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  1. Jade Emperor Palace/ 玉皇宫

    I would do it without holding my body weight with my arms (hands on my head)
  2. Exploring the Now

    Haha, Xabir "thinks" he's a badass. I can assure you that you are hardly a blip on the radar, your insight may seem profound to you but it is nothing. If you would like to disagree then test your mettle as you dream.
  3. Are you profitable?

    Hardly worried your pitiful magic could begin to penetrate into this being. You must be confusing me with others, I am THE badass.
  4. Are you profitable?

    Something interesting about Karma is that even malicious intent that fails still bring ramifications even thought it does not affect or effect the one it was directed towards.
  5. Are you profitable?

    Got any idea's where to start? (cluelessly)
  6. Are you profitable?

    Brazen is my middle name, I fear non.
  7. Are you profitable?

    I'm typing to just whoever is reading. Are you talking to anyone? If you're asking because you wanna "hook-up" then just say that.
  8. Are you profitable?

    How much is one worth? How does one determine the value of life? Or the value of any life? There are so many people out to make a quick buck, it is often to determine what is real and what is just being peddled off. Why does info even = money ever? We create walls to barricade ourselves in a divisive manner, perpetuating unknowing while condoning the cacophony that is belief. Get a clue people.
  9. Connecting with Qi: No System Required

    Bravo Hundun, all the tools that are used in discovery have been present with you throughout most of your life. Saying and thinking is not doing, no amount of saying will ever make up for doing. Yet no one can do it for you.
  10. The finer aspects of reality are not dependent upon your brains articulation. It does require trusting or thinking at all. May you one day come to a realization.
  11. The trickery of demons

    Too bad the guy got permaban for standing up to the opressors!
  12. Belief is a tool the peddlers use for profit, inherent within dogma.
  13. Belief does not benefit anyone, and least of all yourself. Forget about what you think you know, find out what you really know and even can know. Don't be a follower of people as they would have you be, be a frontiersman and make the discovery. 1 hour of application is greater than 1,000,000 hours of contemplation.
  14. I became enlightened

    ROFLMAO, "I" never becomes enlightened.
  15. What is Wu Wei?

    What if it is just not interfering in karma?