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  1. Yuen Method?
  2. Yuen Method?

    Yuen Method is much more than simple "placebo". For example, one of the things I can "see" here is the operation of morphic fields. The midline or spine is of great importance in Yuen Method. And the associated morphic field is very powerful as it has been accessed and empowered by millions of Yogis, Spiritualists and Martial Artists. One aspect of Yuen Method is to provide access to such powerful Morphic fields. Those who are familiar with Mantras, lineages, diksha, transmissions etc will readily recognize and appreciate what I am trying to say. There are several "innovations" to Yuen Method. Two teachers I personally know and highly recommend are Elma Mayer and Barbara Robins. Elma Mayer brings in concepts from both Yuen Method and Matrix Energetics, and she calls her modality, 'Now Healing'. Something worth checking out. Barbara Robins, one of the primary students of Dr. Yuen is another brilliant innovator in this field with a high success rate in healing many issues. Though not exactly Yuen Method, Quantum Entrainment, which it's founder Dr. Kinslow describes as 'healing through pure awareness', is another modality worth checking out. Dr. Kinslow comes from the background of Advaita/Neo-Vedanta and his method is probably the first organized healing application of concepts of Advaita.
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