanding this better? Do I already understand it? Can someone explain? I appreciate everything you've done for me. This forum has helped me in numerous facets of life.
  9. Thanks for the I formation. I meant "it does this to whatever region where the energy is located."
  10. I eat a lot of leafy greens, avocados, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a decent amount of raw cacao.
  11. This happens when I am wide awake. It can happen during the day if I am in a relaxed position. I wish I could record it and show you guys... I guess I can in theory. If I ignore it, I feel it, sort of like an excited feeling, but subtle and throughout my body.
  12. In addition: They are so strong sometimes, they pull me to a sitting up position when they travel through my abdomen. I've also been experiencing strong emotional surges that may be connected. I felt that these emotional surges are the reason that people seek some sort of habitual experience, such as smoking, drinking, television, comfort foods, etc. one thing is certain, I felt the definite need for an outlet for this emotional feeling. I've never experienced these two phenomena at the same time, but I am curious about both.
  13. For months, I have been experiencing these twitches. They are more like fluid motions than twitches. I will be lying on my back and waves of energy will go up and down my body, causing fluid, symmetrical twitches up and down my body. This moves my arms in identical patterns simultaneously as well as my legs. It does this to wherever the energy feels it is located. It goes up and down effortlessly. But, when I focus on a certain area, it stays there. It has even effected just one side of my body, and made it move n a very detailed pattern, only to do the exact same detailed pattern to the other side of my body, though it is usually simultaneous. It seems to originate in my lower back. Has this happened to anyone else?
  14. I have silver fillings. I probably got my first in the late 90s or early 2000s when I was a depressed child and had a bit of a dark age. I do not know of they are amalgam or not. I am just getting going financially and plan to remove them over time if they are. Does anyone have any stories about physiological health or energetic improvements after the removal?
  15. Can anyone recommend a good book on Einstein's theory of relativity? I really want to understand it through and through. I don't have too much advanced mathematics under my belt, but I want to fully understand the theory and go from there.