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  1. according to jim: john himself (and others, i think henky as well) have said that there can only be one person who is at or above the fusion level, and it's he who will be the leader. how can there be many students who are at or above level 3 and in a shorter time. yea i'll buy that you'd realistically have to work 12 hours per day for those kinds of results, and that's definitely possible. but how many level 3 (fusion) students are running around over there? i thought yang didn't even pass that level yet and i know that john retired from teaching. if any of this is wrong, by all means clear the air. also, none of jims students were putting themselves or jim on a pedestal. what honor was lost so that there was a need to regain it? are words that westerners (who are banned from the school) speak out really that much of a threat for you to lash out so badly? i'm not complaining about your clearance of topics, but it seems a little like you are a pot calling the kettle black in terms of modesty and humble behavior.
  2. nice work, this actually explains a lot. i always wondered why a guy with so many planned escape routes would use his real name. now we all know it's micah david collins. his webmaster profession also makes a lot of sense as to where he got/made his cover art. i'd like to point out that i thought it was funny that he puts a little blurb about his excuse for using pinyin and wade-giles (while still making the same mistakes i might add) as the intro to his new booklet (http://www.amazon.co.../dp/B00CLJ7FHO/) anyway, remember to spread the word and give him negative reviews explaining his now-proven fraudulent identity
  3. ok i'll buy that you might need supervision for the first level, but then how does this account for the fact that liao died before john finished level 2a? john completed 2a, 2b and 3 by himself before he spoke with liao as i understand.
  4. would you care to elaborate on this? is there some other test beyond the pushing the can/cigarette box test? the main thing that confuses me about this statement is: why would john deliberately teach him only a part of the level? i mean, he was there for over a decade doing the same thing over and over again. do you mean to say that every time jim showed up at john's doorstep, he would give him a test (knowing that jim was doing it wrong/incomplete), not check his body as you said is required, and then further lie to him that he was doing it right the whole time? i'm not accusing anyone of anything here but that seems a little far fetched to me. it seems like at least one of the 9 years he was doing 2a, the problem would have been corrected at least once. while we're on the subject, would you mind telling the world what really happens when your dantian is torn? maybe this will be your real chance to prohibit practice without a teacher. edit: i can't remember if he did 2a for 9 or 7 years
  5. they have, back in february i had been talking closely with jim about a letter he was sending to johann (john's son) describing lin and asking about if he's there. he never told me the content of the letter (exactly) but the user "thunderindo" claimed that jim wrote he's about his illness from the letter. i confirmed with jim that he did in fact say this in the letter. only a person who is close to johann or john himself could have known what the letter said, this proves that thunderindo is indeed a student of john or at least knows him. going one step further, if he's a true student and he's never heard of lin then that's proof enough for me to definitively call micah/lin a fraud.
  6. i don't want to start any fights or arguments, but you have to admit: everything you just said is exactly the same style as lin says "there's some wrong details here, pretty subtle, can't tell you what it is but just trust me. oh and i can't reveal myself to you." i'm not saying you're lin or you're even wrong, but could someone who is a teacher reasonably ask his or her student to be in a position where they just have to blindly trust them. a student-teacher relationship is one of trust to begin with, but that's really taking advantage of a "baby" student. if i were a teacher of any kind, let's say math, how would i feel about telling other people who are interested: well you're making pretty subtle mistakes here but i can't tell you what they are. personally i would feel really guilty and like a huge douche going around announcing that kind of thing.
  7. i'd like to say that i first noticed all the things the op said and spoke with jim personally about these things a while back. this new website is a little too far, so i'd like to add my contribution to the original post. another huge mistake that he ("lin") never noticed is his chinese mistakes. i'm no chinese expert, and i'm not a native speaker, but my wife is a chinese national and i'm learning to speak/read/write with her on a daily basis. this includes learning to type on the pc via PINYIN romanization with a program like sugou or something. now, when you input something on your pc you have to use pinyin no exceptions, the program won't understand "wade-giles" which is the old romanization (for example, tao instead of tao, or chi instead of qi etc). tao actually means something different in pinyin than it does in wade-giles format. notice that "lin" constantly has sprinkled wade-giles words into his "translations". a native chinese speaker, especially one who uses a pc often to type, will not make this mistake. native chinese nowadays don't know what the fuck wade-giles is, but that's circumstantial because he claims to be "an older gentleman". this kind of mistake is someone who is copying something else. just some fuel to add to the fire
  8. I've been searching for a while to find a good teacher of said internal arts, but not with much success. I've found 2 main reputable teachers, who have their own public schools as well as a teacher of exclusively chen style taijiquan. However, as the research progressed I noticed people kept mentioning something about teachers who don't publicly accept students. So I'm curious, does anyone have any information about good teachers (public or not) of taiji/xingyi/bagua in the Houston area.
  9. Is anal sex unhealthy?

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  10. hello

    I'm new to these forums and I'm not very good with introductions