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  1. Evil Warlord/Neigung

    well the question i have is this. 1. being a taoist first and then hearing about the mo pai a question comes to mind is, "I wonder how i stack up to the mo pai and on what level?" 2. if the mo pai either directly or by implication is saying they have the true alchemy. Then a question pops in my mind like every other sincere taoist is "whats missing from my practice?" personally i believe that answers to alchemy is much much more important than details of the mo pai specifically. but i do believe that the mo pai can help and point in the right direction for the taoist community at large in what is correct and what is wrong as far as taoist alchemical theory. With this i believe could help end the hunger for mo pai and put seekers on the right path.
  2. Evil Warlord/Neigung

    Scotty, well id like too but id like my questions answered first i just cant stand being told im wrong for asking a question by someone who does not know the answers himself. id still like an answer to my questions.
  3. Evil Warlord/Neigung

    wow i didnt think you would repeat the same mistake twice but you did. You replied and did not answer any questions and or drop some other relevent information. Then you assume that i dont know anything when it is clear that you dont know the answers to my questions. Plus you act as if your some insider. Just to let you know i am a taoist and i know alot about taoist theory and practice. I practice a different form of alchemy than mo pai and i just wanted to see how i stack up. Thats why i was asking but go ahead if you want to challenge my knowledge on taoist alchemy lets do it ill embarrass you ill drop a post that has so much knowledge that you wont know whether to be impressed or insulted.
  4. Evil Warlord/Neigung

    fizix, 1. does john chang have a lv 4 student? ive heard no but please correct me. 2. if the term leishandao is fake then what branch of taoism does the mo pai belong to or which branch or kind of taoist alchemy is it? please correct me. 3. i already knew what the joining of yin and yang is suppose to represent. What i was asking is how does that stack to the other forms of taoist alchemy that leads to immortality. that was the question. 4. i dont think the sifu liao was a genius in cultivation i do however believe and can safely say that either way he had a better way of training. Period (that's obvious) but whats unclear is if john chang's teacher either invented or learned a faster method then why didnt he pass it on to john and if he did then why doesnt john pass it on to his students. Or if he has then i will ask again who else out of the mo pai has reached level 4? so you didnt answer anything i was asking and basically wasted my time and yours by posting something that everyone already knew anyways.
  5. Evil Warlord/Neigung

    i dont know man it says in the magus of java that in 5yrs that john chang's sifu reached level 26!!!! and in another 5yrs level 30!!!! wtf So heres my question if such accelered training is possible then why does john chang not have a level 4 student? even though some of them have been training for years. when i told my sifu about level 4 being dangerous to accomplish he said bullshit and laughed. at the time i thought my sifu was crazy but now i dont know. so heres some more questions. 1.how does the lei shan dao's immortality stand up to the other taoist practices of immortality 2. is bio electricity only limited to the lei shan dao? 3. is the mixing of yin yang essential to all taoist immortality practices? just some thoughts
  6. Mantak Chia

    well i could find out from a pic of him but for me to do an accurate reading i would have to pass my energy over his picture. Then i would know alot of things about him but if he has any level of attainment by me just passing my chi over his pic he would feel it. Then he may retaliate and plus thats kind of an invasion of privacy i feel. Well i could take it deeper by saying i can feel the vibration from people from their posts.... look i learned neikung from my teacher but i made some improvements which increase the quality of your body essence but the alchemy is the same. In what i practice i get iron body and all of that so i wonder why Mantak Chia teaches that serperatley? When in any good system of neikung it comes upon natrually. My work as a student of the teachings i received is to aid to the uptmost the alchemy i was taught. Not to just add misc shit. In my system i practice 1. The main style of neikung training 2. then i added the channeling of the universal healing element to speed up the opening of pathways and to increase body essence or jing quality. 3. A standing meditation i made that helps with the overall alchemy that is taught in the main system. Which also power boosts kong jing. 4. A sitting meditation i made which helps with spiritual training. 5. I also channel the fire element that helps me channel more energy into my system which helps puirfy my body and to help me handle more energy. All of this is compatible with the main system of nei kung that i practice and has helped me progress faster than most.
  7. Mantak Chia

    *Questions*-(and they are open for anyone who knows to answer) 1.Can Mantak Chia or any of his top students manifest chi? 2.What is just the basic overall theory of alchemy in the HT system? What is the pinnalce of it? and has any one reached it? 3.Has Mantak Chia attained the light body? Does he know how to attain it? and if so which particular practice or set of pratices does he teach that activate it? 4.What level as far as overall taoist alchemy do you think Mantak Chia has reached?





  13. Original sin

    Dreamingawake, You only expressed emotion in your post you didnt actually ask me one particular question. I have to wonder why you would take such a general post so personally to use it to insult me? When we have never spoken before it does sound like you have some of your own demons to fight. either way your not healthy and it shows in your post. Just look at all the emoticons you have in it. If you dont think that(demons)are real then maybe you havent progressed that far in your training yet? You assume before asking you need to get past your notion of knowingness and get back to pure feeling. YOUR TOO YANG!!!....maybe that will get the point across.
  14. Original sin

    No your missing the point entirely. For one i will say demons exsist and they have creeped there way into daoism. We were all born spiritually dead. (meaning what?)- Meaning that when we became old enough to think the only needs we heard came from our BODIES NOT OUR SPIRIT. Meaning that what we sensed was only hunger, cold, tiredness and so on. We didnt hear our spiritual needs at all because they were dead inside us. Being good to our fellow man isnt natrual because we were born dead to our own spiritual needs and pain. Thus living life accumilating alot of bad karma. It was by the grace of god that the original shawmen were a little more attune to a higher bandwidth of reality. But understand that is was only thru their observations that they started to learn about spiritual needs. It did not speak to them like a vibration inside them. Before the time of christ the auric field of the earth was very heavy and dark like it is now and there was also no value put on human life. The christ child like the golden child was a nei kung prophecy It wasnt called christianity back then it was just the word of the prophets and sages.(before Jesus) (yeah i had to cut this post short or it would have turned into a book)