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  1. Energy is all it is...

  2. Female Dan

    I have to say that although a while ago I was entertaining the idea of slaying the red dragon, I have never actually committed myself to it. It just didn't feel right intuitively and I agree with other women here who chose to keep it natural and respect the power of it. However things turned around and my period stopped few months ago. It just doesn't feel right though, I'm 41. Im not too much worried because I feel that my body needs to save the energy as I'm dealing with the gut issues and a very low iron. This is after 15 vegetarian years, the stress played part in it as well. Many years of meditation practice hasn't saved me from my triple warmer going crazy... Lol It is just about me not following my natural rhythms in favour of certain ideals. Valuable learning experience However this experience is liberating and empowering as I came to understanding that no Teacher would know what will precisely work for me. And hey, isn't it how they crafted their schools which now draw all these many followers, these Masters have been listening to themselves. Btw someone posted about all the emotional outbreaks, moods, tears and fears.... start watching your gut, just as a precaution from my experience.
  3. Female Dan

    Can't find this sub- forum, can someone direct me please?
  4. Female Dan

    Thanks Exorcist, very interesting to go into the depth of jing - qi - shen concepts and ways of cultivation, thanks a lot for your clarifications. Now, my question to everyone, interested to contribute to this discussion is this: in his book written for women O.Tcherne states, that when a modern woman wants to start her cultivation practice, then (in most cases) she would first have to work on her yin. How - employing health qigogn methods (dao yin, massage, qigong for organ healing, elements of bagua, etc). Naturally women have a higher degree of yin, however it doesn't mean they have no yang at all. I think the above mentioned posts about the effect of birth control methods give a good idea how women are thrown out of their natural ways. So, he writes that if she skips this step and proceeds to cultivation, her unbalanced yin will hinder her practice. What do you think about this ? Is it really necessary to do any kind of "balancing" before approaching the red dragon? I'm a beginner, so please feel free to correct me if I'm talking nonsense and / or missing the understanding of some core concepts.
  5. Female Dan

    hi Shagrath, where can i look up this chen style silk reeling practice? is this a tai-chi form? thnx!
  6. Female Dan

    Thanks Exorcist, this is a very interesting discussion. I'm much interested in this subject as I've been considering starting the practice, however I do have questions. Chopping the Red Dragon when fully achieved - does it really has an irriversible effect on a reproductive function? I read different opinions, also stating that once practice is discontinued, period comes back, thus a woman is again able to bear a child. Practice during the period - I understand it' s exactly the time for specific practices in order to sustain and absorb otherwise lost energy. The actual alchemical practice - the common notion here is that a woman first chops the red dragon and then follows the male (Yang) cultivation practice. I wanted to attach here an extract in English from a book by a Russian author Oleg Tcherne who provides a lot of insight and explanation of how a modern woman can cultivate. He states that in modern times for a woman who is not born and raised in the cultivation friendly environment (where she would naturally start cultivating in Yang way), and starts her cultivation way later in her life, first of all it's necessary to balance her Yin energy. A women needs to strengthen and regulate her Yin energy before developing and cultivating Yang energy. Here is a short extract: "any practice based on increasing and developing the dominance of Yang energy will also increase the energy in their Yin organs. This will intensify their Yin emotions and take them further and further away from the feeling of being fulfilled and happy in their lives. If they do not work on themselves and try to balance their Yin states at all, then all their energy goes towards survival (and not to a fulfilled life). The reason for this is that they will have to use more and more of their energy for their existence under the conditions of concentrated and destructive internal and external attacks. Even love, which is the state of maximal Yang manifestation of women’s Yin essence will be drowned in Yin-emotions and feelings and will be subordinated by them. They will not be able to use the force of this state (love) either for self-fulfillment, or, more specifically, for alchemical cultivation. .... All the above demonstrates that Yin energy in women can either help them to develop themselves, or hinder and even stop them from the path of self-improvement. In each case, Yin energy can either be out of control and unrealised, or stabilised and utilised. If the later is the case, the alternative aspect of Yin energy is implied: the one of gathering and strengthening. We can consider this aspect of gathering only after proper understanding of the practice involved. Then we will not be talking of separation and contrasting of Yin and Yang energies, but rather about two inherent ingredients of the alchemical work, where all that gathers is connected with Yin energy and all that cultivates – with Yang energy (we will refer to this concept later). Until women start their alchemical work, the state of their Yin energy distribution will indicate what sort of work is necessary in order to learn how not to lose energy through their emotions and feelings and how to regulate it for further strengthening. " He also talks in detail about the importance of rhytm and specific practices for women during the different moon phases and during the period itself. this is one of perhaps few internet resources where his book is available from. Well, anyway, it' s just one of the opinions and I'd be happy to read more practical stuff on this topic. Any suggestions? P.S. if someone explains me how to post an attachment here, I'd post a word file where I copied a two chapters.
  7. Suppressed/repressed anger.

    thanks! i'm really curious to know HOW? how do you transform it while meditating if I may ask? Do you observe that anger, or yourself, or just let it all go, or what?
  8. Suppressed/repressed anger.

    yes, I came to know that I'm performance perfectionist and the roots are deep, all these wrong perceptions of ourselves are shaped throughout the childhood
  9. How did you start?

