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  1. Opening the Third Eye: Spiritual Sight

    Thanks Hypnagog for starting this thread. I've been studying and doing practices on the third eye and other subtle structures under the guidance of Samuel Sagan from the Clairvision School for 16 yrs. I've run workshops and intensives in trying to get students to have experiences of the third eye and other non-physical structures. I do not consider myself 'enlightened', I certainly am not, I am just a sincere practitioner and student of spirituality. What I'm outlining is techniques I use and what I feel, it is not the only way, clearly there are many different systems of inner alchemy. I see clients regularly for one on one sessions to go into the third eye space and have experiences. I use the basic pathway that is outlined in Samuel Sagan's book 'Awakening the Third Eye'. I do the techniques myself with the client to get myself into the space as well. Starting with the throat friction which stimulates the larynx of energy and causes an involution of consciousness. Numerous experiences happen here including vibration, warmth, a sense of presence coming inwards, stillness enveloping me, calmness, a sense of safety and comfort. The next technique is to gear that 'feeling' that is occurring in the throat envelope (roughly throat chakra area) to the front part of the third eye. When this happens it really feels like there is vibration and stimulation in the third eye between the eyebrows. There can be a rich, thick feeling, a denseness, vibration that is subtle, ie an effervescent feeling. I've also had heavier feelings and pressures around the third eye. As I've practiced more and more it is more like a space for me, a sense of space in the third eye. If I put my awareness in the third eye, I get a sense of colours, it could be dark clouds moving around, white points of light, vague clouds of white light, pinpoints of brilliant blue light, flashes of other colours. If I put my awareness into what is behind the light, ie the space that the lights and colours are inside of and I am patient and just let myself move into the space, I can have a sense of deep blackness, deep blue/blackness, a warm purple comforting space as if you are resting in a womb like space - expansive, watery, relaxing, holding. In Samuel Sagan's mapping, this would be the purple space and is very similar if not the same space of consciousness that babies are in when they are in the womb. Connecting with the purple space is a very comforting experience. You don't have to see purple though, I've experienced darker spaces that were the same feeling and my clients have experienced that as well. There is also a greater stillness and consciousness is much more stable, awareness is more stable. You can rest your awareness on the space and rest consciousness there. If I move my awareness into the centre of my head in the centre of the Third Eye tunnel to the centre called 'The Atom' I feel a deeper sense of involution (consciousness going inward). I also sometimes here inner sounds in this position. I also feel like there is an oval like structure in the centre of my head, like a 3 dimensional oval like energy sitting in the centre of my head. And it has grown larger as I have practiced. I can rest on this structure and become a lot more stable, get access to my etheric and astral energy in my body, ie perceive it better. I use this structure to rest on when I do Yoga postures. It gives me a 'sense' of my energy in my body. Practice is the most important principle in learning how to experience the third eye. The more you practice the more things happen. I'm happy to answer any questions on my experiences if any has any. If you want to know more here are resources from the Clairvision School: *Portal for Inner Worlds has practices on the third eye and lectures on Samuel's own experiences. *Awakening the Third Eye book is a 'Beginners' manual for those who want an entry point *The Clairvision Knowledge Tracks are comprehensive Practice based correspondence courses on the third eye and other subtle bodies. The practices are high level and involve guided practice with music, talks and videos. *Do a weekend intensive or full week intensive where you spend dedicated time practicing to experience the third eye and other structure, ie Heart, Belly, Column above, Column below.
  2. Third Eye

    How can becoming aware of energy centers be "Un-natural" that doesn't even make sense. Hi Informer - did this concept come through from my post, or did someone else say that? I certainly would agree that tuning into energy centres is completely natural and is the right of every human being to do. Apologies if somehow I passed that quote above, it is definitely not what I meant. In relation to time and length of training to develop the third eye - I am firmly rooted in the camp where subtle body building and spiritual transformation is seen as a longer term project and arrives through patient and repeated cultivation over a longer period of time, rather than shorter periods. Of course there will be exceptions to this as with everything. What are your experiences of the third eye with the kundalini technique? How is it awakening, changing, transforming with the technique?
  3. Third Eye

