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  1. pure joy watching this video. please let me know how to post a youtube video as a new topic. Thanks
  2. What happens if you die?

    It sounds like you want to know if,when you die,you retain your individual identity. To be individual there must be other that defines and distinguishes;constructs(noun). From what I (alas,individual again) understand to be immortal is to be one with no-thingness (from my perspective and exposure-- ein sof) and not individual. Shalom Shabbat, Bob
  3. The Rainbow Bridge

    I hope you enjoy this episode of NOVA about an aspect of ancient China. You can find this program at hulu.com/click on TV / click on NOVA / click on season 27 episode 18 Lost Empires II China Bridge. Its almost an hour long.
  4. Kunlun, Max, Beliefs

    Regardless of how anyone wants to label it (or me) I am happy to have served. NAVY vet. This country,with all it's problems, still does alot of good.
  5. Kunlun, Max, Beliefs

    Why would you equate driving a truck with breaking into someone's home and prefer to be deployed? I drive a truck and do -not- break into homes. I find the hours on the road allow me plenty of time to ponder,seek,dwell,write,reflect,think or just sit. I... enjoy the scenery(cubicle with a view).
  6. got new(to me) music

    Thanks for the link. Glad you like the avatar;it is by Storm Thorgerson for Pink Floyd album cover. He also did the Prism on "Dark Side of the Moon" and the light bulb suit on another album. Thanks; I will look for that one.
  7. got new(to me) music

    "Universal Love" and "Tibetan Meditation Music" both by, Nawang Khechog you can hear clips on amazon Shalom
  8. How do vegetarians who have type 1 diabetes and are insulin dependent cope since,as afar as I know,-most- insulin is still taken from animals; mostly cows and pigs? Insulin from pigs is the closest to human's. By the way pigs sweat through pores which the article did not mention. Recombinant DNA technology has made possible synthetic human insulin but I don't think it's use is wide spread.
  9. To everybody

  10. Normals Just Don't Care...

    We all do what you started this thread with. Just to illustrate look at your own posts when someone mentions faith;you come down hard(not attacking you-just trying to make a point). A(human's) first responce is defence of his/her territory(perception of self ) Each drinks when thirsty. I do empathize. Most of what i hear on the CB all day is adolescent gibbrish from "men" my age and older.