    Interesting topic, thanks AsheSkyler Since my school years I've been into self-exploration, collected articles from newspapers and magazines on esoteric, mystical and paranormal events, was inspired by Indian yogis practicing in solitude in Himalayas. Reincarnation, chakras, aura, energy fields all sounded right. In my 20ties I became a disciple of an Indian meditation teacher. After almost a decade of taming it, I had to face a major outburst of sexual energy where I lost it. The only advice I could get was to pray and meditate that no longer worked, Master had already passed away (I do credit him for subtly guiding me and re-directing the excess energy into more productive expressions, when he was in his physical). I had no knowledge and understanding what's really going on. It was a very hard period with lots of emotions and feelings uprising, that however gave me an impulse to look for a new direction in life. I left that path and embarked on a new journey with a quest to find out more about that energy thing. Explored kundalini and other yoga schools, reiki, tantra and few other things, then found a book by M.Chia from where I got interested in qigong. I started learning about Taoist philosophy which made a profound impression on me with its' many ways of practical application in all the areas of life. And I do want to know more of it. I hardly shared this with anyone, and never in public. Good to let it out though.
  10. Suppressed/repressed anger.

    Hi Cat, can you please give an example on how to perform that cleansing with qigong? thanks!!
  11. Suppressed/repressed anger.

    It' s a great example of transforming anger into something good, thanks for sharing. I understand that energy by itself is not good or bad, we give it the meaning. Energy can be used in a productive way and I'm interested how in practice alter that polarity, perhaps should start in my mind.
  12. La Ruta

    hi Morivou, thanks for a beautiful post. I also feel music has a great capacity to connect all things out there. Good luck in finding own way to express your unique perception through art!
  13. It's brave of you to open up about your experiences and I feel your sincere search for guidance. If you ask for advice, I' d say listen to yourself. But I also see it might be difficult at the moment as you're overwhelmed with too much info, sensual experiences, states, your own searching mind gives you no break. Btw, I'm not sure what is actually your intention here: is it to get a practical guidance, or to speak out about your experiences which you can't do with your family and friends, discuss with those who will understand you, feel understood, supported. In case it' s the former, everyone here gives their own best suggestions, but it's as if you want to become a professional athlete and you ask other accomplished athlets for their advice. One says swimming is the best, you take swimming classes for a bit, still you feel somewhat not sure and when someone suggests you to join a soccer team you try it out, then some other advice comes in... Will you achieve anything in such a way? I don' t think so, you' ll just get even more distressed and confused, your disbelief in yourself and others will gradually increase. My feeling is that at this point what can really help you is an order and I'd even say you need to impose discipline into your life. I know, it' s not easy, for many (including myself), your current state is not easy to manage, but that' s exactly what it needs. I think it' s the only way for you to start learning how to manage yourself instead of letting all these different states, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc govern over you and throw you all over the place. You need to get your life into a good order, a routine and the sooner you start, the faster you'll see the result. So, in case if you seek practical guidance, I think there' s nothing wrong in asking for direct guidance and if you haven' t done yet so, get connected with a person, perhaps from this forum, who have gone through similar experience, I think few people here made their remarks based on that. Take time to get to know each other, feel if the connection is right. However, mind you, it will require all your willpower to commit and most importantly to stick with your decision, follow though the advice and keep on practicing regardless of the ever changing states, thoughts, emotions and what others tell you. Even if you go off track, it' s ok, just get back and continue from where you stepped off. Time will definitely bear a fruit. Blessings and good luck to you!
  14. White Skeleton Meditation instructions

    hmmm.. it' s a little hard to navigate online shop as it' s in Chinese. I sent them a question about all Engl.lang. titles available and int'l delivery, will post the answer asap
  15. White Skeleton Meditation instructions

    Master Nan's school in Suzhou was very kind sending me the website of their online bookstore (The Laoku Books ),which is the authorized bookstore selling master Nan's books, also in English . http://www.laokubook.../Item/1406.aspx . nice of them