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  1. Can anyone give me a definition of what is Ming and Xing Gong? I have seen in this forum that xing gong deals with the mind and ego while ming gong deals with longevity and health, but what is the technique to it? Does ming gong deals with movements while xing gong is just meditation with no movements?
  2. Have anyone heard of any daoist characters or dieties with the name 玄太祖?
  3. Yin eyes v.s third eye

    I have never heard of the yang eye. What are you talking about? When you say yang eye, are you refering to the third eye?
  4. Yin eyes v.s third eye

    I am posting this because I heard from a person that there is a difference between a yin eyes and a heaven eye so I just want to verify. I originally thought that the yin eyes were just another name for the heaven eye.
  5. 3 souls 7 spirits

    So all three of them makes up an individual? So does that mean when we died, there is only one of us coming out of the body right? Give me some more info. Thanks
  6. Yin eyes v.s third eye

    Does anyone know the difference between yin eyes v.s the third eye? I heard that the yin eyes is not the same as the third eye. Yin eyes see ghost mostly and the third eye can see both ghost and gods. Is that true?
  7. Here is the link:
  8. 3 souls 7 spirits

    Have anyone heard of the 3 souls 7 spirits saying? Or otherwise known as in chinese as 3 hun 7 po. I personally think that human only have one soul because if we were to have 3 souls then that means that there are three individual inside the body so that's means that I wouldn't be the only one controlling my body, but apparently I am controlling my body and is fully aware of what is happenning. It is said that 3 hun is separated into three soul: heaven soul, earth soul, and human soul. That when a person died, the heaven soul goes back to heaven, earth soul goes to the underworld for judgment like if they should be punish or reward for their deed when they were alive, and the human soul reside at their grave. There is a problem with this and that is if a person does wrong in life and should be punish in the underworld then how come the earth soul is always the one that goes to hell for judgment and the other soul didn't get punish or rewarded? The heaven soul just go to heaven without even caring about the deed that the person does in life. That is unequal and doesn't seem to fit the dao. It is also said that when a person reincarnate then the 3 hun will get together again for reincarnation, but there is a problem. It is believe in feng shui that when a person is buried in a auspicious place then its offspring will benefit like getting rich and stuff. And the reason for this is that the human soul from the 3 hun is living in a good place with auspicious qi that it can help its offspring out. According to the taoist or buddhism, when a person died at the time that they were supposed to then they will get reincarnate. Then that would means that the 3 hun will go reincarnate so there wouldn't be a human soul in the grave to attain the auspicious qi to help its decendents so how can people still get benefit? So can anyone here give me a logical explanations to the saying 3 hun 7 po?
  9. Falun Gong

    Are there anyone here that are/had practicing falun gong or falun dafa? If so, have anyone experience anything that was said by the cultivation books such as zhuan falun or falun gong? Such as seeing the falun revolving, the founder's fa shen, or feeling falun revolving? I just just want to verify the authenticity of this practice so please give me some feedback. Thank you.
  10. so are you from the north pai or south pai? ur teacher learned from wang liping?
  11. You can download Xing Da Dao from the following link: It has the practice instruction and theory in it, but it is in chinese though. are you practicing long men pai neigong? who is your teacher?
  12. are you a neigong practitioner? have you read the xing da dao?
  13. In Xing Da Dao, it stated that yuan shen is separated into yin shen and yang shen. That yin shen is cultivated first and it doesn't follow any law and when one completed cultivating it then one can see all the energy channels and organs in the body. Then one start to cultivate the yang shen which is very animate and it supposed to be the immortal embryo that the taoist talked about. In the longmen pai blog of ken, it stated that the human body is composed of the shi shen, yuan shen, and ling xing. I would like to know what is the ling xing after one is born? does it transform into yuan shen? since according to the tao te jing "dao create one, one create two, two create three, and three create the myriad things," and since ken said that ling xing is the "one" and the embryo is the "three" does that mean that yuan shen is the "two" since yang shen is what the immortal embryo is. So does that mean when ling xing enters the body, it turn into yuan shen?
  14. Hi Ken, do you know if the founder of Falun Gong is really a disciple of Master Wang Liping? I have heard this someone in the forum and since you know Master Wang, can you please verify this? Thank you.
  15. Hi guys