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  1. Bagua mastery dvd

    Does anyone have a copy if b.k. frantzis bagua mastery dvd they would sell? I can't attend Kwoon for awhile and want to brush up
  2. if you are just worried about timing, just set an alarm. I use one for seated meditation and ZZ. that way, I forget about time and just sit/stand. but I agree, TV is never the answer.
  3. Looking for a book that explain the I Ching

    The Taoist I Ching by Cleary became my new bible before I finished the intro...
  4. [Please help] Serious Sexual Exhaustion

    What your describing is a kidney yang deficiency. Your depleting your kidney yang and spending too much jing. I agree.. you need to see an acupuncturist, preferably one who works with herbs, and if you find something that occupies your mind in trying times, practice that like your life depends on it. It very well may. I do Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu. Bless up!!
  5. why did creation happen according to Taoism?

    Not wrong at all!! It is the 'nature' of the Tao to be both creative and destructive in equal measure. Thats the beauty of it.
  6. and i really dig your posts.. it can get lonely on this path and you inspire me!!

  7. Sure! And it is nice to see another circle walker here.. meeting BGZ players always makes me feel like I'm sharing a secret!

  8. thanks for adding me. it is always great to see

    another pa kua chang player.

  9. If the Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao.. why do we as practitioners seem to be so intent on neatly boxing our practice into seperate catagories? When I was just starting out, I used to compartmentalize my work; "I will start off with Hua To qi gung, then I'm gonna do some Fa Chang, then some static postures, then I'm gonna circle walk for one hour, then some tai chi, then some zazen..." now, I just shut my head up and go play/practice. I used to get so hung up on the names I forgot to see what I was doing. I can tell just by shaking it that this can is full of worms, and it makes me sad because worms aren't real food.. so I'm just gonna shut my stupid mouth and wish everyone a fullfilling and full practice that takes them to the light!!
  10. I think its a great idea to look on buddhist websites to look for buddhist ideas! Thats why I come to a Taoist website to explore and discuss Taoist ideas.
  11. Well said! My experiments with these substances showed the same things, ultimatly leaving me dissapointed. Sure, the trips were cool.. but who wants to visit paradise if you know its counterfeit and you have to leave? i feel sorry for those who have bought into the whole 'shortcut to god' idea. They are only robbing themselves of the true state of being.. but the path is the point in MHO. Now, I'm not concered so much with the results or the 'goal' as I am to being faithful to the work right here, right now. Being able to see the truth is the purpose of the third eye, and the truth is also right here, right now. I imagine practicing loving kindness with my shen vibrating those inhumane frequencies and my vision blurry and the tiniest bit of drool seeping out the corner of my mouth.. and i laugh. and the further on the path i walk, the less attractive those trappings of madness seem.. the realm of maya has all sorts of shiny baubles to keep you tied into the illusion... and a chemical restraint is just one of the easier ones. i couldn't find the source, but i read once about Leary and his devotees receiving a visiting Zen monk, and they decided it would be a good idea to dose him. So.. they slipped a little lysergic in his morning tea, and hung out with him through the trip. Waiting with baited breath, they were excited to hear what he had to say. After all, the were convinced they had found the key, the way to god, and all you had to do was put it on the tip of your tongue.. no muss, no fuss! no meditation, no prayer, no mindfullness, no real work at all. the monk awoke from his nap, and they all excitedly asked him, "Well?! Well?" He sadly shook his head and said, "That was stupid." If any my fellow bums recognize that anecdote, could you refresh its source for me? in any rate.. be well and safe and be good to yourself.
  12. Asking a girl out at yoga class....

    its the elixer of immortality. its made with mercury and will make you live forever. its delicious!!
  13. Sexual Attraction and Stretching by Meditation

    I have had the same experience.. and this is what i have come to figure out; meditation allows you to take ownership of your intent, energy and shen. your shen can be a projection of intent and, most people aren't aware of that. its the shen that manipulates the qi.. and at a base level this is the projection most people eminate in social circumstance. if they are mundane, they dont emit strongly unless they have an excess abnormality, and that can manifest in various ways.. its why criminals 'feel' dangerous or sexual predators radiate this vibe. dont be deceived, these types of people are meditating too, just not structured and they meditate on different things than you. they generate momentum with these practice.. as concientious practitioners we get to take these effort to a 'better' place. most men who haven't learned to be aware of their illusionary 'wants' and 'needs' are still slaves to the base emotional response.. lumbering through life with lustful thoughts and projecting that shen.. its the natural yang response to yin energy. they are effectivly walking around in an attitude emotional rape. most guys i know wouldn't dream of doing it on physical level, but ask them to honestly say what they are thinking and it would repel you. aware or not, we are responsible for this energy. our energetic projection is no less substantial than our physical presence, and our society has engineered itself to respond to this fact with the large majority of the masses unaware they wage battle daily.they have to be first in line, they cant make eye contact, return a hello.. they are unconsiously reacting to a stimulus they dont understand, have never explored and probably dont beleive in. and then there is you.. who walk into a room more or less in control of your monkey mind and not a slave to your ego and just invloved with the act of being there, and its like a breath of fresh air. your not projecting lust, pride, anger etc.. you just are. its a rare and curious thing, and who wouldn't be attracted to that?? its comforting. and it puts you in position to help educate others and then they can have the opportunity to live a full and complete human experience of intergrated mind body and shen. and they tell two people and they tell two people and so on and so on.. but it does take work, as you know, and unfortunalty for todays society its far easier to just pick up an STD, stay angry and blame others for this terrible terrible world... but im digressing. good for you! be well and keep it up!!
  14. Beginng Taoist Yoga- The Crystal Ball

    Zepplin rulez!!
  15. Leaving

    haha right?