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  1. Information

    I've had similar things happen to me.. so interesting, maybe perhaps it be the same people behind it???? But you're raining on my parade a little bit, I thought life only existed because of me. oh well.
  2. Information

    How did you hear it? Did it sound as though it came from the distance? Was it sprinkling sounding? Or like the sustained throng of paddled waves streaming toward you? The high note is really the most incredible thing- my experience may be extremely unique though- It is probably the most moving, enchanted thing in life, perhaps- so, anyway, its this 'wave' that emanates from your feet straight up to eye level, but in a way literally carries or lifts divinity- its that cool oh yeah, but also, if you are laying on your back, its as though you are raised right from your heart, its like your first heart beat, or like life's first heartbeat-
  3. Information

    So I was just wondering if anyone had any information regarding various metaphysical things-- perhaps you have experience- when you close your eyes and 'look up' and see images like a tv screen, objects more vivid than 'reality'-- is there a name for that? The starry silhouettes?? the really really piercingly beautiful high note? I believe it has something to do with witnessing your full potential in life etc-- it's something along the lines of your heart singing-- but is there a name for that-- or anyone who has written upon it-- (In english) I don't know, this is a difficult place to jump into I suppose-- I'm not sure if science has caught up with the factual truth regarding these things-- whats publicly revealed, what information is kept from being shared-- blah blah-- Like who flies the UFO's ? Why dont they give an f-bomb? Why don't I have money to build my own? I'm just curious, the experiences I've had were very vivid, one experience in particular was very powerful-- I went through everything- saw everything from every veiled perspective-- I remember seeing across blood cells, feeling all of the stars collectively drop together in unison-- spent a bit of time bobbing among the waves- went straight into the dark- heard 'the cosmic music' or was it, really- it was a conscious decision, intent that stirred it.. blah blah-- However, I know not where to get information-- I've read books in the past on near death experiences-- etc.. I believe at the end of the day, I go right back to being one of the judges, meaning, in the darkness you decide the collective fate and have much say, but im not sure how long you stay there for-- I guess it's like the place where you feel through your soul and decide after knowing so much-- Anyway, its all abstract- more real, but less in the sense that I suppose its like being a judge who dont get paid- You are appreciated for you're unique insight and guidance, the great depth of your perspective, the great guidance that you have, will, or did offer- you're analytical perspective- its a gift to others-- you reach to guide them-- but get nothing back-- I guess thats life-- Jesus got nailed to a cross for helping people, or wanting to- little has changed in 2000 yrs. Anyway, I guess what I mean to say is that I don't know a thing, while knowing so much-- Enlighten me, give me hope for a future-
  4. Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?

    If I'm not mistaken, in those days, everyone was nailed to the cross.. So this is likely.
  5. Happiness

  6. Happiness

    at least the medicine is legal in some states.
  7. Happiness

    its really not cool..
  8. Happiness

  9. Sending Chi into something

    however that requires restructuring society with the goal of making people happy and love their lives.. something the rich seem opposed to.. so, oh well, earth.
  10. Sending Chi into something

    My question is, why is there no attempt to scientifically bring these things out of the shadows that they have been placed in by society-- an attempt to remove religion and replace is with reason-- to replace 'comfort' with true comfort.. I fully realize that many people are brought into this 'area' of study to help people, but why then is there no approach en masse, you know, why are there are no eyes set upon performing the true healing, and truly helping people.. I have personally performed and witnessed miraculous things, but these things quickly.. which is the saddest part of all, quickly, fall into the shadows of forget, not for any other reason than the discomfort which surrounds me.. immediate and at large, in the scope of things it doesnt matter, in my life, yes, but in the scope of where my life currently resides, NO, for it doesnt provide comfort-- it dont pay the bills. Anyway, underlying all of societies ills is undoubtedly the education system-- from there all things disintegrate- It is a society set upon slavery-- based somewhat on the assembly line practice-- If you listen to someone, really examine them; you can really trace much of their illness back to the education system-- their inability to circulate their own chi- etc. etc. but education is the root of the disease; from there the 'malevenant change' is enacted, we create a heirarchy, a divide- rather than enacting a peer system, we enact the authority position, from which point- all goes to crap. you know, there is circulating chi- and all that, but the true way of circulating and sending chi is to have it be performed on a subtler scale en masse all the time- the reassuring comfort that a life could be properly lived.. just by doing that you do a lot..
  11. Public food forest in Seattle, WA

    good news, thank you. finally, a bit of progress- now to only have the movement prosper
  12. Does Magic Exist ?

    done. I no longer believe in the stuff. you guys win.
  13. Does Magic Exist ?

    well i always just sought the confidence to pick up chicks; the magic just came along telling me you aint ever getting there
  14. Sending Chi into something

    I crawled right past a skunk that didn't move when i was drunk once.
  15. Observing without judgement.

    It's best to observe; but condition that observation with the correct ideals in hand. Being unable to discern right from wrong is 'wrong'. You're of the mentality which defies what it is to reason. learning for yourself so that you can 'learn' others without necessarily 'learning' them outright, is to lead the field, at that point you begin to fly plains- though learning them outright is part the process- but both can be done. With neutrality; it can only go so far. Inaction, or not acting for the improvement of circumstances where it is possible, makes you complicit with the going-ons which you take aversion to--- haha, which makes you non neutral, hopefully-- if you have no aversion to 'it' (life in its current state*)at all; well, then your just inept. (*meaning for the welfare of others- improvement of this awful place- not internally- thats fine--haha)(just keep reasoning out to the cause and seek to x it out) So you either work and seek to improve life overall-- or you fall into the evil of complying with, and propogating confusion and pain; which 'hint' is the result of complying outright with the current system, which leaves many-- whom don't know what life could truly be, to never find their happiness- This is an especially dark hour in our history, perhaps the darkest; though light shines for people, circumstance has cast shadows-- its quite awful-- Anyway, don't rent an avis, ever.