    Hi, I came here from drew's blog, or one of his blogs. I've been training for some time in the system developed by Dr Samuel Sagan for Awakening the Third Eye as an aspect of a spiritual path. I've read a number of posts and would like to make some comment and also correct quickly some statements about Dr Sagan on this thread (although it's off topic so will be brief). I cannot give the most efficient method for Awakening the Third Eye because I think that methods that would work differ between people AND what spiritual context, path you are on and what you are trying to achieve. There are many paths and things you can do with your subtle bodies so what path you are on does determine how you activate and awaken your subtle organs. What I can do is state/ outline some things that Dr Sagan does and from my own experience of these techniques make some comment. A word first about the Third Eye as I perceive it and how I've been trained about it (as ideas differ). I see the Third Eye as a tunnel that goes from the centre of the eyebrows to the rear of the head Occiput. In some experiences I've had it projects out further from the front of the head, and rear actually. As it is a tunnel there are many centres along it or stations that you can tune into, or centre your consciousness on. The main one is called in our system the Atom and this is in the centre of the head between the ears. The Third Eye is a non-physical organ of energy, it is subtle body - as such it is not the pineal gland, nor is it the pituitary gland as they are physical organs. However the placement of the pineal and pituitary glands is such that there is likely interaction between the physical gland and the non-physical organ of the third eye so they could be said to be related. 1. Awareness. On reflection of the question "What's the most efficient method to awaken the third eye?" I instantly think of the answer - Awareness. Generally with subtle body building awareness is the key to structuring the subtle organ and getting it to awaken. Most practice based spiritual systems use awareness in one way or another to transform. One thing that Dr Sagan teaches is to be dynamically aware in the eye. I'm not a Buddhist but the term dynamic awareness has similarities to mindfulness. You put Will into keeping your awareness in the Eye or part of the Eye whilst you are in the world as a practice. In fact Dr Sagan teaches that Dynamic Awareness is one of the most powerful techniques of Awakening and I've heard him lecture on some full on experiences he had when pushing dynamic awareness when he was doing his full time practices. For example when driving your car, be in the Eye. When washing up dishes, be in the Eye. When walking along, be in the Eye. Every time you go through a doorway, remind yourself to be in the Eye. When you talk to a person or listen to them in a conversation, be in the Eye. 2. Meditation Holding awareness and developing involution power whilst in the centres of the Eye can and do develop it. My own personal experience of my third eye has changed dramatically. In the system I've been taught in, the centre of the third eye tunnel is the Atom. I have been meditating with my awareness in the Atom a fair bit over the last 10 years and there is definitely something in the centre of my head now, structured which was not there before. I can rest on this. For me it is like a sphere, I can involute (go inside into) this fluid dimensional sphere and move into feelings of relaxation, stillness and silence. There is also this effect where this centre actually pulls you further inside - we call this the Atom effect. 3. Music Dr Sagan uses music to structure the third eye. From my own experience this is a highly effective method to awaken and structure the Third Eye. The music Dr Sagan uses to structure the third eye is not channelled as I've seen posted in this thread. He basically used his own awareness and mastery of his own subtle bodies and organs to create sound organically that actually affects the Third Eye and stimulates it. The technique used is to place your Awareness on what we call the 'Frontal Eye' which is the area in between the eye brows. When the music is played you listen to it from the Frontal Eye as if the Frontal Eye is a membrane that receives the music as touch - so you are not really listening to the music, you are feeling the music using the Frontal Eye. This can lead to all sorts of experiences - Synesthesia - or sense mixing up occurs where you can actually feel the music and see shapes in the music. The music comes at you as shapes (probably you are seeing the music as Astral forces). You can also from the Frontal Eye membrane - let the music flow right through your Chi body (we call this the etheric body - same thing) and have interesting effects on your energy. Try listening to high quality Classical Music with high quality speakers and see which ones affect and stimulate your Third Eye the most. Try Bach and Mozart. 4. Throat Friction I don't think this technique is well known, however it seriously structures the Third Eye. Why? The throat friction technique as outlined in the book 'Awakening the Third Eye' see the links in the other posts - activates the forces of the larynx which some occultists consider to be a Master organ for the future of humanity. It carries highly Vertical forces of consciousness and when you do throat friction it activates the mysterious forces of this subtle organ. The larynx of energy when merged, or applied to other structures of energy - has a transforming effect on them. It literally structures and chisels the subtle organs into a more sophisticated, awakened state. Of course you need to practice for a while before you actually Master this technique, but still, it is outlined in the ATE book as a beginning practice, even though it is a Master practice. I've been practicing throat friction for ten years and when I have instructed students in classes or intensives on the throat and larynx of energy I am continually amazed at the Power inherent in this organ of energy. In my opinion from my practice I would recommend this technique as a way of Awakening the Third Eye. 5. Actively Engaging the Third Eye. You can Awaken the Third Eye by using it, or trying to. Practice tuning into objects and sensing the qualities of the thing, beyond the physical appearance. Tune into trees, people, rocks, minerals, buildings, landscapes, stars, the moon etc from the third eye. (Again this is Awareness in action - but it works). Try sitting in front of a mirror and do eye contact with yourself and your reflection. See if you can sense a third eye lock occurring when you are geared into your reflection, like a non=physical bridge occurring between your third eye and your reflections third eye - your third eye's are locked. Try doing this practice with another person sitting in front of you. This seriously awakens your third eye because you are using it. It is like muscles, use it or lose it. Hope this helps, happy to say more if it is worth it and listen to any responses to what I have said. Oh and quick correction to one of drew's statements about Dr Sagan. Dr Sagan does have a PHd in Medicine just the same as you get a Phd in any discipline. First he became a medical doctor, ie Bachelor of Medicine or whatever they call it in Paris - from Paris 5 university not Sorbonne. The Sorbonne was where he studied Sanskrit. His topic of his Phd which is original research on a topic of medicine being Chakras and the body of the energy in the Indian System. He also has a degree in Homeopathy and a degree in Acupuncture. The person he trained under in Chinese Medicine was Master Tam Long. You must remember though, that Dr Sagan is a practiced based spiritual teacher. Everything he learned about the subtle bodies came through Mastering them by practice, practice, practice = not reading books about them. Theory and models inform experience, they don't dictate it, otherwise you have dogma and religion and no-one really experiences things for themselves. So whilst he is highly scholarly and learned, his Esoteric Knowledge was gained through years of meditation and spiritual practice. Which I note is a major theme amongst many posts on this site and why I feel comfortable landing here and having discussions with people about stuff.
  4. 3rd eye opening

