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  1. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    Yes, that is what the TTC quote says. Grace (or Tao of Heaven) is impartial and flows to all. Are you saying something different?
  2. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    Yes, but my response was for Still_waters as he was the one who asked the question. Minds make choices, not grace.... SEVENTY-NINE After a bitter quarrel, some resentment remains. What can be done about this? The wise keep their half of the bargain But do not exact their due. Virtuous people perform their part, But those without Virtue require others to fulfill their obligations. The Tao of heaven is impartial. It remains with those who are good. The Tao of heaven is impartial... And gives to all. More a question of who can hold on to it, as... It remains with thos who are good.
  3. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    Yes, I read it. But, in many ways it highlights our same disagreement about the mountain coming back again or not. None of the masters would really classify as what I would call a true master. The problem with the story is that is all about the master, and not the capacity of the student. The first master did nothing and was incapable of helping the student even after days of him sitting there. A true master both "radiates" and then also teaches to the level of capacity of the student. In the story, the student felt nothing (and hence the master was not radiating), and also the master made no effort to help at the level of capacity of the student. So what this story says is that the first master is an astral level teacher that has not yet realized the "light" and so is not yet radiating the truth. Additionally, is still ego based as he/she is not willing to work at more physical layers of existence. A true master teaches/transmits to the capacity of the student, not the other way around. A true master also "radiates" beyond mind (and mind to mind communication) and directly shares presence/space. The first part of Chapter 27 of the Tao Te Ching describes this well... TWENTY-SEVEN A good walker leaves no tracks; A good speaker makes no slips; A good reckoner needs no tally. A good door needs no lock, Yet no one can open it. Good binding requires no knots, Yet no one can loosen it. Therefore the wise take care of everyone And abandon no one. They take care of all things And abandon nothing. This is called “following the light.” ... The wise abandon no one...
  4. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    I am saying that with a master they can express it in words. Those words carry the energy/knowing with it. It is more about the capacity of the listener, whether hearing the words or a direct mental connection. This chapter of the TTC may be what you mean by quote, but once again, dont stop only part of the way through the chapter as it is only talking about the view from the point of 10,000 things. There is still that mountain than comes back and that divine/royal part is the golden child stuff I mentioned earlier... SIXTEEN Empty yourself of everything. Let the mind become still. The ten thousand things rise and fall while the self watches their return. They grow and flourish and then return to the source. Returning to the source is stillness, which is the way of nature. The way of nature is unchanging. Knowing constancy is insight. Not knowing constancy leads to disaster. Knowing constancy, the mind is open. With an open mind, you will be openhearted. Being openhearted, you will act royally. Being royal, you will attain the divine. Being divine, you will be at one with the Tao. Being at one with the Tao is eternal. And though the body dies, the Tao will never pass away.
  5. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    I have actually found that when the words are inadequate it is often more a product of the one writing down the words and the relative depth of understanding (or get lost in the no mountain ). As an example, in the hindu tradition, someone like the KS master Abhinavagupta describes it beautifully and at an incredibly deep level of the mountian coming back. Additionally, when the mountain comes back the nature of the mountain has shifted. In Taoist terms, when the mountain is back, one is called a (golden) child and has already realized the “stream of the universe”. At that level of realization, one is beyond simple energy and can directly share. Or as the Shiva Sutras state... 3.29. yo’vipastho jñāhetuśca The one who rules the wheel of energies becomes the cause of inserting knowledge in others.
  6. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    Thank you for your response. But it seemed a little long to simply say that you do not think there really is any difference between the two views. Contrary to your mentor, I would argue that it is really only more at intermediary levels that it appears that differentiation drops. I think that is particularly true with something like Pantanjali’s Yoga sutras. In an attempt to point this out I will highlight the Zen koan... First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is a mountain again. The yoga sutras are based upon the premise that there is no mountain, and when someone is locked into that view, it is very challenging to realize there is a mountain again. These subtle differences highlight a dramatic difference.
  7. Merging and guruyoga

    Yes, it is implied, but it is true at all levels/layers (assuming the guru has greater clarity).
  8. Merging and guruyoga

    Great stuff. Thank you. Sun and Moon fusing here would mean transmission (Sun) and reception (moon) of two people in an energy connection rising to the level of the two becoming one. Your second quote is important as it describes that a guru "helping" with a deity merge is much stronger than someone doing it themself. This is because the guru knows the being directly (as light) and can overlay the being (or create a stronger connection).
  9. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    Your Zen quote is an important differentiation from the classical hindu view. It is saying something different than 3bob.
  10. You opened more at the 5th chakra. Some would call it expanding on your female energy side, or going more receptive/yin. Your 3rd eye is vibrating because it is not yet consciously open (or blocked). The panic attack is a common mental response to going so receptive/yin when you are not used to it. The void feeling is because you do not yet have the energy flow to support the now “newly opened” space. It is all good stuff, just need to get used to it and stabilize. If it bothers you, the easiest way to rebalance is to energetically work with someone who can go more yin than you which will help you energetically balance. The beginning of chapter 28 in the Tao Te Ching describes where you are at. You experienced the “heart of a woman” and just mentally freaked out a little.
  11. Helping ignorant spiritual people

