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  1. Mortals

    Hello and thank you. Sorry, but I do not understand what you just said. May I send you a PM?
  2. Mortals

    Hello: I ask myself and you how can I achieve the "Reaching death in life while still living. Freely to move in and out of the skin bag the soul is enlighten the immortal spirit has leaped out." part. Is it really possible?, or you are just talking about images? If not, your words go, as far as I know (I know little), beyond taoism... Juan
  3. Emptiness Meditation

    Thank you very much for your help
  4. Emptiness Meditation

    Hello everybody: After reading some posts about the topic, I wonder if you could please tell me about what is emptiness meditation, how to do it and which are its purposes and benefits. As a matter of fact, I got a little confused about the fact that there are several(many) methods to do this kind of meditation, and the possibility of achieving true alchemy, solely based on this kind of meditation, I mean without adding other techniques. Thank you very much, Juan