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  1. martial artists in the real world?

    I agree Dan is awesome
  2. martial artists in the real world?

    I find this an interesting thread, espically about knife attacks. Funny thing is no matter how many "realistic" martial art styles you learn and no matter how good the knife disarms work or look like it works, you will never really be fully prepared to tackle an agressor who has a knife. The reason being in all of those demonstrations it never a real knife and if it is it is never a life and death struggle. Biggest thing you cant train for is being cut and the mental strain it puts on you when you do get cut (not even talking about getting stabbed). Su dong Chen (look him up, awesome teacher) was asked how he would deal with a knife attack. He rolled up his sleves showing his scars from actual knife attacks, pulls out a knife and cuts himself with out a hint of hesitation. Story being is he has been cut so many time from practice and actual knife attacks the fear is no longer there. He knows he will get cut, he just has to focus on reducing said damage. Just like when you practice sparring with or without a skilled person as you opponent. You will be hit, you will get hurt, but the more you do it the less you fear being hit/hurt, and the less you fear the more you can deal with the situation. Show me a man (or women) who has never been hit EVER in martial arts and i will show you some one who can't fight. P.S. funny side story from one of the Gracies (don't know exactly who i think it was Ralph), Give me a black belt in jiujitsu who has never fought, and I punch him in the face, he becomes a brown belt. I punch him again he becomes a purple belt, until utimatley he is a white belt then i choke him out.
  3. qi master against mma

    When truth literally
  4. Spiritual Adepts

    One thing I learned from my years practicing martial arts, (over 15 years now), Is that there is very few people who can use internal martial arts in a fight. Not saying its impossible, but the current level out there is no where near the level of fighters now. I practice i liq chuan with a fantastic teacher and love the internal arts, but i see that internal arts are very very very hard to get down due to the high demand of body mechanics being cohesive and precise. It will take years of constant practice ( and I mean like hours and hours each day) just to get the movement right, then when you get that down you have to learn how to use it in a fight......not an easy task. I find it funny when people think MMA fighter would lose to some internal guys or even street fighters (the whole no rules BS). Let me just put it this was, an MMA fighter trains all day for one purpose to become a good fighter. He spars, eats right, trains his body to make it strong (cardio, body weight training....ect) Most important of all he fights on the reg. He knows what works because he has fought and found out what does and dosen't. Its almost like saying I can beat Micheal Jordan in basketball if it was street ball (no rules..ect). Its just funny. All training is hard, very hard, and old school internal master like the Yang's, Sun Lu Tang, ect..all trained super hard, not just the forms, but the basic conditioning excersices (which are lost in most schools), to produce a strong body in order to make the movements right. They trained like MMA guys just in a different way. No one trains like that any more, and if they do those master are very hard to find. Also on the whole John Chang thing.....I just am tired of hearing about him...its like talking about me he is just as fictional. I have seen the videos and read the Magus of Java, but all of that means nothing. He style of nei kung is supposed be martial oriented and yet very few of his students get past what ever dumb level system they have. Why? since he is so good why can't he impart this least ONE person should be able to get somewhere. But that is neither here or there, stop chasing spiderman, train hard, find out things on your own, don't just accept and believe (just as bad as being a skeptic). Find out for yourself, test it like the masters of old, then demonstarte and pass it on.
  5. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    We work about 50/50 in my school especially in the beginning. We Learn to dodge punches while getting in close and "sticking" to our opponent. We learn how to get out of head locks or surprise behind chokes. I was taught a cool pressure point on the jaw to help release a strong grip. Then of course we get into drills and ground type stuffs. It depends on the school I guess. But what I love above all else is when you try all these things it's from live resistance you learn on the job so to speak and I find that most valuable of all.
  6. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    I understand Starjumper I am the ever learning student, I would also thank you for your imput and sharing of information this is how the martial arts community grows and as it grows we grow as people. You seem to be very grounded and a plaesure to talk too as the rest of the fine posters in this thread. I am very happy it did not turn out to be this is better than that!!! lol. You have all made my day!!! I extend my hand to you as a kung fu brother in a sign of freindship.
  7. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    the text is wrong, if you go to the other link it will explain everything. The guy is push hands champ from the Cheng man ching lineage.
  8. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    Here is some background of the video being discussed
  9. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    Video of my teacher Marcelo against push hands champ from Taiwan.
  10. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.
  11. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    That's why elbow locks and knee locks do so much damage. We don't have tons of muscles there since all the fine movement, cartilage, ect. Neck has tons of muscle.
  12. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    We'll from side control you can place your forearm on the hinge of the jaw and jus press down with your weight. Also you have to realize the necks of most judo guys and bjj guys are built like tanks from all the neck grabbing and chokes. The muscles around the necks of the top levels guys are unreal. Also since I am also in med school breaking ones neck from twisting it is very very hard. Just like when Muay Thai guys or karate guys break those bats with their legs but can't break legs like that is because where are designed with all or muscles and tendons to resist things like that. Out neck muscle even untrained are very hard and resistant when put under pressure. Forget when adrenalin kicks in you become super man. Lol. That why you aim for easier targets to hurt with minimum power. Also friendly or no friendly both serve bjj we'll. just like taijiquan you go with the flow you can either be passive or very aggressive. It's your choice.
  13. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    Yeah you could technically but the problem with neck breaks just like any technique is that you have to do them in order to get good at them. That's why Judo, Bjj, Muay Thai, some Chen tai chi guys, Some bagua guys like Serge Augier, train live sparring. You have to use it in pressure situations. Also as you can see both Bjj guy and Taichi guy were more friendly sparring than anything. In bjj first thing you learn is how to get out of that headlock, but it's not very friendly.
  14. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    Also funny story had a guy bite me once when I was arm barring him surprising how you stop biting when your arm is broken.
  15. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    Would like to put my two cents in. I have fought in Japan in full contact karate (kyokushin), and now I train bjj with Marcelo Garcia and let me tell you it easier said then done avoiding the take down. Bjj guys don't just shoot the use arm drags, judo throws there is many ways on engagement.