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  1. Diet and lack of energy

    Wow, I totally forgot I made this post. I also don't like to mix eating and drinking, it dilutes the stomach acid and makes digestion slower# (and maybe even use more energy?). Thanks for all your input, I'll look into this acorus calamus root. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Diet and lack of energy

    Hello, could someone give me some diet tips because I think what I eat might cause me to loose energy. When I do my qigong practice about an hour after breakfast I end up not wanting to do it due to lack of energy. Before eating breakfast I always have enough energy but I'm just hungry and I can't focus on qigong. So what I started doing is just having a small snack instead of breakfast. These past few days I've been eating a few handfuls of peanuts to get rid of my hunger. Then I have plenty of energy for qigong. For some reason eating anything other than very small amounts of food makes me lose energy.
  3. The Tendon Changing Classics

    Is it OK to do those with the eyes closed? I like to do an hour or two of seated chi gung before I go to bed, and I find having the eyes closed gets me into a very nice state for bed.
  4. Chu Nei Kung DVD: Opinions?

    Thank you for that confidence inspiring reply
  5. Chu Nei Kung DVD: Opinions?

    Hello, I recently bought the Chu Nei Kung DVD and after seeing the first exercise I need to ask for opinions on it. I know absolutely nothing about this, so I can only ask those who know. His first exercise looks exactly like the three circle stance / wu chi position except the back is bent, and looks like you're curling forward a little (concave as he says). I want to know if this is a different stance? OR is he attempting to do three circle and getting it wrong (I'm paranoid about "masters" not doing their practice correctly, ie their master wasn't really a master at all.) Any insight would be much appreciated, Thanks
  6. Hi, I have been reading this site, learning about the tendon changing exercises. He says there are 24 in total, eight for each section of the body (upper, middle, and lower) yet he only describes seven exercises. Plus, his descriptions are all in text, which isn't exactly useful. So I want to ask, does anyone know any sites or DVD's that show in video the entire set of muscle changing exercises? Also I guess it would be a good idea to ask if these exercises are any good at increasing the strength of the tendons and muscles? I assume they are. Thank you Astralogic
  7. Anytime Astralogic, if there is ever any further questions then feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability, and I hear ya on the no money thing, sure slows things down for me too... :)

  8. Thanks Shen for the information, very interesting indeed. However I will stick to FP for now. Learning something like Wing Chun would be amazing, but it's not something I could start anytime soon (no money).

    Again, thanks.

  9. Hope I was a good help Astralogic, I've shown you a few doors so hopefully one of them is your door! good luck on your martial journey! :)

  10. Hi

    Hello to all the Tau Bums out there! I am not what you guys would call a proper student. I am practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung from DVD (I couldn't learn combat from DVD, so I don't bother). If only I could go to class... but that can probably never happen. My primary reason for coming here is because I found the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung thread and that's the place I want to ask any FP questions I have (I am new to it). I'm reading through the whole thread and I'm glued. I'm looking forward all the wisdom, experience, and advice that this forum and it's members can share. PS. Does anyone happen to know how to edit my screen name? I accidentally made the S capitalized.