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  1. Damo Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jin

    Hi,I practice this form,I learned it in person from Sifu Yan Lei,from Shaolin temple.He is all over the internet and he is selling a dvd of xi sui jing.The dvd does not cover the weight-lifting with genitals which I would think to be quite important.Dan
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    I've read most of these texts before,I thought I made it clear in my post that I am interested in discussing specific practices as it is well known that it is through direct experience that understanding may occur.To reiterate,I have practiced taijiquan and qigong for 20 years,yoga and meditation for 30 years and Shaolin gong-fu for 10 years.My current sifu is Yan Lei who entered the Shaolin temple aged 14,he teaches Xi Sui Jing which involves seated meditation,a hand-form,lifting weights with the genitalia and then beating oneself from head to foot with your bamboo(or steel)equipment.This is known as Shaolin steel-jacket (or Iron-shirt).If any one has anything to say about these practices I would be interested,particularly regarding Xi Sui Jing,which seems quite extreme. ps: thanks for the link to the movie, "Samsara" which I very much enjoyed,Dan.
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    Hi,finally managed to get past the error messages and navigate my way here.To be honest I am interested in discussing some of the more esoteric Daoist practices as none of my friends are into this stuff.I've been practicing taijiquan for 20 years and more recently Shaolin.As a part of taiji training I do quite a bit of standing and for the last 18 months I've been practicing Xi Sui Jing (Marrow-Brain washing).I'm interested if anyone else has information on these practices.I should say I'm 51 and old enough to know better.