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  1. Taoist shrine supplies

    Thanks, Shon! Yes, my wife mentioned antique shops, but I told her I didn't think so.
  2. Mak_Tin_Si

    Yes, that is true. I'm pretty new here and the only reason I went over in that area was for Mak's post. Sorry I don't mean to offend any of you all.
  3. Taoist shrine supplies

    I'm also searching for altar supplies. I'm looking for a good incense burner and such. There is a local Oriental Market that sells such things, but there rather cheap looking. We wanted something nicer.
  4. New School

    Congratulations on the new school. Sorry I'm no help for the renovations. I'm sure you'll find a good Yoga teacher being in New York. All The Best,
  5. Mak_Tin_Si

    You, guys, I'm trying to get into contact with him and all I get is a Chinese answering machine and an invalid e-mil address. I've tried the PM's, but I don't think there working.
  6. Daddy Issues and Taoist Psychology

    Be careful, These women you are so compassionate towards often have really serious problems, IMO. I once had a girl friend that had similar problems and let me tell you as loving as she was it was not worth the drama. I'm saying this as I look back now by the way. We constantly had the ups and downs and of course cheating, etc. If your into that kind of thing go for it. I held her dear to my heart and got hurt big time. In my mind I would steer clear. All the Best,
  7. Mal, I don't think it's worth the risk, just do your Tai Chi.
  8. Mak_Tin_Si

    I know some of his ideas might seem very strange to some, but I think his heart is in the right place. As far as his received some enlightenment in front of the altar is concerned I wouldn't go around telling everybody. Some people with think your nuts. His name I believe is an honorific title. As far as a Korean scam is concerned I have never heard of such a thing.
  9. Getting Off The Net

    I think, Michael, said it best. Recently I've been finding myself spending entirely too much time on the internet. Entertaining as it is, I don't think it's a beneficial as one might think. Soon I too shall curb my internet appetite, but not completely.
  10. Reform Taoist Congregation

    woody, thanks for your input. I'll have to read more later.
  11. Tao is Simple (explaination)

    Wow dargonfire! I think "True Masters" still have to learn too. Though I have know of a few that decided to not partake in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we lead. They either chose to remove themselves from society or chose to die at a date and time of their own choosing. Anyhow, what made you came to think of the list above. IMO, there are some that have chosen not to give up, yet. They decide to live amongst us and leave their transmissions.
  12. I'm expecting the boot

    Ha Ha! I think she had one to many orgasms.
  13. Getting Off The Net

    Hope you find peace!
  14. For dog lovers- becareful!

    Thank you YM Wong, but I'd be interested in the masters opinion. LOL!!!
  15. The Ultimate Fu Is....

    Wrong, I'm ready to receive this Fu, but it is still unavailable to me. Mak Tin Si, please intervene my buddy/..