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  1. my thoughts exactly, but these people might misunderstand what happened.
  2. Hello, So last night my roomate and his girlfriend got home from the clubs around 4am. My body had woken me up like 5 minutes before they walked through the door and i was wired for some reason. We all smoked a joint and then went off to bed. Our rooms are right next to each others and about 15 minutes after climbing in bed and doing my sleeping chi kung i feel this really strong vibration in my LTT and I focus on it and watch it for a minute and then hear a passion moan from their room and the vibration explodes up my spine to my third eye and out the meridian the whole way up. At this point i could feel the couples energy and was strongly connected with the female energy. I layed their experience these strong waves with her for a while, circulating the little orbit and the microcosmic orbit, and decided I should sit up in full lotus and focus on my third eye and her energy. Third eye began pulsating and i could feel my energy leave and a very cool flow of energy enter my LTT around the sperm palace. This circulation continued for a while and felt extremely balancing. At some point my breathing quickened ans did hers and she climaxed and i couldn't stop shaking violenty for 5 minutes or so. So all in all it was an amazing experience. I am curious how common this is and what was going on in me and how this was possible. It definatley felt like a positive experience and i harbor no desirous sexual feelings towards the female, it was more like the femine energy with no focus on her identity. Is this a dangerous thing? Can someone point me in the direction for learning how to send energy through my third eye more effectively like occured with her?
  3. Asking a girl out at yoga class....

    So far, I always make things difficult on myself with this silly little brain of mine. I forget if i just let it flow things will work out.
  4. Asking a girl out at yoga class....

    Actually pretty good, I just talked with her in class and then left for vacation. But i took your guys advice and meditated on it for a while. It occured to me, through your insights, that there doesn't need to be a point of Asking out, it should be a constant flowing evolution, from conversation, to hanging out as friends, to whatever. So anyways, after talking in class I told her I was leaving town for vacation for three weeks and she was all you'll have to tell me all about it when your back. Then she proceeded to ask my X-girlfriend if it was ok to pursue me :) So whoever said women are the hunters is totally right.... So now I have to make the leap away from the yoga studio.... any good first date ideas
  5. So I went to my acupuncturist about a weak ago and she put a bunch of needles in my Kidney channels and ren-6 and it felt so amazing when i got back up. She also gave me some herbs that are supposed to rebuild the kidney yin. She said it was very strange because these are symptoms she usually only sees out of menopausal women I laughed really hard when she said that. As a result of being on the herbs for a week I can already feel a huge difference. I am finding energy in my body that i didn't know I had. I have also paused retention practice until I feel like i can hold the energy properly, so now i am practicing sexual kung fu every third day so as not to deplete my self. I had a very strange experience yesterday during solo practice. First off my energy was able to move through the MCO very easily and although it wanted to escape the sexual center, if i did Lins anal breathing(but with reverse breathing inhale up the spine, exhale tummy out focus on hui-yen) the energy would move to my head just fine and feel amazing. Then as I progressed my heart began to tingle in a very strong way, which progressed to the point where it felt like my whole heart center all the way up my throat into my mouth was vibrating so hard i was shaking. Then I let my seed go, but there was no increase or decrease in energetic sensation as my seed left, the vibration just continued for 30 seconds and then began to decrease in intensity. Those vibrations are a thing I have experienced before, but have never read about. Can someone shed a little light on my experience? Thanks
  6. Asking a girl out at yoga class....

    Yeah, I really tend to do that to myself a lot... I don't know where it comes from but it is something I need to figure out, not just with women though with people in general to and it is a very limiting thing. Deal Are you for serious or is this a joke?
  7. Asking a girl out at yoga class....

