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  1. Please post some of your favorite quotes! We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Buddha Dhammapada.
  2. I am wondering if others have noticed that when channeling celestial chi or doing MCO if you get goosebumps from the energy flow? Personally the hairs stand on end. I figured this would have been talked about here by now, but maybe this is unique to me? It has happened for over 10 years and is clearly visible and can be done at will. I am curious what others think of this and if there is anything in Taoist literature or others experience that describe and or define this. Thanks for your time!
  3. How many Taoists are out there in the TTB....?

    What if I said that I think I'm a taoist because I don't think I'm a taoist?
  4. Tai Ji Sparring

    Haha, BUSTED! Doesn't matter small or big, whatever seems off that maybe I can increase my understanding or help someone else. Seems win win. I think we will get along fine if you don't easily take offense, I don't take anything personal so you can say whatever you want to me.
  5. Levels of Consciousness

    Over 9000. Within neutrality appears to be the potential for all else.
  6. Tai Ji Sparring

    Why don't you critics post a better example then? You just said you don't have enough knowledge to judge yet then you judge . . .
  7. This is a good Tutorial Relates to Chi Kung

    Yeah you guys, he has actual evidence why it does work . . . Not some mystical explanation of belief.
  8. This is a good Tutorial Relates to Chi Kung

    Yes, and pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, solar plexus etc. Do you know how inner fire and inner smile works?
  9. This is a good Tutorial Relates to Chi Kung

    ChiDragon, Have you managed autonomous control of the thymus?
  10. Discussion on Opening, "Body Armor" etc

    Haha! Those are great! You guys have so much obv fun is obv.
  11. Scientific Approach to Practice

    There is existence.
  12. Scientific Approach to Practice

    The origination and causation of conscious awareness is unknown to me at this point. I don't have evidence either way. (You would pose such a question )
  13. Need serious help please, kundalini problems

    Sounds like my kind of people, what group?
  14. Need serious help please, kundalini problems

    Did you write that Mark? I like.
  15. Need serious help please, kundalini problems

    I would be interested.
  16. Scientific Approach to Practice

    I don't see where you see the chicken and egg problem tbh. Deduction could lead to the cause of each phenomena and explain away chi. Then you know what "Chi" is really through physiology and anatomy. Not some mystical thing or crutch. Didn't most of the guys that invented this concept of chi think that the earth was flat and the center of the universe?
  17. Need serious help please, kundalini problems

    He was a smart man. Darwin didn't publish what is now known as the "Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection" until after 23 years of accumulating evidence and correlating facts. I was suprised to find that Doctor Glenn Morris wasn't a science major. He seemed to have a good scientific look at the phenomena regardless.
  18. Turning Invisible

    If everyone practiced to not take offense, then there would be non to take offense. Which not taking offense is something we can all have control over, being offended is a choice you can make. Whether someone is offended or not is not a choice for you to make.
  19. Desire for diffrent reality

    This is metta: It is something to think for some and may seem to be something that people "think" but the experience of love isn't inside your head really. Those are the ideas you have of what it is not really what it is. It could very well lead you to the thymus, or heart center, or whatever you choose to call it. The palace of love.
  20. Scientific Approach to Practice

    How would you describe what you feel as chi Apech? Could it be you noticing the EMF of the earth and its effect on the blood flowing through your veins? Or higher amounts of oxygen making the blood flow more apparent? Or maybe Oxidative phosphorylation? :
  21. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Yes, I don't think that is possible though, so I'm sticking to the scientific facts which can be correlated with various phenomena that has been described mystically for so long. If all these phenomena can be correlated to science, then there is no need for "Chi" to be used to explain it. I see "chi" as a similar crutch that religion imposes, an answer to something you don't know or can't explain . . . This is what I've been doing here since before I registered to these forums which is correlating these things to actuality. Hence the disclaimer no one can use these idea's for profits, only to give away. I think it is part of the reason some of the guys here are trying to shut me up, because I give it away free and they want to sell it.
  22. Turning Invisible

    Maybe if you changed it to not being offended by anyone wherever you go? It still would be a task, but more plausible one imo.
  23. Turning Invisible

    A rare occasion.
  24. Turning Invisible

    You probably don't say it much because maybe you realize how un-realistic it is? Some places you go people will be offended by the color of your skin, or your language, or you hair-cut, or what you are wearing, what is that anything to do with you? Say someone is prejudiced about people of your skin color, were you the cause of him being offended, or was it only him choosing to be offended?