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  1. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    Great read. So my inclination is true: Mopai= physical and hard to grasp spiritual journey Other Paths= Spiritual and poss physical. If you want power, get a gun! If you want a spiritual path that guides the mind, there are many out there, find which one you like.. Just dont drink from a dixie cup if they offer it.
  2. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    Yes that is known, but there is probably 'more' to it than that. What was described in the book was the origins, how about the remnants? Kosta might have some knowledge, or heard a story or two.
  3. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    I am in China teaching english, and wondering if Kosta knows where Mo Pai originated from? The exact origins/location of where it was founded, head quartered or anything alike. There could be remnants of when the tradition branched off that might accept students.
  4. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    Do you really know what mopai or other daoist systems say/tell? The wording of your phrase makes it seem that 'mopai' is the end all that be all, and the fact you attack Kosta is really troubling. Not only that, its been reported that Jim has been kicked out of John Changs school, for fear of this. Fanatics who would push things and try to use things for not so good. Flaming Kosta on his words/ideas isnt a mopai thing. If you just want to cultivate, do not bring taoism into it, ideology is the premise of many systems, not just 'get more energy.' If you read Jim's manuscript, you would have got a feeling that Jim had resentment towards Mopai, much like what you wrote so far. Its a dangerous path and with a bad mindset, it will lead to more dangers. Doing things finding via 'internet' will not lead to a prosperous thing, moreso, it will lead to more yearning and disappointment.
  5. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    Lucas is a known scammer, from amuletforums. If you have faith in him, by all means thats great. But for others he has scammer. Here is a post regarding Lucas: 'LOL.. I recognized some of the amulets pictures are from this forum, looks like he steal pictures from here to post at his blog.. LOL' Be greatful he has not scammed you, but since you know of his dealings, many things comes into questions... The people from amuletforums are legit dealers and weed out those who are scammers. It isnt a 'few' who discredits lucas, but an entire community. Scam once and attack your buyers, then you got more than a 'few' on your ass. Plus he is breaking international law for scamming. If caught, hes f'd up in prison. Tell Lucas that, since you have good dealings with him and all.
  6. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Have a question, can you answer if rather the book is legit or not? Answer the simple question, and only those who knows this can verify, for lvl 2 (which is a test in itself), the one after level 1, what is the basic position or stance? And can you explain the difference between the levels up til 4 (and why is Jim 2b and not 3)? Very simple questions. If so, then this book is legit. If you are unable to answer it, or just a fraction of it of my questions, then its a fraud.
  7. Just saying hi!

    Just saying hi! Need to get somethings answered first!