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  1. Dr Barry Morguelan

    Hi DB, I've just been listening to a Bulletproof Radio podcast with a guy called Dr Barry Morguelan. He claims to have trained in China and become one of only 12 master level practitioners in a 5000 year old energy root practise from the mountains. He does not give the name of this lineage or his master. I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any experience or knowledge about this guy. His website is Thx J
  2. Glenn Morris died

    woops....i wish
  3. Glenn Morris died

    Glenn was one of the good guys for sure and the man who set me on the path some years back. Like many others I miss him and his work and ways had a great impact on my life. What I liked most about him was his no BS style, he once called his methodology the McDonald's of enlightenment. Wish he had said Burger King, as their burgers are better but there we go. The chapter in Path Notes about him masturbating is pretty refreshing in this line of literature! His other works Shadow Strategies and Martial Arts Madness are worth a read also. He created his own system, Hoshin Jutsu, which is full of interesting stuff. Always a student, he cherry picked the best part of many other traditions, took out the crap and presented a martial art/esoteric system that he worked to perfect. Hoshin offered a well rounded approach including effective martial arts - largely based on taijutsu - energy work, an academic corriculum covering all manner of texts from strategy, philosophy, energy work, shamanism, leadership etc. In addition, a core element of his teaching was Kundalini. He presented an empirically tested system of arousal and personally lead 100's of individuals through the process - I aint one of them. He emphasised the pitfulls of a potentially dangerous process so one could mitigate them as much as possible. He really just wanted us all to be better human beings and have a laugh while doing it - and for it not to take 30 years to get somewhere. The Hoshin ( are a fun bunch of people, who have high level of expertise from a number of different systems. Over in North America there are a number of quality individuals running workshops, training camps including Mark Lawrence in Canada, Bill Trumper and Ian Cox. Over in the UK Susan Williams runs the Hoshins Meditation Mastery and Esoteric Energy Courses. These cover the Kundalini Arousal process and then move on to other interesting areas. Glenn worked with lots and lots of different people from all walks of life and his work is not confined just to Hoshin. He talked highly of the Uma Tantra guys - and they new him way better than I did. I know they are honouring him and his work and building upon it. He never wanted stuff to be static, evolution in all things! Anyway thats my 2 pennis worth.
  4. Hello All

    Hi To All the Tao Bums, Jonny