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  1. Lower back pain

    Thank you for all your tips. I will definitely try them out. Hopefully I will see some improvements or even a disappearing of the pain. Best wishes, QGLover
  2. Lower back pain

    Hello folks, first of all, Happy Holidays to all of you, I wish you all the best. I opened this thread to read your personal experiences with the lower back pain, which is very widely present. I have pain in my lower back for about few months. It is manifested as pain in the low spine area, mostly while moving, and yes, it is very irritating. Please tell me your advices so I can get away from this condition . All the best, QGLover
  3. Acne cure

    They are really good, as I've read, but I am not able to use them, because they are not available on the market here where I live. ..
  4. Acne cure

    Mhm.. well I breathe deep all the time, and I drink a lot of water, but it seems it doesn't help. About the stress, yes it might be the reason for acne to occur. A lot of tips found while Googlin'. Thank you
  5. Acne cure

    Thank you for your explanation.
  6. Acne cure

    Hello, I am male, so I cant try the birth control pills. I was also told that it is a hormonal issue, and couldn't do anything about that. I will try the methods recommended in this thread, hopefully there will be results.
  7. Acne cure

    Hello onlyindreams, my diet is fixed and healthy for about few months. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables during the day, also about the water. About the sun exposure.. well since the weather was cold for several months, I couldnt get a lot of sunlight, but from now on, it will be done. Now about the zinc. Well, because I dont have a high thinking for the synthetical vitamins (all synth. things in general) is it possible to replace it with the zinc from the food (vegetables ...) ? I always wash my face with cold water. For the soap and cleansing tips, (--all your tips) I will definetely take that in mind. Thank you very much, and hopefully I will see results in near future. All the best
  8. Acne cure

    Hello, first it started on my face, about five years ago, and then started to spread on my back. So now, my whole back and face, upper arms and chest are covered in small, big, red acne. During that period, i have tried A LOT of medical creams and oils for acne, tons of stuff, soaps and other things, but nothing helped. Do any of you have experienced this big problem, or know some effective way to get rid of this disaster, please reply. All the best, QGLover.
  9. Suggestions about medical condition

    Qigong master is a little bit away from me. About the practicing, I am planning to start the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing exercices for a long time, but I didn't have conditions for practicing. As soon I have conditions, I will start (that should be really soon). The red branch is on the eye ball, yes. I was thinking to ask about it, because this thread made me thinking about it.
  10. Suggestions about medical condition

    Yes, I've read a lot of spiritual books and articles, it is true what u said... I'll google now the kundalini thing, thanks for pointing me to a possible answer. All the best.
  11. Suggestions about medical condition

    Well, lately (last one year) I take a lot of care about the food I eat. As much I am trying to eat healthy, the environment doesn't let me to do it completly. But in general, my diet is good. Also, I drink spring water instead of the public chlorized water.
  12. Suggestions about medical condition

    Hello, no, I am not kundalini active, actually I am not active at any Qi-related discipline. The red branch is there for about several weeks, it is not a sudden phenomenon.
  13. Hello, I follow this forum for some time, and it was helpful to me for a few cases. I dont know how to formulate the question to be more clear.. but I'll try. Actually, from the clinical tests nothing is wrong with me, but I can feel it is not true. One thing is really annoying to me, the unwanted reflexes. It is not the reflexes that we'd have in some situations (pain reflex....), let's say, when I lay down or sit, i have a sudden reflex in my arm or leg. For example, i watch tv while laying on the bed, and in one hour i will have about 5-6 reflexes in my leg. - Does this indicate to something ? And I have a small red "branch" on my right eye. Does this connects to something ? I cant remember other symptoms at this moment, but if u'd like to ask me anything else so you will be able to connect it to something, please ask. The thing about asking this is, about "Tao advice" that would help regulate my body condition. But let us put the diagnose first. All the best
  14. Поздрав народе..!

  15. Hi

    Hello, I just want to say hello to everybody. I am a new member and I like this forum a lot. Cheers