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  1. TaiChiZen -- mass marketing through corporate training blitz

    Hahaha I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about but saying Tantra Mongoose just makes me crack up. My girlfriend actually teaches Tantric Yoga she studied in Thailand and India. Haha thats just a funny name.
  2. A review of AYP from an ex practitioner

    You said alot there and to be honest I did not read through it all but I will tell you that this practice is very beneficial. You are looking for something else, yet you are already there. Once you find the original nature, you must accept it and steep. I don't know about AYP I do know some basic Yoga however, I can say that all these arts yield the same thing, if you achieve the same goal. I do not consider myself a Taoist, even though I have been gifted with many Taoist arts, I am grateful but I also know that many other systems from many different culturres yield the same thing. We are human beings and though there are many different techniques there is also the limitation of our beings, no matter how many different ways you augment it, eventually it simply becomes minor variations of the same thing. I have always sought universal principle, most get stuck in their way and become trapped by it's ideals, this is unfortunate much wisdom is lost by becoming one sided. Best of Luck to you in your training.
  3. How to achieve abundance and wealth

    I have been struggling with this in my mind as well, I know I have something that few have, I will not say that non have it but I know it is very few. Though many believe they have it. Though I view it as sacred and profitting from it has always seemed so wrong. Perhaps there is a way where one can give good and get good back.
  4. Can Kundalini "burn up" entities?

    I partially agree with what songstan said. Kundalini experiences are good, but entity attacks can have very similar symptoms at least to what you said. It may not be a kundalini experience. Please do not feel as if you are being robbed of your gift when I say that, I am not saying you will not or have not had a kundalini opening. However, you should note that just having many bizzarre sensations in the body can mean alot of things. Dealing with things in this field is difficult to understand, and even more difficult to find help with. I have no personal experience with Sifu Lam, but everyone on here seems to speak very highly of her, I assume she is knowledgable. You may also visit feng shui shops and they may be able to link you with someone. Don't be afraid. See this as a personal journey and quest, get out there and find the answer and you will find many amazing things on the way. I certainly did. The best I can say is do not be afraid and stay calm, you can visit people of all types of traditions, I was once given a great deal of wisdom from gypsy mystic whom I met at a Bazaar. The process of learning to use energy will also have some side effects such as this, just be grateful for the transformation and don't turn into a weirdo Get out in the sun and be happy.
  5. Alex Jones - PROOF! Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack

    Seriously man this is a place of solace and peace for many people, this sort of government is out to get you stuff is for the unbalanced. The truth is the people of Craft and their founder Chris Kyle are heroes who have sacrificed a great deal for this country. Anyone could shop online and purchase some tan boots and bdus and get a couple shirts with the punisher skull or even actual Craft shirts. Police hire people like this for security consulting quite often. I think it's too bad that we assume they were there to do no good. If anything there may have been intel that an attack might occur, however as with anything else, without hard evidence they couldn't simply say lets cancel the marathon. Craft is comprised almost entirely of former Navy SEAL's, these people do not murder Americans. The type of hell they go through just for their right to protect America is legendary. Terrorists are getting smarter they even make us attack ourselves now.
  6. TaiChiZen -- mass marketing through corporate training blitz

    I personally don't see anything wrong with this, except when you start producing teachers that are unskilled. I remember when my teacher told me that I could, "teach" if I wanted to. It was so casual, yet it was an important message, we don't have colored belts, we don't have gold laced certificates. My teacher giving me the go ahead meant that he felt my understanding and ability was to his satisfaction that I could pass on the art properly. Even to this day I still feel like I want to run things by him before I implement them. This isn't terrible and honestly five to ten years ago it would have disgusted me, however, I realize now that if we are not more open with our arts they will simply fade away and be lost, as so much already has to be sure. Not everyone will attain mastery that is the case even inside of the master's group of students, but a few will. Besides those are just basic yang derived postures, that are a common as water in the sea.
  7. Hello !

  8. Chen Xiaowang: Taoist Religion Lineage or Tai Chi Lineage Only?

    If the fool does not laugh at it, it could not be called Tao
  9. Chen Xiaowang: Taoist Religion Lineage or Tai Chi Lineage Only?

    Tao is very much related to Tai Ji Chuan, it offers the very principles upon which the art was created. You have an arrogance about you that only speaks to your own stupidity.
  10. Entity Issues

    sorry I meant to say it is usually not necessary to destroy them.
  11. Entity Issues

    I hope you are able to cleanse this energy from yourself if you are dealing with these issues. I had encountered many varieties of things you might call entities, many different shapes faces etc. I was fortunate to have been trained under a taoist group in the far east who dealt with this sort of thing. I cannot give much advice besides, staying calm and avoiding fear, these states please these things, some even say they can thrive off of that energy. Bathing in salts will help you overall, and ultimately continue to cultivate positive energy. You probably unknowingly activated your third eye region without proper spiritual preparation, this is essentially what happened to me. The half waken realm in which you encounter these things can be controlled to a great degree with your own will power. I will tell you now that you should avoid exapnsion of your energy and meditations that involve excessive visualizations, particular of glowing energy. Like moths to a flame. You can hide your light, but that does not mean you must extinguish it. They can be destroyed but it is usually neccesarry, and may bring repercussions. Calm, clear, use your will power.
  12. BaGua Help

    Thats a very nice video you posted, it's good to see authentic arts, I myself have found it to be most discouraging to see so little of true Gong Fu. Particularly in my own study of Chen Style, so many people practicing high stance yang style and so forth with chen even, it can be somewhat discouraging to find so little to align with.
  13. FR~EE Ebook ... "Neiye, Inner Cultivation"

    Hey Stigweard, I haven't been active on here in a long time did one post a bit ago but haven't had time to see whats new. This was a nice find. I haven't read it yet, but I look forward to it. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Lord Shiva

    You seem to know much of this way of thinking and it's philosophies, please expound. I have studied the Tao in depth and I am aware of the classics. However as far as Shiva and the path of it's development I know nothing. What practices does it prescribe ?
  15. BaGua Help

    The basic hand position is fine, the idea is to produce coiling in the body. The lower body is actually more important and you should endeavour to stay as low as possible. This art along with Tai Ji and Xing Yi represent the three most difficult arts to master as they are internal. You will only be able to do so much without a teacher, but finding one will be equally challenging your going to have to do alot of research and visit many people.