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  1. Thoth question

    A friend who has been 'channeling' Thoth thinks he is talked of in Indian mythology as well. Shuka or Thoth(a) I believe means parrot in Sanskrit.
  2. Qi Dao - Lama Somananda Tantrapa

    He talks of ordination as a monk/lama but no specific details. In one of the links below, he says he is referred to an Rinpoche by his students. I also see the term Tulku used to refer to him many places. If my memory serves me right, I don't remember reading anything specific to his lineage associated with Lamaism in his book. I saw this here: And here: Buddhist monk in three orders, Bon Lama, Tulku ... well never mind but some of these terms are very technical
  3. The Kunlun Story

    Hey, you can't complain, I have had similar issues with your insightful posts before. Oh, and a belated thank you for some great Kunlun posts.
  4. The Kunlun Story

    Okay, thanks but let me re-iterate 1. I have read the pages and pages of "negative" effects people have experienced from Kunlun on this very forum. Have done Qigong, also ZZ for 12+ years and have gone through a lot of these cycles. With several Goenka and Thai Forest Vipassana intensives as well as Bardonian practices, I guess I am not unfamiliar with detox, the dark night period etc. Have seen way worse with my Kundalini awakening eight years ago. Like I said, one of my Chi Kung teachers is considered a national treasure of China and has kicked my ass hard when I got lost in bliss. Actually, I don't know if it is my lack of expression or lack of patience on the part of reader - no one seems to notice that I am not dwelling in my original post on Bliss, Shaking or any of the physical effects at all! I am only talking about deeper and profound states that I have so far experienced only through intense Kriya and Vipassana. I don't know how to explain further - touch of the prajna dakini or a kiss from kali? It is really beyond the realm of energy and detox and highs and lows that I find myself experiencing through this practice. So, I don't think I consider myself "honeymooning". I guess I am married and have given birth to a child, AND I am a Guy. The focus of most advice on this thread is, IMO, Not applicable, but thanks anyway. With some background in Egyptian sorcery (someone popular in this field today who once trained with my teacher tells me sorcery is a bad word, so yeah Egyptian Alchemy), the scope of Kunlun + Red Phoenix is phenomenal. Taomeow is a sweetheart, and she won't say it but Chi Kung is best suited for Kids till they grow up, and this is not Chi kung. I wanted to really post the 'Seven Steps to Alchemy' scripture of the Mao Shan which describes Chi Kung as levels 1 and 1.5, but with a missed flight and waiting at the airport, that would have to wait.
  5. The Kunlun Story

    Thanks for being supportive Scotty I lurk around this forum mainly to read what a few folks have to say, like Taomeow, Zen Bear. When the initial Kunlun talk started on this forum, I ignored it for a long time assuming it was one of the many quick-quick hoaxes. That I consider myself "knowledgeable" in energy arts due to my Tibetan and Thera Buddhist and Yoga backgrounds contributed to this mindset lol! And the interview was what really helped. Till date I have not known Max as a person or have heard/read "him". I have only heard and read how others interpret him and that did not pull me towards him or towards Kunlun so far. Taomeow's posts were what made me pay attention to the possibility that Kunlun could be "useful" in my journey, that lady knows what she is talking about and I can recognize that much. Anyhoo, then someone posted the link to interview on my facebook page and one sleepy night I listened to it. I heard it again and again and again, trying to read Mr. Max, trying to figure out his energy, trying to read the man and his words, trying to employ my yidams and constructions to "figure" the man out While being not a heart-centered person by any measure, the interview and the man kind of propelled me towards the heart and that was a big transformation. I tried to get in touch with the facilitators in my area and got no help. When I eventually decided to give it a go and forget about Kunlun, Max approached me (I don't know how to explain that without coming across as insane or crazy) and everything seemed to fall into place. For example, the Kunlun gathering got cancelled, my car broke down, one of the facilitators backed out, I couldn't get out of work as planned due to an unexpected presentation I had to give at the last minute, others who were supposed to attend the class dropped out .... but, as I wrote in my original post - everything fell into place, like it was meant to be... Visiting Max and training with him is certainly on my cards. Wait, let's say visiting him physically and training with him physically is what I mean One of the guys expressed interest in learning Kunlun and for some reason never responded when we made plans to meet. After Kunlun, we went to grab a bite and there was this same guy sitting at a table across and eating away Chinese food with glorious abandonment. At that time, I could literally see Max there, smiling and saying so much . Some things, I guess are just meant to be. And Iam not infatuated with Max, impressed with his abilities or caught up with the "stuff", my very first Chi kung master made me experience all that and kicked me out of it as well
  6. The Kunlun Story