    I had what my teacher calls a third eye flaring just as I was beginning spiritual work. This happened around 2000 and came about after I had decided to explore meditation and spiritual work after being interested in it for a while, but not engaging in it. There was a build up of intensity in my entire energy. At the time I was doing a meditation I got out of the book, "Teachings of a Grandmaster" where I stared at a flame for 2 minutes then closed my eyes and tried to focus on the image of the flame until I couldn't see it anymore, open my eyes and stare at the flame again and so on. This actually, if you think about it, is a third eye practice as you focus your inner awareness on the third eye. Anyway to my experiences: * A feeling of intense energy in my body *Couldn't sleep, like drinking 20 coffees in one day, *Experienced an outpouring of creativity. I would sit up and write poetry and paint until 4am in the morning *Extremely focused and wilfull with whatever I was doing *I could see white specs of light in front of me, like little beings. These may have been elementals I was seeing. *I saw a nature being at the beach where I used to play as a child and I could see it's radius of influence around the rocks and had an experience of it talking to me, not with words, just knowing - but it directly communicated with me and remembered me from when I was a child playing in the rocks *Very intuitive, like being guided by energy. I would walk into a book shop and pick spiritual books up like I knew exactly which one to pick out. There was no sense of being channelled or guided by a being, just a sense of Will and certainty and surety like I had never experienced before *When I was doing a relaxation practice involving body awareness I had a possible flash back of a past life with a sword going through my stomach. This was a shock because I was so relaxed and it came out of nowhere, I was actually sensing my belly as a pool of water and drops of water going into my belly pool. *A general sense of Awakening and speeding up of my entire body of energy and mind Note: This lasted about 1-2 weeks and gradually settled down. I did, however seek assistance on my path and I have been training under the guidance of Dr Samuel Sagan - who has written a textbook on Awakening the Third Eye - for 10 years. Oh and I remembered that I actually had to get advice on how to ground my energy as it was very intense for me. I went to the beach and placed my hands on some large rocks and let some of the energy dissipate into the earth.
  5. Ready for Discussions

    Hi, I'm new and entering the forums to talk about Inner Alchemy and other interesting spiritual topics. PS