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  1. Hi Otis,

    Greetings and good day to you. I enjoyed reading your writings. Keep it up. I have added you as my friend.


    from cicida

  2. Stress is good?

    Thank you Otis, I love the above way that you put it. It is nice to try new things and having new adventures. It takes courage to make the change too. Reminds me that if one gets meets a new route. 'New directions' like what you said. Cheers cicida
  3. RedPhoenix

    Welcome again :) You mentioned its a bit snowy over at your end.... yeah sometimes the weather makes us lazy lol. For me during the cold months, I do not feel like going outside, I would prefer to be an indoor cat (meowww...)

    Anyway, good to meet you brother !!! Cheers!!


  4. Greetings from Dallas

    Hello Red Pheonix You have written a warm introduction and good to have you here Sending you more sunshine and cheers !! cicida
  5. Sun Tzu - The Art of War

    Lol... its fine XieJia, Just like crickets sing to each other and we do not understand...only the crickets understand. Minds of ancient people are complicated but yet intelligent, their heart move like chess. I recently saw books being sale on SunTze for business management and even for teachers. Cant imagine the works of ancient people still relevant to tame the minds of today modern world. In which areas do you wish to learn from SunTze ? Maybe you wish to share? cicida
  6. Sun Tzu - The Art of War

    Thanks for the above discussion. I feel the suntze art of art is magnificent. We can apply this at our workplace, hobbies or how to attain a better friendship with our loved ones. Sincere dialogue and fruitful negotiations is better than forceful conflicts. A great work especially in those days where everything depends on inner heart. cicida
  7. Don't Forget To Live

    Marblehead, Thanks for sharing. I find it so sentimental especially this line : "A quiet old graveyard where I walked alone. With lessons carved into stone". Life is always changing, from birth to death. Sometimes, when there are so many things we should say it to this person, but we keep it inside our heart saving for another opportunity and another time. When this person is unexpectably gone one day, our heartfelt words can only be shared it on their grave. I feel this is rather depressing... cicida
  8. love yourself

    Hi dmattwads, thats a thoughtful question .... Maybe at times we should not take things too hard. Most illness arise when we over exert our mind and heart to interprete what is right or wrong. We get angry and sad when we try to analyse matters that fit to our well. What do you suggest?
  9. love yourself

    Like the way you put it .... Sometimes it is good to eliminate all the complicated affairs of the world. Maybe a chocolate?
  10. Greetings :)

    Hello and greetings.... I am glad to be here, and may warm wishes and many beautiful days be with you all.... cicida