    I think when you want to help or teach like that it becomes important to be able to know/read the level of clarity (or energy flow) of the the people you are trying to help or explain things too. When you know your audience, you can appropriately tailor the discussion (or not even bother because they wont get it ). Best of luck to you.
  12. Welcome

    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your discussion.
  13. Also, it is an energetic principle, not a hard and fast rule. In some relationships you often find the woman more yang while the man is more yin.
  14. Chi - how does it feel?

    Yes, but you could describe what you are saying with the headache perception as kind of “pre-chi”. Chi is the actual movement and perception of that energy within your local body-mind. What you are describing is more like the mental reflection of the underlying chi energy. Like getting a mirror view, rather than the actual thing itself. Next time you do that with the headache, instead of watching with stuff bouncing around your head, try to move it from your head down lower into your lower body or heart. It is not really a mental forcing, but more like a guiding intent. Energy naturally follows attention/focus. When you get it right, you will notice that your headache will just naturally end with it.
  15. Keeping the Old, receiving the New

    I would also agree that they work very well together. Have you also ever read the Gospel of Thomas?
  16. True Yin and True Yang

    Very well said. In a way True Yang does control True Yin, but more like defines and creates form and structure, while True Yin receives and kind of gives a place for it to be born. So rather than True Yin controlling the thinking mind, it more contains (or gives space to) thinking mind. True yang does not create matter by itself, but gives the form/definition of it. At the broadest polarity, True Yang “binds” energy giving rise to form/matter, while True Yin “unbinds” which is how it can restrain the Yang principle as you described above.
  17. The sticking the finger is like a conscious intent for you to reach out and connect. Like acknowledging their is something beyond just yourself.
  18. Awesome. Can you say more about what you mean with “emerging with your state”? Mean something like trying to keep a connection going? Also, did you try imagining me as a woman with it too, or did not bother with that part?
  19. Very nice. Could feel you doing it. The smiling, loving and happy fun is the loop that I described. You are sort of balancing out with it and your mind is translating it that way. You may also get a sense of becoming bigger, stronger and more powerful with it too. But now you get the idea of how it should work. Feel free to ask any questions, or send me a pm if you want to talk in more detail about it.
  20. Sure. Coming to you now... Try imagining me in front of you and then sort of stick your finger insid of my heart. No need with complicated visualizations, just feel yourself doing it. Also, may help to think of me as a woman instead, as that may better help align you with the energy polarities. Let me know what you get...
  21. No, not reiki. More like I sort of come into your local space and establish the polarity that I described above. You are at the point where you may feel it all at a conscious level. As it continues it may feel like your mind gets quieter or rising up. Some are more heart based and feel it as pressure/vibrations at heart like it is opening more. Just let me know.
  22. I can send you a little push now if you want me too. See if it helps.
  23. I can tell because it fits with your current energy body configuration. Such thoughts are common with similar people. Not someone with strong emotion, I meant someone who is even more yin/receptive energetically then you. In some traditions, that would be like a goddess, or someone who is very strong with divine feminine energy. Such a person would create a connection with you, go more receptive/female/yin and then with the connection, that would kind of “push” you more transmitting/male/yang to balance the connection. Over time, that would help you move more to the center/balance.
  24. What color is jing, qi and shen?

    Such color is a translation in (local) mind. A mental mapping that is learned. Same as with traditions having both a different number of and colors for chakras (dantien).
  25. You are stuck in a highly receptive mode at the 5th chakra (throat). Like you are taking in things from others and your environment, but cant let it go. Super yin, without the balancing Yang to release it. At that level, at a mental level it is about communication or in your case the lack of it. I agree that doctors would not really help. More need some energetic rebalancing. In energy terms, you sort of need to be pushed more Yang. Other traditions may call it going more male side (or transmitting) with energy. The easiest way to deal with it is to work with someone who has the capability to go even more yin than you and energetically connect. Their being more yin will cause you to naturally go more yang with the person as you balance them through the connection. Doing that for repeated practices will help you reopen and stabilize the other side. In traditions like buddhism, you would want to work with a strong dakini, while you do more guru yoga merging. In mystical Christianity, it would be working with someone who is very strong with the divine feminine aspect. Hope that helps, and feel free to ask any questions.