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  1. Taijiquan action movie ?

    MAN OF TAI CHI Movie had some awesome Taijiquan scenes .
  2. Jade Writing (Yellow Court Classic): Individual Phase Space User Manual What is your opinion about this Taoist text ?
  3. Was hoping you guys could recommend some books...

    I think the book <The Art of Chi Kung: Making the Most of Your Vital Energy> is a good place to start
  4. Chaos Magick

    A new book of the next generation of Chaos Magick is < Between Spaces: Selected Rituals and Essays From the Archives of Templum Nigri Solis > . So called least ,I have not yet read but it looks interesting .
  5. Taijiquan action movie ?

    That sounds interesting Thank you .
  6. Taijiquan action movie ?

    Thank you , I'll see it
  7. You are wrong . From personal experience i can tell you , that yes i won lottery , sometimes was magick , sometimes was divination .
  8. Taijiquan action movie ?

    I've seen many hong kong action movies with kung fu . And i was wonder if you know any movie with Taijiquan /tai chi chuan to suggest me ???
  9. Two books about Qigong

    I've going to buy this two books about Qigong . Secrets of Energy Work The Healing Promise of Qi If someone has read this , i love to hear his comment .
  10. Mysteries of the Life Force: Apprenticeship with a Chi Kung Master

    Interesting i will add in my list books .
  11. Religion

    If we discuss about major religions as the Big 3 Abrahamic religions ! 1) Judaism 2) Christianity , 3) Islam . So let me tell you something , There isn't any truth there !!! Monotheistic religions are fraud . There isn't any such thing as one big god . Which is very good . But he wants the people be slaves to him . And he can't to say no to the money , always he wants more . There is much truth and Wealth in many religions as Paganism , Polytheism , Shinto , Taoism , Confucianism , Buddhism , even in wicca . The big difference is that the Abrahamic religions have no SPIRITUALITY !!! As above spiritual religions that the very little people follow .
  12. Ritualistic Magic? Whats the point?

    come man Western Tradition is not Ritualistic Magic , it called ceremonial Magic! The difference between Ritual Magic and ceremonial Magic ( as Kabalah ) , is that in ceremonial there is Evocation and invocation . Opposed the Ritual Magic can be Nature Magic . Initiation into Hermetics is a great book from a great magus . Disabled Not Broken when you said Egregores you mean Creating Magickal Entities ??? That's i understand ! "Hands on Chaos Magic" is a great book and it can make magick to actual work !
  13. As Above So Below ....

  14. New member

    Welcome to the forum .
  15. introducing myself