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  2. New Kundalini Website

    Thanks April -- the website looks wonderful, especially for those of us novices. And Drew, as always, thanks for the additional links. Robert
  3. KAP

    Deepbluesea, Thanks for the above post and the KAP testimonial. I have been skimming the forum here off and on for close to a year and recently joined. Two types of practice have jumped out at me: KAP and Spring Forest Qi gong. KAP tends to intimidate me somewhat as I have no prior experience with this sort of thing and it appears to be a fast moving course. (I could be wrong . . . ) As an alternative, I've just started Spring Forest Qi gong. I actually bought the course in '94 or '95 but never did anything with it. I feel I need some experience with handling the "energy" inherent in these systems and I my impression is that the Qi gong is a more gradual course -- and since I already have the course . . . I guess I'm playing it safe, at least in my own mind. I do plan on taking a KAP course eventually and posts like yours are encouraging. Robert
  4. Quick Hello

    Drew, The book was "The Kundalini Equation" by Steven Barnes. I read it initially in the mid 80's when it was first published and gave it another read last summer. (I'm obviously dating myself with that statement --I'm currently 45). I trained in the martial arts for for approx 2 years in the mid 80's where I was first introduced to the concept of "chi." At that time I was only interested in how it could increase my power and did not look any further. Over the years I've read numerous books on the tao, buddhism, chi, etc, but have treated it more as an intellectual exercise and haven't actually practiced any of it. I've decided now to actually put some things into practice, and in the course of my internet travels, came across the Tao bums. After reading through the forum here for some time I've come to realize that much of what I thought was hyperbole or exageration is actually true and that I now know just enough to know that I don't know shit!! Regarding Spring Forest Qi gong, a subject you are passionate about (and since I'm bringing it up you can now speak to your hearts content about it ) --I realized that I actually bought the course in the early 90's but never did anything with it. I will be doing so now. Any tips you can give me to help with the training would be appreciated, even if its only to say to 'stick with the course as its outlined.' Take care, Robert
  5. Quick Hello

    Hello Everyone, Like some others, I have lurked here periodically over the last year, skimming the forum. Finally decided to take the plunge and join. I've been interested in the topics discussed here for years, but more as a curiosity than anything else. I found the Tao Bums after reading a book (fictional) on kundalini and doing some internet research. I've found the discussions very interesting and informative, if not combatative at times. I look forward to to many hours of stimulating reading and interaction with everyone. *****To Drew***** Please feel free to say hello, but DO NOT give me the Spring Forest Qi Gong link!!!!!!! I don't want you banned again! You will, however, be happy to know that I already have the Level One Learning Course in my possession. Take Care Everyone, and a hearty "Hello!" Robert