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  1. semen retention experience , feelings and doubts

    Do not ever squeeze to try and stop something that is happening naturally. Saving semen won't do anything. Orgasms still use a tremendous amount of energy. You still lose that semen, it leaves your testicles and just sits in your "tubes". You can hurt yourself if you keep it up.
  2. Libertarian. Autonomous and consenting adults should be free to do whatever they want (sex, smoke, engage in commerce) so long as it is not directly harming others. Let it be. When I read the Tao te Ching, I find it to take a very libertarian tone when it offers advice on leading.
  3. Funny Link I Found Why do I feel like the answerer is a follower of Samael Aun Weor?
  4. "Good" and "Evil" do not exist. There is only pleasure and suffering, and the associations we make between the two in our minds (which we call good and evil). Just as there is no "I" (because we keep saying it over and over so much so that we believe it is true), there is no "Good/Evil". A world without sexual desires is one which is rid of many pleasures, but also rid of much suffering. How can we comment on these things which we have not experienced?
  5. Listen with headphones, while repeating the mantra "Relax" and "Let Go". You'll be refreshed and energized.
  6. The Gospel of Thomas

    What you said is true -- dreams have had a huge impact on modern Christianity. I don't trust people's dreams as global truths. In fact, I can't think of anything more animalistic, irrational, or dangerous when forming a global belief system than to trust the uncensored subconscious of one individual.
  7. The Gospel of Thomas

    Be careful. The man who formulated this version of "gnosticism" uses a great deal of subjective experience (in his dreams, for example) as the basis of his beliefs. There is a difference between rationally coming to a position, and rationalizing from a position. He does a lot of the latter.
  8. The Gospel of Thomas

    If only there was some reasonable interpretation to all of these puzzles...
  9. Notes from the dark side of the force

    Why are these notes from the Dark Side? Sounds like the Light Side.
  10. The Pagan Christ

    I concede to you. Of course, I won't blindly accept everything that I read on the internet, it is just that Massey's assertions seemed right, so I had believed it for a while. So I accept that it's probable you are right. What do you make of the assertion that Jesus' life was based on Pagan myth?
  11. The Pagan Christ

    Of course I don't have access to ancient Egyptian documents or manuscripts which might detail the life of Horus. All I can do is read from several sources and believe what I think sounds the most plausible. This link is a starter, there are several links which follow from it. I am also reading "The Secret Teachings" by Gene Kieffer, which summarizes Gerald Massey's work.
  12. The Pagan Christ

    Good catch, my mistake
  13. The Pagan Christ

    Historical analysis shows that Jesus' life as it is told in the gospels is actually the story of Horus from ancient Egypt. The stories and myths all originate in ancient civilization. Paganism evolved from these myths of gods, angels, and other divine actors, and was a popular European religion before the Roman Church hijacked the myths and assigned them to Jesus. I think that people tend to look for spiritual or esoteric meanings in these myths, but in reality the ancient Egyptian myths were ways for the initiated to track the Earth's Great Year, or the 26,000-year Astronomical Cycle of our Galaxy. The names and myths were symbols for telling the story of the Astronomical cycles. There was Written Tradition (Horace, Seth, etc.) which was interpreted as religion by those who were not initiated, and then there was the Oral Tradition (Astronomical History) which was connected to those symbols and passed on from initiate to initiate. I'm not sure exactly what Jesus taught. I believe it was just a message of Love, and a message of cultural and societal reform against the materialistic way of life. It is possible that there were esoteric meanings which are censored from the canonical gospels by the Organized Church, but we can not be certain one way or another about this. What I am sure of is that Jesus' life is far too similar to that of Horus and other Sun-Gods for it to be a coincidence. I have read some of Gene Kieffer's "The Secret Teachings", which shows the connections between Christian Gospel and Egyptian Mythology, and also connections between Egyptian Mythology and Astronomy. So I am convinced that the Organized Church hijacked Paganism, inserting Jesus into it's mythology, as a way of subverting Jesus' message of cultural and societal change and taking advantage of an already popular naturalistic religion.
  14. The Pagan Christ

    Daily Motion worked. Thank you.
  15. The Pagan Christ

    Nope. Still blocked in my country. Thanks for the effort.