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  1. Things a Taoist do not eat

    I am a proponent for vegetarianism and am myself an ovo-lacto vegetarian (meaning i eat dairy and eggs) I do not eat meat, gelatin, etc. I think what is more important is what attachment or idea you have attached to the food. Personally, i tend to go with morality and nutrition when it come to food. (people do not need meat to survive, and as such is unneccesarily cruel just as cannabalism is) However, when it is NEEDED (to actually survive), I do not see a problem with it. Native american ate to survive and thanked the earth We eat out of pleasure and dominance and do not respect the earth SEE THE PROBLEM!? i observe ego on this forum and as such feel compelled to comment. (this includes myself, so in advance, please do not judge) Ego is rampant and must dissolve. Ego exists on this forum Ego is not true self, but ignorance of a projected complexity of arising and ceasing things Ego does not truely exist, and as such should not exist here, in a supposedly compassionate community. I blame noody or anything, and do not seek change. I only observe and share what I see. Peace and Love, but not for the sake of ego, LOW

    Yet more proof that softness is stronger than hardness
  3. sacred geometry discovery

    when i first posted about the bear riding a bicycle, i wasn't being serious and thought you guys were joking (and you still might have been), however once i gazed into it i actually saw a broad shouldered enitt rididng a bicycle much like the logo for bicycle cards - coming toward you....very interesting for the reptilian entity...i did encounter an image resembling soemthign with infinite eyes and mouths. The eyes and skin were reptilian looking, and the mouths were imperfect circles lined with a circumfrence of sharp, carnivore-like teeth not unlike some cheezy sci fi movie. They werent revelations or anything important, just simple picture tho indeed. I have always been interested in this topic, and to see a new approach to it is refreshing. The more I thought about what it might actually mean...the more I am compelled to say the core of its teaching is simply the perfection and polar unity of the concept of 6 around 1 being 7, and 12 around 1 being 13, both of which are very important numbers, and both of which show up together throughout the artwork.
  4. Cancer is a Fungus

    Cancer is a collection of mutated cells that feed off of the blood of the host by growing in major organs and directly tying itself into major bloodways. As such, the question is not what is cancer...but rather what causes the mutation to our detriment. Is evolution capable of evolving past overpopulation? Is it caused by the collective consciousness?
  5. sacred geometry discovery

    yeah he looks pretty harmless...just look at that silly hat he's wearing.
  6. A FU that a taoist drinks

  7. hey guys, i'm new here

    hhmm... ginger crystals....uhhhmm....cinnamin.... and whateve you would put in it if you were me. :-D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...LOW? hhmm... that could work :-D call me low...tehee,...heeee....
  8. Angels and Aliens, Monsters and men

    i just watched the 3rd video - the one of terrence mckenna....and all i have to say is that this man is a genius.
  9. Angels and Aliens, Monsters and men

    I believe that it is possible (border line probable) that ETs have affected our civilizations and cultures. Our true history may not be known for some time. History books lie a lot. The Govt lies a lot (sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not so much). It is my personal belief that the higher overall intelligence an entity has, the more peaceful and loving it is due to an expanded understanding of the true nature of things. Altrusim vs egoism basically stating that because they are more advanced than us, we must look like violent stupid apes or somehting. It is also possible, however, that some have taken advantage of these technologies or found them on their worlds. If that is so, they may be less intelligent than us, and thus be more malevolent. But thats just my 3 cents. (yep...3)
  10. Qigong Pyrokinesis Demo Real Or Fake

    I am also a professional magician (or of equal quality when it comes to talent), and the way he hid his hand and the way everything played out - the way his ego flattered itself, etc. seems contradictory to the practies supposedly undergone. If someone could truely do that, i'de guess their behaviors and personality would be a shining paragon of such ideas, but as such it looks like the paper was sprayed with something that the friction of the rubbing might react to, or a palmed match or something of the sort... flash paper to my understanding goes out to quickly to be considered viable here, but who knows. IMHO fake. (open minded enuff to be wrong tho)
  11. hey guys, i'm new here

    hey all! I am mostly buddhist/taoist and i've been reading off this website for about a year - decided to join! so yeah...HI! I am a psychology and philosophy major at the university of scranton and an avid musician and fan of Alex Grey's paintings and performances. I am interested in Kundalini and ancient culture, the possibility of life on other worlds and how they might have affected our development. I've taken martial arts such as karate and kung fu which led me into Qi Gong and Tai Chi and yoga. I am an incredibly deep thinker and particularly interested in Consciousness All is mind We are all One Namaste Ong namo guru dev namo sat nam My name is Andrew - thank you for this forum!