    A lot of what I want to say has already been said and in ways I can never hope to express myself so well. For someone who has gone through a lot of grind and studied alchemy from different cultures with as much seriousness and urgency as one's hair on fire, I sure can "read" and "understand" what is being said below in a whole new light after "knowing" Kunlun. This is not exactly accurate or true-to-the word but nevertheless take a peek... there could be some pearls of insight one could gather from there and apply elsewhere
  7. The Kunlun Story

    Not the same, I am intensely aware of Jenny's energies and approach. Her approach is of Chi Kung and Kunlun combined with RP is full-blown alchemy. I can't comment if Jenny's approach will take you to the same place at some point - but the places the two start are entirely different. As I wrote, transmission from Max's lineage really does something as I did not have the full-blown surge or the enhanced state of mindfulness a day before while doing the same Kunlun. The presence of ascended masters, who to me seem like some Taoist deities or Bodhisattvas (remember, Max says one finds their own true spiritual or heavenly guides through this practice) is undeniable. As I stated before, every practice I have done before certainly has contributed to where I am today but Kunlun certainly deserves a huge credit as in within a few minutes I got what I didn't for decades. I dunno how to put it, but let's something similar to the touch of a prajna dakini that chakrasamvara tantra talks of? And is not the whole point accelerating your progress with the least amount of aggression (read fire path here lol)? I could do just Vipassana and some other Chi Kung like now for another dozen decades before getting here, but if I can get here faster with Kunlun, why not? Again, Jenny's form is Qigong, this is so not Qigong. More complicated.
  8. The Kunlun Story

    Does this indicate I have virtually or literally dismissed Vipassana? I would think not I did expect the comment on "attachement" to phenomena, stuff, bliss etc. and thought I clarified on that aspect with sufficient clarity. Well, I have nothing more to say except that linearising levels of awakening or levels of so-called attainment is plain useless. I sure hope this is not what my post sounds like lol! Just stating what I truly feel at this minute.
  9. The Kunlun Story

    I have to respectfully disagree. I have not stated that I have lumped all of these together or have switched from one to another like a bee. I believe each one of those have helped me get to where I am now and would not nothing to alter my journey so far. Anyway, thank you for your input whatever its worth is
  10. The Kunlun Story

    I have been a lurker on this forum for a long time now and have read through the various Kunlun threads, mostly with a passing interest. But today I got to see for myself how evil Max and Kunlun are how greedy and demonic Kunlun teachers are! lol Two Kunlun facilitators, both advanced practitioners in their own right, drove for 2 hours to get to my place, just to teach one person (aka me) and they charged me a whopping $ 0. Can there be a better example of how bad one can get with this practice? Bad bad kunlun! This should give an idea of how nasty Kunlun practitioners can get ... On a serious note, I have practiced Kriya, Hatha, Vinyasa, Mantra, Taiji, a dozen forms of Chi Kung and studied with the likes of Drunvalo to Glenn Morris, from Kathara to Kundalini Awakening. I even consider myself partially awakened and I state that here at the cost of sounding pompous. I have done a dozen Vipassana retreats in different styles (clearly the most useful practice I have found amongst the others I have dabbled with). But these two Kunlun guys blew me away today - not merely with their generosity and compassion, but with the sheer power of the transmission that was offered with nothing expected in return. I have the Kunlun book for a while and I tried the exercise without much happening. Once the two K-dudes worked on me, it was like a surge gate opening and I could literally feel blockages dissolving. After a few moments of Red Phoenix, I got to a state of no-thought so quickly, I was amazed. I could only hope to get there with hours of Vipassana. I have always underplayed the energetic aspects of alchemy and relied on mind (or mind dissolving) based approaches such as advaita, vipassana or shikantaza but today’s session was a glowing example that the same state is possible through an energetic practice - Kunlun in this case. Max’s guidance and presence was felt at every instant but it is too special and personal to be shared on a forum. After an hour of Kunlun, my mindfulness has sky rocketed in terms of degree of intensity and effortlessness and I am amazed at how profound this simple practice can be! I listened with attention what Max said in the interview the other day: So if you do it right in the Kunlun practice, the lower body is very warm, the heart is cool and the mind is empty - and here I am today living his statement in a few hours! There is a long way to go but the start has been fantastic beyond words. To make a few things clear: I am not associated with Max, his group or have any commercial interest. I have not been told by any one the Kunlun teachers to write this review for them. In fact, I have been requested not to publish their names here. With years of practice, I do not consider myself a newbie and a bliss junkie (of course others may disagree) and hence would like to believe that the review is objective and not coming from someone totally inexperienced or uninformed. Why I write this here? Only one reason, to express my profound thanks to my two Kunlun teachers, one who I would like to call the Buddha-Christ (he even looks like one ) and other, Golden Dragon And most of all, to say a big thank you to Max for this gift and all that he has done in the last three weeks. I would appreciate if folks who simply want to talk ill about Max or Kunlun stay out of this thread. I can only request for that, and I just did
  11. Hello