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  1. just checking in ... no response to my last missive

    hope everything is good with you ...

  2. Hello Sifu,

    today I received 'The Great Courses' advert / catalogue.  Low and behold David Darian Ross is being touted as a course Essentials of Tai chi and qigong ... I like the mixing of qigong and tai chi shows real insight ... not. 

    It is probably none of my business but I hope your suit ended successfully in some way


    oh  also much energy from FP,   it seems to energize my traditional tai ji as well as other forms  I  happen to try  ... eg  bone marrow cleanse,  and some yi jin jing.


    peace harmony and health to your life

    thanks for all you have contributed to mine (79 v. soon!)


  3. i read your response as happy trials  instead of trails  :o

    1. moment


      I like that! Alas, I was not that clever.

  4. how do i reset my password\

  5. still working with flying phoenix long form twice a day about 20 min each

  6. still in Redlands, back to Cascabel Wed. I hope to return early in Sept and at that time be able to attend another Sat at the goose egg

    awaiting your thoughts on adding a new 'form'

  7. i am pondering a new direction to add to my practice ... mayb liou he ba fa? ... or the sword form? your suggestion appreciated.

  8. as different things at times. that is the nutshell summary. more discussion and 'demonstration' would be necessary to be fair and complete. will try to be a better correspondent Peace Sifu

  9. drove with my son (the artist) to Edmonton, AB, Canada. arrv home 7/23. I will be in CALI next weekend, but not sure I will have time even tho i would love another session esp. level 2 class. I have some comments on chi feeling which i would like to discuss privately ... i think it is all one thing, which our 'intention' and 'awareness' can appear to us to make it feel...

  10. apparently my comment and question from yesterday did not actually post. I need to be sure the session is on for tomorrow before driving to SM ... hope to hear from you

  11. i am hoping to hear that the class is on for tomorrow at the egg park

  12. Terry, I added some comments to FPCH this morning. If I forgot something ... let me know. I will be on the road back to AZ Fri.

    Thanks so much for the class. The drive back to Redlands was awful. LOL

  13. I am in redlands again hope to visit your class May 12? I need an address and time. I posted this on my page and here both as I am never certain how these postings are forwarded.

  14. hope you get this i am in Redlands. Would like to join you tomorrow morning. don'thave an address for your class nor the time. Sat. morning

  15. aargh currently waiting for my truck to get a new clutch in Redlands. We are up in the air as to how long we will be here. I want to write an extended commentary on the long form FP practice. It has been very productive for me. My sense of rooting increased, flow of chi in my body has become much more pronounced, breath control / non-control has relaxed. will email soon.

  16. in LA traffic are daunting. Maybe a midway between Redlands, and Santa Monica? would be better. more later ... seeing the ox thru the trees

  17. long time since I visited here. Daughter gave birth in Feb. It was a long hard time. I have managed to maintain Long form practice FP, and now do the two short form Dragons ..LOL #2 & 4 it is the year of the Dragon of which I am one! Did not find time to contact you in Feb, but we will be returning to CA at the end of Mar. I will try to arrange to visit a class, altho long driv...

  18. spent xmas in Redlands, CA. Daughter and fam now living there. We will be returning soon for grandchild birth. I am hoping that you and I can get together somehow in early Feb?

  19. oh yes am now doing vol 1 gaze at moon and holding peach.

  20. Haven't connected for a month. Hope you are well. I continue to benefit from LF daily practice. Had my 71st birthday and a bottle of single malt scotch now on my shelf! Will be in CA over xmas but not very mobile. Peace .. Hoa binh

    your dvd's have really worked for me!

  21. Just had a very powerful 'eyes open' practice. I had reviewed your dvd complete form and decided to see what I looked like in the mirror. It was very intense. I am recovering from moving lots of book boxes and tools during a friend's move to WA state. Lower back stress/strain. This session made a noticeable difference. thanks again for making FPCH available.

  22. new to bums ... i am a quaker also called Friends just dropped in

  23. Q: FPCH mirror image practice? I used to do the complete long form TCC in mirror image for 'balancing' left and right. I am strongly right handed.

    I have been doing the FPCH for 10 mos 2x daily. So am feeling like i might introduce some Left side emphasis. Your thoughtS?

  24. Nella Fantasia by Evancho is stunning. Thanks.

    I am purchasing the first of the FPCH for a couple of nurses I know. One of them has seriously compromised breathing issues. I hope to start her on a program. (I have been suggesting tai chi for about a year so don't really know how to get her going) She does see what good shape i am in for 70.