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  1. Hi, I trained with Yu Yong Nian and have copies of his book but my written Chinese is not sufficient. I was wondering if someone could help me out with an English copy of the book. I'm not too keen to pay online for the e-book as I know the translation has no connection with Yu Yong Nian and he doesn't receive a penny of the money. Just some guy who translated his book from Chinese! Like you said, it's also way too expensive for an incomplete translation. If anyone has any questions about my training then I am happy to answer them.
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    Hi, Just joined, so here's my intro... Studied Chinese medicine in Beijing and whilst there studied one on one with professor Yu Yong Nian. Only with him for a year but did up to 2 hours standing training a day. I am interested in any references or advice in furthering my training as I am back in London now and find it much harder to continue without a teacher. Any help welcome. I also had long discussions with Grandmaster Professor Yu about his training and beliefs. If anyone has any questions I am happy to answer them. Prof Yu is keen to spread the knowledge and keeps no secrets from the willing student. A true Master Regards Dr J