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  1. Not sure about how much this applies actually to me, but my posts in the pasts should be traceable. I am not new, just do not post often and usually ignore the arguments here (except if they have some entertainment value such as Mo Pai threads which I read for the often funny posts). Anyway, I hope my suspension will be intact soon, I wanted to do some contributions over the holidays.
  2. For myself I have. Thanks.
  3. [edited again] You wonder why? Because I do not have the intention for any further escalation. I stand by and take the responsibility for my above posts though. Questions and criticism are welcome.
  4. Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing

    In case the question arises why I posted this here and not in the General or Buddhist section: Both the factual history as well as the terms used indicate a Daoist connection rather than a Buddhist. Same as master Jin Yi Ming was counted under Wudang rather than Shaolin (this separation in two fractions as a movement is more than questionable though).
  5. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    I hereby apologize for not having quoted the original post referred by me then and causing some confusion. And I will not comment further in this thread.
  6. I been thinking about sharing some findings and techniques (sp?) on these two, that I found so far. Nothing new or "new age". Here is some old post of me for a start: I am not in a position to talk in any way scholarly about this. I can only recount the info I found and how it was practiced by a number of Chinese a good long time after Damo. And this would be using Yi Jin Jing and Lohan Gong as the foundation for Xi Sui Jing, which as said before, is known to me as a sitting meditation with similarities to Mopai "level 1" but also some allusions to the "golden flower method". How to use the meditative method for "correct" sitting, standing, walking and even sleeping I found also shortly alluded to. I am certain that using these methods will "open" the different energy channels and chakras over time. "Yi Jin Jing practice can increase physical power and strenghten the body of a practicioner and nothing more. Only the method "Rinsing marrow" (Xi Sui) can make a man inspired. [...] For sucessful practice in "Rinsing marrow" one must, first of all, have very serious intention and firm resolution. One must cast aside seven Qing (feelings) and six Yu (desires), give up all vain desires and leave behind axiety about life and death. At first it is difficult for a practicioner even to imagine all that but with time he starts to understand how to get success. You will be able to disappear and appear, free yourself (from earthly passions) and reach the top of perfection. You will be flesh and blood; nevertheless, you will be able to fly freely like the wind. Practice methods do not look like methods of Yi Jin Jing, though achievements in Yi Jin Jing are used as a base (for Xi Sui Jing practice). Primordially "Canon on Rinsing Marrow" (Xi Sui Jing) was written in Sanskrit and later translated into Chinese. There is a xylographic edition; Buddhist monk Di Chen has a copy which I saw with my own eyes. It is a genuine Shaolin relic. However the book contains a lot of special terms, notions and allegories based on the Buddhist teaching, therefore it is very difficult for a layman to understand and realize them so the book causes confusion and bewilderment in people." Account of master Jin Yi Ming, Lian Gong Mi Jue, Shanghai 1930. The Yi Jin Jing exercises I know are 12 in number (Da Liu also mentions them it seems in his book about Daoist health teachings) and actually rather simple. I been starting all over and am still at the first form again recently. Not sure if it would make any sense to describe the forms here.
  7. Indication of rules, but no direct reason: All referred to before by quote was the post by Jetsun.
  8. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    [edited for not wanting to be OT]
  9. More threats: No reason given so far..
  10. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    And the reason is?
  11. Initial post referred to: My comment: Moderation threat: My comment on moderation threat: Forum rules: So where in the rules does it say, I could not write any general comment or "general criticism"? If i did... My so called "criticism" obviously referred directly to the sentence written before in the very same post. So as I take it, this moderator lacks reading comprehension and knowledge of the subject matter to be qualified to issue any such threats as above. Also I see such demands as harassment and a threat as it is aimed to get me into writing my posts in a specific way, which is not necessary as by the forum rules and not wanted by myself. This is a breach of the rules themself. If any poster would have seen my comment as too general, a simple question would and will solve the "problem".
  12. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    My comment was not "general criticism" at all. Reading the whole comment is "generally helpful".
  13. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    This time table makes absolutely no sense to me, especially with "peak times" such as 5-7 am being about eating. Waste of time if one is already so free to be able to follow any such schedule.
  14. Because *everyone* styling himself an "expert" has this experience...and this experience is genuine and based on training and research? Really *everyone*? I go with the aforementioned statement: *Most* of these "experts" know absolutely nothing. Except writing stuff that sounds "impressive" to people with no or little experience.
  15. 100 Day Gong completion

    Then sorry, I misunderstood.