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  1. hi healerman,I would like to know if I may use one or more of your postings on the FP thread in a Q&A section of my forthcoming book on FP Qigong. I will acknowledge all contributors on a "Special Thanks" page. Please advise; I would need your written approval sent to [email protected] Thanks very much, Sifu Terry Dunn P.S. Otherwise, I'll have to paraphrase each taobum...

  2. The Human Problem

  3. flip flops breaking and walking through a swamp and thorn patch barefoot: $2 and lame. seeing the sunrise from a meadow on the other side: priceless.

  4. Haileo

    explain this s g f. was unable to search for it, being under four characters...
  5. Zhan zhuang

    this stuff seems pretty complicated. i might just stick to sun gazing. joke: man, the tao of pooh didn't say anything about this crap. the act of saying it was the joke, but it's true. alright, so you guys know a lot. i respect that. so opinions would be appreciated: can anyone tell me if it would be a smart thing to undertake zhan zhuang (or sitting or walking meditation for that matter) on my own? i do have attention to detail down nicely. (i'm a virgo. i've always had attention to detail. this is the fourth time i'm revising this post! i guess i'm really interested...) and i've been studying awareness of awareness for a while now; that's another way of saying the space below thought and attachments. there's a skilled internal kung fu teacher nearby. he's very learned in the history and philosophy but teaches very little zhan zhuang in the basic tai chi classes (mostly about the movements), and i'd rather focus on healing. (duh) i could take private lessons from him for $1/min if i could afford it. this takes years to master, right? i could probably just check in with him every once in a while. i'm really excitable right now. anyway, i'm gonna go stand.
  6. The Human Problem

    jing attig- how do know whether or not someone that nobody's heard about, that didn't care anyway, attained perfect harmony with the dao? do you think somebody could do it if they became an immortal and returned to the source? or would it send them back because they were too caught up in their own self-development?
  7. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    was reading through this thread the other day. this song makes me cry. it's stuck in my head now. thanks. i mean it.
  8. The collected works of Blissmusic

    huh. i get his newsletter. i'll start reading it more often.
  9. Zhan zhuang

    so why do we find the need to experience or study this physical balance in the first place? some people don't even have the option of symmetry, so what should they do?
  10. Hello

  11. Haileo

    sup! what language is that? have fun with the site. i find it supportive and diverse. (as far as self-development in a daoist fashion goes.)
  12. what's up

    thanks. i think most of my trouble has been in definition. i tended to think, this is how i should think so these things will happen, or i define myself as this to become more what i want to be. this kind of thinking has driven me crazy from time to time in my life. at one point, i thought i was the embodiment of one particular i ching hexagram and that my life would be wasted no matter what. it was so real at the time. just for today, i let go and let tao. awareness of awareness, the solution to all of life's problems. or something.
  13. Flys are Taoist Masters

    well, it happened a few times when i was tripping my balls off... (no, i never actually visually hallucinated with my eyes open. it was more mental reprogramming, bliss-like body vibes, and heightened senses for the most part, [didn't take enough to leave this dimension.] but i digress.) so once on mushrooms, i got really entranced in the clouds. they were so peaceful. after staring at them for a few minutes they started to form into distinct patterns. that happened again on acid. i think the clouds were responding to the state of my consciousness. the last time i ever took acid, i was in my front yard just kind of existing. two of my cats were following me around. then i stood still for a minute, centering myself or something. no lie, the cats started moving around me in a perfect circle in opposite directions. they did it a few times, and i laughed. i love symmetry. they just paused in front of me and i pet them. that was a very off-topic day, as i put it. anyway, this kind of stuff seems to happen all the time. i'm sober now and it still happens. i'll have a disturbing thought and my truck's cd player will skip (no bumps) or i'll worry about it and it will skip. i'll be sitting using my laptop on my bed and i'll realize something slightly shocking and the cat will twitch even though i was completely still. qi seems like this mysterious thing, but it's usually quite simple.
  14. 365 Tao - 159 Writer

    i have this book somewhere. got through most of it. contains a lot of nice hints for the path.
  15. what's up