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  1. Michael rinaldini daoist priest program?

    Hi Guys, I've been a student of Michael Rinaldini and I can say he is legit, i have only done his distance program on Qigong not anything formally Daoist but all of his teaching has daoism in it.. Ive put a blog post about him up here just today actually and did a search on his name and this topic came up so I thought Im a Taoist Bum who has been involved with Shifu Michael Rinaldini so I can comment.. His teaching forced me to dig deeply into qigong and gave me insights I would never have gleaned under all the other instructors ive ever had... in fact my blog is about 80-90% his homework assignments.. And i still consider myself a complete noob, simply because im 36 and have a hectic life am still lazy and have not done enough practice
  2. Maoist exercise routine?

    Anyone know where i can find decent dao yin exercises illustrated and explained like in a manual on the interenet?
  3. Why Taoism is different

    Hi Exorcist, i am wondering where to start, i have only rudimentary understanding of Tao, regarding practices, i have read a lot of theory but i would earnestly like to take the path you mention, - humble small steps... do you or any of the other Taoist masters have some info for me re what to begin in daily practice, what to read and what to do? Thank you so much Brian
  4. Greetings from Ireland

    Hi id just like to introduce myself, my name is Brian Colborne, I am interested in Taoism, Qigong, Yoga, Buddhism and Ayurveda.. Love the forum, it rocks! 34 year old that feels 22 Well nice to be here im looking forward to participating! Lotsa Luv Brian