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  1. Anglicanism and the Emptiness of Emptiness

    Sure, and they can have female pastors and be divorced (which is why the Anglican Church was formed in the first place) where that is not something with Catholics. Anglicans changed a bunch of detail stuff (like female pastors) in the late 1970s, but nothing in what I call theological differences. Differences like that are more about the interpretation than the actual theological aspects. As an example, the catholic church says that the Pope can still grant indulgences like in did in the Middle Ages, but there is no actual bible or gospel support of such, it is just something the Pope came up with and pushed out. On the Pope thing, it has always been amazing to me because Jesus does specifically say in the gospels that you should call no man father (only the Father above), and then the first thing the Pope does is call himself holy father, declare power and ignore Jesus's teaching/warning about what he just did.
  2. Anglicanism and the Emptiness of Emptiness

    Very good point. The only major theological difference between the two is that the Anglican Church does not recognize the Pope, and that communication is consubstantiation and transubstantiation with communion. Meaning that Anglicans/Episcopalians believe that in communion the bread and wine has all of the power of the body and blood, but does not actually get converted into body and blood with the sacrament.
  3. Anglicanism and the Emptiness of Emptiness

    Most churches are highly dependent on direction based upon the local pastor/priest. Sets the local tone and then the congregation tends to reflect or share the views. If you (or anyone) is interested in some really great catholic teachings, I highly recommend Bishop Robert Barron. His podcasts are part of the core US catholic outreach and they are very good. He is highly intelligent and can put it all in a coherent framework, without the classical fire and brimstone perspective. He is also very familiar with buddhist and hindu traditions and can easily differentiate. Have been trying to figure out a way to have dinner with him for years.
  4. Anglicanism and the Emptiness of Emptiness

    Ok. Thanks. While I would agree that there are many such people just going through the motions, I would also say there are many sincere Christians that leverage the gospels/teachings of Jesus as a very effective spiritual path. Many highly evolved followers of Jesus. Sorry to hear that your local church experience is such as it is. Is your catholic experience the same, or just with the Anglican Church?
  5. Anglicanism and the Emptiness of Emptiness

    Thanks. So was your OP is saying that at your local church people are really just going through the motions and don't believe in anything they do as it is really just a deluded brain chemistry thing?
  6. Anglicanism and the Emptiness of Emptiness

    Where is this Anglican Church located? As I can tell you I was just recently at one in Rhode Island that even had the queen’s minister visit and it definitely was not at all around higher or neuroscience. If anything, the Anglican/Especispal church in the North East US is very “fire and brimstone”. More focused on the sinner aspect than the redemption aspect. Sounds like it may be a very interesting scientific bible study, but really has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.
  7. Gospel of Thomas

    This is a specific statement that women have the same spiritual capability as men, as opposed to the Jewish view that woman where not fully human (and not allowed to go into the inner temple). A more complete version of the broader energy/light concept is found in this verse... 22. Jesus saw some babies nursing. He said to his disciples, "These nursing babies are like those who enter the (Father's) kingdom." They said to him, "Then shall we enter the (Father's) kingdom as babies?" Jesus said to them, "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter [the kingdom]."
  8. Loving Your Neighbour

    Sounds like a great example for us all...
  9. I agree with the opinionated, but that is probably a natural product of different views. Also, if everyone just agreed there would be nothing to discuss. I also agree with your point on spiritual growth is more closely related to our connections than with any information. I miss the old Taobums days when there was an active chatroom where people would do actual practices and experiment together. Directly sharing is always better than intellectually debating.
  10. Thanks. So day to day life (and sleep) is exactly the same for an aware person and an unaware person? Turiya is really no different in any way, and you still have the same dreams and daily daydreams/fantasies.
  11. Good stuff, but please reference.
  12. Thanks. But that does not really answer my question. What do you mean by there is unbroken awareness? If you have a dream in the first place, doesn't that simply prove that you don't have unbroken awareness, because some dream popped up? Just like if you mind runs off in some daydream during the waking state.
  13. So in your view, is something like lucid dreaming the same as Turiya? As the person maintains awareness of them-self in the dream? As this seems to be the fundamental point of the debate to me. Or as you succinctly said, whether there is a "beyond the beyond" or not.
  14. I am a huge supporter of the concept of having an agreed upon nomenclature for such discussions. But, the challenge is even broader than the words themselves, as each experience is different and hence the nature of the use of the word can be dramatically different even if one agrees to the meaning.
  15. Awareness - Conscious focus in mind, as there are tons of things happening that are subconscious or you are unaware of. Consciousness - Same as mind. Mind - Same as consciousness, but can often be thought of as sort of "local" mind and more universal mind/consciousness.
  16. I think you raise a good point. Any active dreaming (whether lucid or not), is not Turiya. But, I would also agree that it is possible to maintain awareness during sleep, and it is very much like Spotless described earlier... laying in bed, fully aware at various layers of consciousness... and then your wife hits you and tells you stop snoring...
  17. How do you feel today? Good night? Notice any change?
  18. Actually you did connect, and even sort of went higher in consciousness. Maybe just a little disorientating. Some sleep will help integrate it. Also, I have some work to do now, but can discuss more tomorrow. Best wishes.
  19. Yes, on more empathic. Maybe think of it like you are energetically connecting to the people subconsciously and that connection causes you to feel or sense more from them at an emotional level. Rather than weakening (or ignoring) it, you can just start to notice the underlying energy of it. Yes, fits well and I did feel you actually connecting so expected you to have some response. The waves of pleasurable feelings (rather than rising up or super quiet mind), imply more that you are more heart based. Let’s see if you also notice the polarity difference of the energy too... I am going to send you a hug. This time instead try to imagine me as a woman for a minute. Then stick your finger in my heart again. See if you notice a difference or if there is an increase in the pleasure or some change with rising up or feeling taller. Doing it now...
  20. In chakra terms, you currently have chakras 1-5 open, and are currently transmitting at the throat (5th chakra). You are subconsciously energetically connecting to people and your environment around you. Probably have some vivid dreams or feel tingly vibrations around stuff when your mind is quieter or silently listening to stuff. As for practices, it sort of depends on what you may have felt or sensed with the experiment. The good news is that you did reach me and were able to make the conscious connection. Depending on what you get, people tend to either be more heart or mind based. Different traditions sort of concentrate on one of the two sides.
  21. Also, want me to respond on findings here or send you a private message instead?
  22. Also, for an experiment now. Imagine me in front of you and stick your finger inside my heart. Feel it, dont worry about a complicated visualization.
  23. Checking on you now. See if you notice anything...
  24. Ok if I do sort of a remote energy scan on you to maybe make some specific suggestions? Also, you are at a level where you may notice my checking. Could feel like a rising up, mind quieting, or some vibration at heart or throat. And if you are interested, you are currently transmitting energy at the throat (which is all good stuff).
  25. Nope. Can tell you already have some real energy flow. I would suggest you find a real teacher or pick some tradition to work with. You already notice/feel it, or are doing a lot subconsciously.