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  1. Yeah, I went ahead and read some more on the Mo Pai System and it's to controversial as you stated. On the search I found a similar one called Longmen Pai and another called Zheng Zong Da Dao. Any comments on those or any suggestions from your part? THANKS
  2. Firstand foremost, thanks for your reply! Basically I want a system that gives me the ability to slow down aging and stay strong physically, the ability to use energy to heal and defend myself like DJ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml0j2ZkQ7WQ, and lastly will take me to enlightenment (whatever that is). That's my dream and what I call a Complete System!
  3. Thanks Mal, I went ahead and followed your suggestion! I agree MPWay he is really demanding. But then again I heard form a yoga video that most real masters aren't polite and we usually feel threatened by them, but if deep inside we know they are talking truth! Not to say I feel that way about this particular Master but "To each its own"! Thanks Trunk! Thank you all for those replies!
  4. Gary claims that what comes easy (cheap) is not taken very seriously! he's got a point in my way of seeing things but, it's still expensive lol.
  5. I'm undecided on who to learn from for a tried and tested system of Nei Gung. I have looked into Gary Clyman's Mind Light Nei Gung and Spring Forest Qigung (not Nei Gung, but his most advance course says is for self Enlightenment it says on his page). Any suggestions?
  6. I'm undecided on where to learn a system of Nei Gung. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi everyone

    Thanks a bunch nightwatchdog I'll do so!