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  1. Group Re Translation of Taoist Yoga by C. Luk

    Hi everyone, I may be wrong, but I think this is original Text in Chinese.
  2. Kunlun in Australia?

    Goodluck to them getting plants through Australian customs
  3. very true. The scary thing is how deficient and negative his face looks in the pic, "You too can suck all possible energy reserves out of your body in order to cook a small fish for fame and profit!!"
  4. safety of mantak chia's practices

    very well put, we really need to think relative to history like this sometimes.
  5. The Deadly Huashan Hiking Trail

    was there in the winter of 2003. Amazing place although they close some of the more dangerous paths due to the ice and snow. It was great as there were only a handful of people there instead of huge groups of Chinese and Japanese tourists with megaphones and flags stayed on Nth Peak and trained one sunrise with full moon on one side and rising sun on other... .perfect
  6. BBC: The Illusion Of Reality

    Plato's cave is an interesting one. Some scientists have managed to turn around briefly to catch glimpses of the sun's light. Some occasionally break free to run madly up on the surface for a short while, staring into God's face, manically scratching his image into the soil with sticks. All they return with to the cave is a bag of dirt and stories. Some have quite big bags, others have their images preserved in shallow trays, but all have only their own translation of what they have seen. It is only when the occasional cave dweller looks at the smudges in the dirt and sees that the Way of the scientist can only ever be the Way of the translator . She realizes what feels like chains around her body are actually the bond of kinship between her own shadow and the shadows she sees upon the wall. She returns inward to dissolve herself of the ability to cast such a shadow, and confronts a problem; How can she exist, here in front of the blazing fire, without her resulting shadow? If she were void, yes, there would be no communion between her shadow and the wall's ones but there would also be no her. Why does she find herself wanting to free of the bonds if the only answer to this request is self-annihilation. There must be another way she thinks to herself. Suddenly there is a different kind of light that appears to her in the cave. A brightness, an infinite spec that grows to the size of a grain of rice. She realizes that this is the way as she feels the chains begin to dissolve. She realizes that there is no sun that she need break free to look for. That she is growing a sun within herself. soon its light will outshine the fire, soon it will blaze like the one the prophets and scientists, all translators, have spoken of. There will be no shadows around her. She needs no dirt to scrawl in as she will carry the true light within her own eyes to the other cave dwellers, still chained and motionless.
  7. A Toltec view of Self

    Excellent post. The concept of the Tonal seems to be quite a good umbrella term for the endless array of interference that self has between itself and connection with emptiness. I wonder if they were able to take the concept beyond just theory to the extent that the Taoists did with their ability to extend life and access the unlimited power of the void for here-and-now use in life.
  8. Thunderbolt of the Gods

    The plasma universe theories really seem to fit well with Tao, specifically the fractal nature of the birkeland currents from the tiny(lab experiments) to largest( galaxy filaments). They really paint a much more interconnected view of the universe - rather than planets,stars and galaxies being unconnected isolated masses floating in space we see vast intergalatic meridians and channels who's power is expressed at intervals as the stars. maybe all earth needs is some needling on the sun
  9. Dedicated student searching for teacher

    Hi Inner Light, Just to let you know that many students of Master Dong Yang of have similar back story to what you have just written, and now agree on having now found a 'true' master. What is defined of as 'true' can of course be debated online forever as, on the one hand, it is seen as a very subjective/bias riddled term, but also, alternatively can be seen as a fact accepted by many people through an accumulation of experience with him over many years. The only real substantial 'proof' is your own judgement and conclusions taken from meeting your new desired master in person. The proof is in the pudding. He is currently based in Sydney Australia, but the academy is holding a Daoist tour of china in April for two weeks as an alternative option. I hope that no-one convinces you definately online about who to train with, but rather who it would be very wise to meet to draw your own conclusions. As the sort of dedication to lifetime cultivation that you are talking about is a serious matter like you say. hopefully you will get some good signposts here on TB's to help you in your search. all the best, CC
  10. Real Daoism

    a well thought out explanation/interpretation, I enjoyed reading it , thanks
  11. scripture of forty nine chapters

    Great link:) sifting through a little, I put together some snippets that caught my eye
  12. Master Dong Yang Internal Sword

    When there's a longer and prettier video made, i'll post it and see if your comments differ, but till then all that can be offered is again what spectrum said, that people have to cross hands, or in this case swords to really prove who has mastered form. The thing is and many will agree on this point is that to judge outer form is one thing, but seeing inner form or power is entirely different. Just like laozi and chuangzi tell us, seemingly coarse or simple dao on the surface can hide unimaginable potential. So yes you may be right on a surface based judgement, but also on another level, in terms of efficiency and power, you must entertain the fact that you may be very very wrong. cheers, CC
  13. strange dan tien feeling

    yeah, there's gotta be something in the burner before you start cookin'
  14. Sang Kung

    10,000,36,000, numerous, uncountable, basically just a way to refer to unlimited shen of all the different parts of the body. both in terms the macro systems of the organs down to the micro of the individual cells and components.