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  1. removing sexual blockages

    Accumulation of energy/chi in the grand sense is still always favourable. As the energy continues to build up, slowly but surely it will begin to destroy dormant blockages and tensions. Energy is like water beating against the rock-like blockage. The soft will always overcome the hard by the end. If you do not specifically know the root of your problems, and are just guessing, then it might be difficult to deal with the issue directly. So continue to keep your energy work/accumulation as an active part of your life, and let your body heal itself. The body is a self-regulating system, all we have to do is permit it to do it's job. Hope this helps at all! All the best. Eugene
  2. Lily Of The Day

    One of my favorite moments of the show! I love Uncle Iroh so much . Thanks for the memories!!
  3. Wachowskis New Film!

    My thoughts exactly. I just checked IMDB, it says it's 164 mins. 2hrs 44mins. Which is substantial I suppose!
  4. Wachowskis New Film!

    If anyone could pull off the following kind of story, it would be the Wachowski siblings! It seems they are quite spiritual in their nature, having dealt with themes like "the illusion of Maya" and "self-realization" in their Matrix trilogy. Now this is what they have in store:... It looks quite promising, I just hope they haven't packed TOO MUCH and failed to develop anything in particular substantially. Unless it's like 3 hours long.. (update: it will be 2hrs 44 mins) Any thoughts?
  5. Zen And Masturbation...The Struggle!

    I recently posted a very controversial topic, perhaps you may get something out of it. Read the following replies, as they help to complete the puzzle. Primarily it deals with my personal experience and how I overcame porn addiction. Orgasm without Ejaculation: http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?/topic/24405-orgasm-without-ejaculation/ All the best, Eugene