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  1. Being Banned from Taobums

    Talking of all the psychic attacks, I felt like I was attacked today. I was working in my basement and typing a long email and before it was sent, my laptop died. Its a new Mac and it simple died! I then got a call about from my accountant who gave some bad financial news. I started my Tai chi practice and could not continue past 5 minutes. Felt very tired and suddenly felt a punch in my stomach. It was cold everywhere and it smelled like there were many dead rats. I felt another blow on my neck and almost blacked out. These seemed like spirit attacks and things calmed down only after a brief meditation on the wrathful vajrapani. My bro also my doc took a look and there red marks on my tummy and neck like someone hit me. I should not have ignored the PMs which warned me to stay away from Kunlun craziness. Is all this just a coincidence and nothing more? Possible, but less likely as I have dealt with stuff like this before in Nepal. But at this point, I have to care for my people, career and myself and don't have all the time to indulge in spiritual fights. I think I quite clearly know who attacked and why. Ok, it's his turn to feel happy knowing I am running away. But I think it's best to leave this forum. ShaktiMama, I was looking forward to exchanging notes with you and learn. But that would have to wait. You are and will remain a friend. Good luck Mama
  2. Being Banned from Taobums

  3. Being Banned from Taobums

    ShaktiMama, with this response, I have lost whatever little respect I developed for you after your long reply to me. You make a veiled attacked on Drew H here. You call him a pimp, missionary, fundamental Christian etc. But how is what you are doing any different? Are you pimping for Vajrasattva then? There are a bunch doing the same on KAP thread. Good Lord, YOU shouldn't be talking of stuff like pimping of all the people! You sound like those early Buddhists in China who jumped on the serene Taoists, preached non-stop about emptiness, what it is and what it is not and when got in response but a sympathetic smile, accused them of ignorance, and continued to preach and utter sutras not taking a moment to compare their own state with the quiet Taoist.
  4. KAP

    You still don't get it do you? Where does Vipassana or mind-only methods focus on blossoming all their nadis or psychic faculties? Where do they strive for super long lives? Where do they strive for physical beauty and health? A Kundalini yogi does - all these are a part and parcel of what he calls enlightenment. And not every Kundalini Yogi is realized or perfected and Yogi Bhajan is the worst example to quote here. Please read my post here carefully and ask me if you still fail to understand what I was saying. I did not indicate anywhere if a Kundalini Yogi's realization is inferior or superior to others, but only said it is better to stick to one system for the sake of relevance and for the sake of a disciplined discussion that does not run haywire into every known and unknwon territory. Again, ask me if you still don't get what I am trying to say instead of wasting both our times by assuming things, okay?
  5. KAP

    You forget to notice that I am speaking of Kundalini Yoga teachers, not of mind-only systems like Vipassana etc. where body is not a concern nor all its faculties. This is not true for a Kundalini yogi at all! The ones who have undergone a holistic journey and not of Tibetan or Zen masters. I think I clarified that and if I did not, I am now. Also, a lot of the non-refined treatment was on purpose many a time, masking their fully blossomed finesse and communication skills.
  6. KAP

  7. Kunlun and Demons

    Rise of the Naga, beware or he'll screw your brains Yoda, are you the Yoda on AYP forum? If yes, it's always a pleasure talking to you man. I remember Kunlun thread there and even got the book, but didn't care much for it. Glad now, don't want any psychic attacks from naga Samurais. Winn said Max was quite a character and his reps seem to be such too
  8. KAP

    I lost you here. What is secret smile? A particular Taoist technique similar to the ones taught by Mantak Chia or Michael Winn? In that case, it is a technique, an activity and if you want to call it Mudra, then something that gives Bliss. But none of these are applicable to a Jnani - bliss, desire for bliss, activity, technique etc. etc. If it did, he is not a Jnani but an aspirant hopeful of Jnana. Jnana Yoga, though referred to as such, has no connection with Yoga the physical or energy techniques or Yoga as in unifying with something distinct such as a God figure (which means classic Yoga dualistic). There is no striving or practice for a Jnani as his perception to reality is awake and alive
  9. KAP

    And that is also what Hindu teachers/scriptures teach. Bhakti attitude is considered as a useful tool to developing the attitude of a jnani though. If you can't take the royal road, then take something else that eventually puts you back on the high way.
  10. Mantras - Please share your insight, experience etc.

    My most sincere thanks to all who shared some amazing info here. Looking forward to hearing from more Tao Bums FiveElementTao may be correct in the sense all mantras don't work for all, or are not suited for all. I would also not try to distinguish between vedic and tantric mantras. This website talks about some tips on mantra practice. My Sanskrit is only elementary but it is good information.
  11. Dear Tao Bums, I have been silently lurking around for the last couple days and searching the archives to read some amazing stuff here. I hope my question on mantras is not out of the forum's scope! If it is, I request the moderators to remove this thread :-) My main cultivation practice has been Mantra. Hindus hold mantra as a complete cultivation practice and I am told that Mantrayana of Tibet holds a similar opinion. My questions are: 1. Does anyone here have mantra as their sole or primary practice? Have you achieved your required goal with it? 2. Are mantras and mindfulness same or similar? I have read Shing Zen's article comparing the two and he thinks they are for different purposes. Buddhists, most probably the theras seem to think of mantra practice as a shamata practice to attain dhyana states. So, that would mean repeating anything, even cola, would have the same effect? And Shing Zen seems to think of Zazen as better than mantra chanting for some reasons. Yogani on the other hand thinks mantra takes one much deeper than watching breath and states that mantra goes deeper even after the breath has suspended. What do the Bums here feel about these two theories? Is it as simple as do what works for you or is there some universal observation here? 3. Hindus (and Tibetan Buddhists who clearly get their idea of mantras and tantra from Hindus) hold mantras as revealed sacred sounds which have a particular deity or enlightened being associated with the sound and bringing specific benefits. Like reciting a certain type of Tara mantra saves one from physical danger etc. Is this the case or its simply one pointed concentration that brings some kind of benefit or the mantras actually have something more to them like the Hindus and Tibetans hold? I am seriously evaluating my current practice and would like help. Please share your inputs and experiences w.r.t mantra practice. I really want to figure out if mantra is simply a practice to calm mind or there is more to it like deities, sacred energy etc.
  12. Hello

    Hello Forum, I have been lurking on this forum for the last few days and searching the archives heavily :-) I look forward to talking to folks here and making some friends.