    Thank you, all it ever takes is a shift in perspective and this is definitely the one i needed today : )
  8. So this may seem like a weird question, but I have been attenedign this yoga studio for almost a year now pretty religiously. I don't go to bars or do very many typical social things for a 23 year old, but i do like to do things like hike and play and meditate etc. I wanted to put it out there to see what comes back, How do you ask a girl out in a yoga class, because all the other places don't seem to have women that vibe with me? My problem with it is two fold: 1.) I get pretty floaty after a good yoga class and am not really "myself" and usually don't like to be bothered..... 2.) I feel like a yoga studio is a safe place where people go to not be harassed and to zone out into the flow, so it feels kind of violating to go into someones space like that. But I find myself bored of being alone, not for lack of women, I am cute and get hit on enough, but for lack of women who aren't completely wrapped up in this illusion.... I seem to attract women who aren't on a path other than the American one.... Maybe that is what I need though, someone not into this stuff so i can stay a little more grounded.... anyways, how do you guys ask a girl out in a space of self inquiry like a yoga class. There I feel like my chances of meeting a girl in my wave length are better.
  9. Craig - Its very easy for me to allow the energy to move around my body without using sexual energy. I have always been extremely in touch with my Chi. Of the practices you list I have been doing them all, except scrotal compression. I do need to find a good write up on tan tien breathing, because i have not been doing this, but it seems this area needs some attention in my body. But I have been doing the MCO and inner smile regularly. standing practices include hatha yoga and Healing Buddah Palms ( This is taught in the Chi Nei tsang course). I have been off my practices though for the last month or so.... been a really weird time for me, not stopped, just not every day for standing practices. The reason I want to learn this stuff is not for ejaculation control, I honestly like ejaculating. But my last girlfriend was also super energetic and we began to explore these things and the experience were mind bending. I have always been drawn to working with my inner energy and the sexual energy has always confused me, although i have known there is a great deal of work to be done there. So I am trying to learn these practices with the intent of working with that energy on a deeper level. Something about a woman seems really balancing to my life and something about these sexual practices really were amazing. But alas we are separated now and the solo side of things has just been frustrating to say the least. Good to know there is some other young people out there : , Thanks for the support brother.
  10. Such a weird day yesterday. I realized that i have been doing all of my practice standing up for the last four months or so. Seeing this as a possible variable I tried my SKF practice lying on my back. Basically the energy moved much better and I didn't get the intense build up in the same way. I also got very very intense vibrations traveling from my nose down my face to my heart. The vibrations were extremely intense and I am not sure what my Chi was doing, but I didn't have that extreme build up of energy. I need to find someone to Dual cultivate with, but am finding myself unable to call in that person. Anyone have a good recommendation on how to manifest a partner to explore these worlds with. I mean I am 23 and most people my age just don't seem to be into this stuff.
  11. I have been seeing an accupuncturist for the last month and it has been amazing, we are going to start herbs this week, which I am really excited about. The reason I don't want to stop sexual kung fu is I have really been enjoying it. I am going to stop putting such an emphasis on retention, but moving the energy around feels so amazing and leaves me in such a better place than if I simply let myself go.... I have also really liked the difference in feeling if I dont spill my seed and then do the Fire water technique a little latter, I feel considerably more balanced vs not doing this. I have suspected a kidney yin deficeny for the last few months for other reasons too, so I will push my accupuncturist to go down the herbal path a little harder.
  12. Hi all, I have been practicing Sexual Kung Fu in different forms for a little over a year now. I have a problem that has been frustrating me, I had been doing the Upward Draw(chia) and have switched to Anal Breathing(lin) and in both modalities can move the enery from my genitals up the spine into the head and then with a little toruble can move it back down the front. I have gotten to a point where i can cause my erection to subside within 5-10 seconds of doing Anal breathing. The problem is as soon as i begin stimulation again the urge to ejaculate comes back within 5-10 strokes. And its so firey and intense its like I am on the verge instantly. I can circulate again and get the erection to drop instantly, but as soon as i begin stimulation bame the fire is back. This is extremely frustrating. I started these practices to get over a premature ejaculation problem and that got better, but I haven't been with a woman in around 6 months and it feels like I have taken a lot of steps backwards since then even though I am practicing. I have been reading around for the last month on this site and haven't found anyone describing this problem. But I have found S.Biels fire water technique and that has been amazing, doing it for a week now, but I am not sure if its helping in this arena... to soon to tell Please ask many any questions you need to to help me get to the bottom of this, I am very dedicated to retention, but dislike that i can't enjoy touching myself because of the speed at which i approach climax thanks
  13. Hey there, So I have a very long and jumbled story of how I got here, but I'll just give the big stop ... The beginning was learning the micro cosmic orbit from some books on nin-jitsu when i was 13, skip ahead to a kundalini awakening when i was 18 from cultivating and eating my own Psilocybin Mushrooms, then almost four years of deep sleep with terrible night mares (this is how i describe the period after that awakening, i thought i was freaking craaaaazzy), and then about two years ago things started to clear up and I woke up from that sleep through Yoga. About 9 months ago i started a Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bahjan training program and almost completed it, but it made me way to ungrounded and at the point i realized this Chi Nei Tsang and mantak Chia cam into my life. So here I am now, trying to put everything back together and enjoying the ride. Chi Kung has helped to ground me so much and right now I am looking for a practise that is write for me. Mantaks practices are good and i feel the energy, but they don't feel like they are right for me long term. Through exploring over the last months though I am delighted to learn that many of the practices he teaches are shared and expanded upon in other schools, so thats one of the reasons I am here.... To figure out the next evolution of my practice. Peace and Love
  14. First i am pretty sure is your website... thank you thank you thank you... its so amazing. second i became a member here to discuss my progress and learn from yall, but i can't reply to or create posts. could you please help me gain the ability to post on these forums, i am lost.

  15. I can't post a new topic and i figured it was because i needed to reply to some topics first to get my post count up, but i can't even reply to a topic.... can you please pm instructions on how i can gain the ability to post. thank you