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  1. Thanks for the giggle :)

  2. B.O.L I'm getting confused? Is the world devolving or evolving?
  3. I thought it was a fundamental principle of Taoism.
  4. Tell that to Gandhi. His spiritual mentor was a Jain and Gandhi embodied the qualities of Ahimsa. There are exceptions, but as marblehead said: it's not a universal truth.
  5. Attraction

    "By cultiavting properly you can build up a confidence and a radiance women will find highly attractive. THey will also sense your energy on an energetic non physical level and be attracted to it." I agree with you, however i would also like to add, that I believe this does not only apply to women, but that it applies to all living beings.
  6. Our fate is not sealed in the 'Dark age' it's just more difficult to achieve spiritual progress. So they say?
  7. In Hindu cosmology we are in the stage of Kali Yuga, the 'Dark Age.' The 4th stage of a divine cycle where there there is a decreasing decent into spiritual matter, a solidification, and a greater attachment to the physical plane. - That'll explain it!
  8. Attraction

    "I'm just gonna let the universe present me with my perfect person when the time is right." In my humble opinion this is self limiting,your waiting for the right conditions before you take action. Maybe the universe is waiting for you to take action before rewarding you with more favourable conditions. The universe will provide, but not if you sit back and expect it to do all the work.
  9. Possessing Me: a memoir of healing

    That's some achievement! both the recovery and the book. Good for you! Love Island
  10. That Harry potter quote has got to be the funniest thing i've read on this forum, I'm in tears.Thanks :)

  11. I don't know the truth of it, but that had me ROFL. Thank you
  12. Taoist's view on Reincarnation

    for me it's not a matter of belief, it's about knowing, and i just don't know! and to be perfectly honest i know very little, if anything at all:)
  13. Taoist's view on Reincarnation

    The Hindu and Buddhist concepts of reincarnation and Karma are too complex for me to understand, my innate feeling is in concurrence with marblehead..only one shot! Embrace it with both arms and live it to your fullest potential.
  14. Alchemical book suggestions

    Anyone got any info on this guy: Jerry Alan Johnson, and in particular this book? My link