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  1. MT

    Krister Linder has a special place in my heart. Listen & download "songs from the silent years" here: http://www.kristerlinder.com/friend/
  2. Developing Intuition

    Yeah, seriously? Great, I've always wanted to get one of his books.
  3. Developing Intuition

    Hey Bums! What are your best recommendations for developing your intuition? I picked up "You Already Know What to Do: Ten Invitations to the Intuitive Life"by Sharon Franquemont the other week at a second hand book stall. But haven't gotten that far into it yet. http://www.amazon.com/You-Already-Know-Wha...1096&sr=8-1 What are your best book-recommendations, practical methods you use or other tips that can help to develop intuitive knowledge? Regards /Chris
  4. On love and sex

    Thank you all for an amazing thread!! Really worthwile and interesting posts! Thank you to Cat for the brilliant idea to create a richer language for the different modes and emotions and intentions involved with in sexual conduct. That would really clear out a lot of confusion and make us all easily discover and try out different ways of sensually interacting together! Keep it coming y'all
  5. Barry Long or something better?

    Thanks Ian. Just ordered those books.
  6. Hey Guys. Which of Barry Long's books are the best ones to pick up? I just did a search on Barry here and found this topic http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?showto...p;hl=barry+long Interesting critique of Barry by Mitch there.. Just wondering if Mitch and others could give me directions for material that deals with finding harmony among the sexes and leading a life that includes sex, love and spirituality without cutting away something of your personality or living a half life. I've already read David Deida's - "The Way of The Superior Man" and I found it interesting. Any other suggestions?
  7. Clogged up!

    Hey Folks What are your remedies for sexual energy stuck in the bodys energy pathways? I've managed to really clog up my system now and would like a quick fix if possible. I know moving and standing qigong and meditation and some yoga is good but it takes a LOT of time are there any tricks that work better or more efficient than others in your opinion?
  8. Sacred Geometry, Pinchbeck, Crop Circles?

  9. Conflict in the Tao

    A russian tv demo where in the end we can se sam perform a part of Iliqchuans fast and stunning "Butterfly Form" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NiN6jo0n0U Watch the flowing "water-boxing" flavour to Sammie Chin's "21 Form", Iliqchuan looks like taichi, yiquan and other influences, but it's still something different. For me this is absolutely beautiful. Fa-jing & Splitting force. Notice that one arm fa-jing.. rezpect! It's fun to see how the russian spetznaz types get all soft and giggling around him..
  10. Conflict in the Tao

    I've mentioned him before but here it goes again.. Since you are in the US right? Check out Sam Chin's Iliqchuan www.iliqchuan.com When I first saw him move I knew this was the way I wanted to move. Maybe I can gather enough of people here interested in bringing him here for an intensive seminar. I've got problems with my knee from incorrect knee positioning while training yang-style. But that's just my own fault. Right now I need a style with a more open bow-stance. Iliqchuan seems to have that and a lot more. But then again there is also a He Liu Ba Fa school in Copenhagen hidden behind the auspicious name of Hua Yue Taichi. www.huayuetaichi.dk Hmmm.... So many choices, so little time.
  11. Xing Yi Nei Gong By Dan Miller

    Dan, could you please tell me more about the nature of these exercises? In martial circles there seems to be two popular definitions of neigong around. First and most common is the definition of neigong as physical strenght-building poses that usually are static. Second and far less common is the idea of subtle energy manipulation/visualisation aka. internal alchemy. In which camp does this book fall into? The first or second or little of both?
  12. Mystery Of Foxes

    In Chinese and Japanese mythology there is a lot of talk about "fox spirits". At least according to chinese lore female foxes have the ability to cultivate just like humans. When they reach a certain degree of cultivation they can shapeshift into a beautiful human female that lures men into having sex with them and thus steals their jing for their own benefit. This is the way that the fox/spirit can gain immortality, or something along the line. If you really are interested here are some links mostly dealing with the japanese variant. http://www.comnet.ca/~foxtrot/kitsune/kitsune1.htm http://www.coyotes.org/kitsune/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitsune http://www.fox-dream.com/ Hope this helps. Edit: Here are some more of the chinese sort http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_spirit http://academia.issendai.com/fox-index.shtml http://www.nickyee.com/stories/05_Fox_Spirit.html http://www.illuminatedlantern.com/cinema/a...fox_spirits.php Interesting that Fox-spirits seem to be sort equivalent to the european pheonomenon of fairie.
  13. Christianity and Gnosticism

    I actually think the easiest answer in this case is the most believeable. Whats wrong with plain normal environmental-damage? The Chemtrails idea to me is yet another unhealthy "meme" that poisons peoples minds and helps to create a world a lot worse than the one we all live in. So my take is: Just don't believe it!
  14. Help My Penis, This Is Not A Joke

    Hey I actually think everyone should be able to post questions around here. Even with stupid topic-titles. The familiar and friendly nature of taobums that I absolutely love can actually be a hindrance sometimes since it may keep people from expressing themselves out of fear of ridicule or embarrasment! Think about it. I'm sure there are a few of us (including me) who are a bit afraid of asking stupid questions or bringing up questions concerning intimate details of our private life and similar things that might put us in a bad light in respect to the other bums around here.. Yeah that's really stupid I know! I don't think the 3 finger press is a bad thing when you utilise it in other situations than to prevent ejaculation or? Please enlighten me if I'm wrong here.
  15. New Discovery