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  1. Thanks for the add! I haven't been on here for a hot minute...and I try my best to look cute at all times ;)

  2. Lao Tzu, proof he existed?

    I understand that its not important for him to have really existed, that its the message that matters, but its kind of like when you find out that there really isn't a Santa Claus, Christmas (Giftmas as I call it) will never be the same. It just seems more inspiring if a Loa Tzu and his work wasn't just another case of he said she said.
  3. YAY! I'm the first to leave a comment!

  4. Non: YAY! A fellow Floridian! I am in Coral Springs, N. Lauderdale and Efflilang: But of course, that is little ol' me in the picture ;)

  5. get out of here. you're from FL too huh. me too Im in Miami.

  6. If thats you on the picture you look cute : )

  7. Lao Tzu, proof he existed?

    One of main reasons for not being Christian is the fact that I believe that Jesus never existed... so now I am starting to see that Lao Tzu did not either...sorry, but I am new to Taoism so this is all confusing for me. The Tao Te Ching was more likely a collection of authors? Do we have any proof or only speculation? Do taoists only base their ways off of this fictional character? Sorry for all the questions, I feel overwhelmed
  8. involuntary celibacy and isolation

    I agree with this advice, but I am sure it won't be that simple. If the place does have lots of smoke what should he do to fix it? My advice is stop being your own worst enemy and don't focus on all these negative things. Do you really want a girlfriend right now or are you just feeling the pressure from society? Were you sexually molested? Do you have family issues? Am overbearing mother? An absent father? Start asking questions and you will be able to get to the root of your problem, these things are manifestations of a much larger issue.
  9. Destroying Hope

    Wow, I have the opposite problem, I grab a hold of hope every chance I can get! I don't really understand why this is so upsetting to you. Is it because you fear you will be let down by that hope?
  10. Hello from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl ;)

    I am trying my best to keep rockin'
  11. Hello from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl ;)

    I am going to A.T.O.M. The only other school in Broward County is the one in Miami. I am taking the classes on campus...I don't think on-line would be a good education. T.C.M. is very hands on, I can see how theory could be taught via internet but needling and herbology is best taught one on one. So far I am really enjoying myself, Chinese language has been a struggle though
  12. So many different interpretations! I feel like this website makes Taoists out to be selfish, emotionless robots. This guys is just on an ego trip if you ask me. And no matter what people are always going to believe the interpretation that best suites there beliefs.
  13. Yeah, I don't know what I think but I do know he gives me bad vibes.
  14. A new arrival

    Hello and welcome! I just finished reading a Daniel Reid book, The Tao of Health,Sex, and Longevity. I am still digesting it all... And yes, please don't just comment and run!
  15. Hello from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl ;)

    Yes indeed! The Bostons are like our kids...but we don't like to dress them up in fancy dresses and all