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  1. Fallen Angels

    I think this is an interesting subject. I have seen something similar (might have even been the book of Enoch) before. From what I remember Angels were sent as watchers and it seems a select band of them couldn't resist temptation and had sex with the daughters of men, hence creating Nephilm. I think these Nephilim were seen as inferior by other Angels. Anyhow the Angels that fell to temptation seem to have taught men things that were disapproved off by above (although sounds like they were just imparting some valuable knowledge that we have taken through the centuries) and thus ordered to be punished. The God of the old testament always seems quite wrathful to me and being cast down into a cave or the depths for 70 generations until the day of judgement seems a little harsh. Where is the forgiveness? Are there still potentially a group of them still locked away somewhere? I think modern man probably has a lot in common with them, plenty of us fall to temptation and greed - but i'd like to think we all had a shot at redemption or to make amends! I will read the book of Enoch in more detail when I have a moment. Incidentally there is a work of fiction called 'Angelology' which touches on some of this in places.
  2. Hi

    Hi, nice to meet you all. I hope to be able to contribute in the near future, just trying to get to grips with things!
  3. Hi there,

    Sorry I couldn't find your message, it said you sent me one. Anyways did you get it figured out? You should be able to go to the top right hand it says view new content and click on it, and that should get you there. And if you want to make a topic it is at the top of the right hand side of the page you get on after you click view new topic. I hope that helped... Mel

  4. Well hello, Great to have you join us... Welcome... Mel