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  1. Should I go to this year's Rainbow Gathering

    Well thanks for sharing, that changes everything. I think you should go if she does, even though you are not that into it, If only to protect her from some scum. Your mind will be more at ease that way and she will have you to rely on. Denying a rape is not uncommon, often a way to not deal with it untill shes able. If she brings it up just remind her its not her fault regardless of what drugs she took. Damn, these places can be a hot bed of shity behavior, and not just the kind you can cover with a little dirt. Maybe you are the best source of strength for her now so keep cultivating, add lots of meditation before you go. -Stay strong bro.
  2. Energy at Left Shoulder blade.

    Recurring can be a real drag, Try using a hard foam roller on the floor. youtube foam roller exercises and you'll get a ton. It tends to get deep break open the scar tissue in muscle, and its natural and cheap $25 or so. good luck
  3. Now I remember why I hate extreme christians

    True statement there. Also there are extremes in all religions that say and do repulsive things.. it just takes less thought to pinpoint and rant on one that is more local to them.
  4. Should I go to this year's Rainbow Gathering

    Dude, you are obviously young so please take advice from some of the guys on taobums that had been there. Anytime people are ok taking hard drugs but forbid you to have a beer, I would not take anything they say seriously. You are cultivating energy and doing fine then find others up to your speed if you think that will help, maybe a real meditaion group or chi kung class, but do not dwarf your practice for a bunch of camping stoners. Now as for the gf.. if she wants to go for 3 weeks in the woods and do drugs with strangers? I would say goodbye for good, and when she tried to get you back in a month and she would! I would surprise her with my new and improved gf.. healthy, happy and sober.
  5. I Opened my Kundalini, But I did it to Early!

    Leon, I did the same stupid thing, hit myself hard with contractions and cold draw and very little meditation. I was batty for a couple days and lost track of time completely., but after I really focused on zen med and finished with MO, I was feeling normal, well for a spiritual guy anyway, ha. I agree with Slop Zhang too, let the Qi clean out some junk, it'll still be working even after you do grounding and meditation, it just isn't troublesome. Good Luck bro
  6. Duōme yǒuqù, wǒ xīwàng nǐ néng jìngzuò hé xiūxí.

    Duìbùqǐ, wǒ bùdé bùyòng wǎng shàng fānyì dà duōshù běn

  7. Yeah, using sex to sell everthing is repressive and depressing. The "turbo stuff" is a quick way to become aware of energy. Most men expel their simpliest source every day or so when young and don't feel the draining effect till their mid-late thirties, Thats when it helps us become stronger, happier, more sensual and confident, if more men in their 40's and 50's did this they could save alot without a need for viagra. The clearing out of old emotional crap is an effect of lots of qi also, that means an emotionally balanced man. With control of sexual energy men appreciate a beautiful woman but are not overwhelmed by her. Its not the same for females, I think God likes you folks a little more, dammit, Ha.
  8. Well its a good question, I wanted you to know that almost all schools of tao call for a measure of semen retention.. NOT absolute rejection of ejaculation or orgasm. Just a mere preservation of some to restore strength and vitality. After that few weeks of shoring up... then set a schedule according to your health and age. However if you are still in your twenties? then don't worry for a decade or so. Then you will see the reason for all this. What you can learn is to draw in the sperm energy when its not needed.. say in the a.m before work and allow it to flourish at night with a femme. All day, women can sense you are a bit more "aware of them" than most men, but that is a healthy recognition of our dedication to ourself and loved ones. The question of a woman is yes!! its not only our pyschological health/need to please them, its also a part of our spiritual path as men. When we learn to withhold ejaculation we give the woman enough time to orgasm and therefore feel more connected to us, we also absorb her essence or fluid through our paper thin skin on our penis which is very healing once we become aware of it. When a woman is regularly sexually fullfilled they have a bit of an evolutionary response to return to us...almost a surrender to their own desire.. and therefore complete the cycle of yin and yang being in balance. PSA>>> I know this is a very simplified version intended to give the basics to him..intended for the 99% of men who at some point(mid 30's) struggle with a real place in a real woman's life.. obviously not for those who seek a monastic lifestyle in seclusion of a cave in tibet..
  9. xiexie nide wenhou (greeting), wo yijing likai(left) riben(Japan), xianzai zai meiguo (US) :-)

  10. Nín hǎo, wǒ xīwàng nǐ hé nǐ de jiārén dōu hǎo, rúguǒ tāmen shì zài rìběn

  11. Very cool article, actually not a tough read if you have done a study of ancient taoist terms. They used poetic reference to describe most things, especially a womans sexual responses. And if someone wants to see how to complete the MO with maximum generative force and get the qi cleaning out their meridians/chakras, or help the kundalini rise, then read Mantak Chia's "cultivating male sexual energy".
  12. I Opened my Kundalini, But I did it to Early!

    Well said, its simple but he needs to get some energy out in healthy ways. The being quiet and touching earth really works if he'll let it. I would caution him Just don't get to confused by the different descriptions of everyones path, like the serpent and yogi, its the same in non indian energy work as well, its energy, qi, chi, same thing just learning to move it around our body and drop it to heal ourselves.
  13. hello all

    Hello, getting going in this forum section.