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  1. I can't believe people are still bearing with RFunaki's BS. - Who are you? You have not provided any details about yourself but demand the same from others. - Are you David the Quack's mouthpiece - not the old broken Sean Denty one I hope? If not, what is your authority to launch an investigation on those who criticize David? Don't tell me you are doing this without any personal benefit. - I have met David, J Chang and Wang Liping and understand well what a moron David is. I will not tell you who I am, what I am or how David will squirm in his seat if he knows my identity. If you cross your limits, I will sure make that evident but once that happens, David will kick your ass rather than appreciate you as his man Friday. Think about the implications, talk to him about "Zesta Avista" and ask him if you should continue to harass folks here. Ask him of the days he was whimpering on my couch and begging for instruction. - I am sure you will accuse me to be Little1 or Smith so throw that spy URL at me and I will click my way to glory. I am not sure how familiar you are with cyber laws but it is time you revise. Seriously, mentioning David in the same paragraph as Wang Liping or John Chang is an utter disgrace. And god bless his lovely wife! Hope she has got some help by now by compassionate Jade Emperor. And Funaki, its good if you can get a better set of questions to ask the folks here! If you know David is a fraud, why are you paying? Jeez, once you have paid a fraud, hell he is going to return the money! Thepath is a good case study here! Seriously man, I hoped David would learn his lesson and work towards gaining something substantial but it looks like he is sending his henchmen to forums and trying scare tactics. Reason - this forum is one of the top results on Google when you search for David Verdesi and he sure is making efforts to save his business. He has to, the vices he has developed need good cash flow . Again, ask him about me and if you don't get kicked, come back for a dialogue. Leave these good bums alone!
  2. Hi