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  1. What is the goal of Taoism?

    I agree with this. As much as I also believe that we are "already Enlightened etc." I don't experience that it goes very deep if we don't realize it completely at all levels of our being, energetic, physical, mental, intellectual etc. Its one thing to say "we are already Enlightened" or ascended or whatever and think it on a purely intellectual level - its a completely different thing to "be" and know it at every level. It's that realization at every level that would let you be aware of everything everywhere. Realization at the intellectual level seems pretty easy where as even just a simple realization at the physical body level such as detaching the mind's reaction to pain is pretty profound. Training the body to realize that its just pure energy and can pass through walls would indicate a highly developed level of mind that has permeated into the body. It would indicate a mind that is able to transcend beliefs and illusions so whether this mind is applied to gaining other powers etc or to shed Karma, beliefs, illusion its going to be a damn fine tool to do so.
  2. Thanks James. Funny that you mention the Jhanas as I've just recently been looking into stuff by Acharn Brahm on Jhana practice. Enlightenment primarily through the intellectual channel though is an interesting and new concept for me. I used to think that it wasn't possible but I'm now thinking, "why not"?
  3. Old thread, but just thought I'd add my 2 cents. Almost finished reading this book and its a good read, Byron definitely seems to me to be someone who has done a lot of work on herself. Interesting to me is that it seems like she accesses a pretty deep level of emptiness cultivation initiated through intellectual self-inquiry. I never really thought much of these sorts of methods in the past but I have to admit that there's something here that works for me and complements my own practice.
  4. the warrior diet

    I just had water during the day and started eating at around 5 or 6 pm. Vegetable/fruit juices during the day is like what I do not except I also eat some solid fruits and I take some herbs and teas also. I'm not trying to lose weight as I'm already pretty lean, it's more of a mental and energy balance thing for me.
  5. the warrior diet

    I did the warrior diet for 6 months and felt really aggressive like I was ready to hunt or fight - like a warrior basically. Didn't really suit my lifestyle. The anabolic diet really didn't make me feel physically good with all that animal fat. I just felt greasy inside. What suits me best now is raw foods/juices before 5pm and then a light hot meal for dinner.
  6. Who thinks Bill Bodri is right?

    I started with Goenka too and I'd highly recommend it. I've done Vipassana retreats in other styles and places but the Goenka ones have got a structure that works best for me. The noble silence is really beneficial too. I think you would almost get the same retreat no matter what country you were in. The first retreat I did I remember being very humbled at the end of the 10 days realizing that I had only scratched the surface of myself, but it gave me something solid to work with for my home practice and after the retreats, 2 hours of meditation a day felt like nothing. I've also found Vipassana to be an excellent complement to the neigong that I practice which is similar to the dissolving method that B.K. Frantzis teaches and if a part doesn't dissolve, well "anicca" right? lol. During the retreats I found that I had a lot of visions, "lights," sounds and a lot of my energy centers seemed to be stimulated. The stock standard response from teachers is to "be equanimous, no attachment, observe without reaction." I also noticed that any colds I had would clear up very quickly, even for me. Vipassana is really good at letting go of stuff. In a way that's all it really is. My friend had ezcema all her life and it left and never came back after her retreat. Another friend had her warts go away. I met a guy who decided to go cold turkey from heroin by coming to a retreat. It's funny because the aim of Vipassana as they keep saying is to "accept reality as it is, not as you want it to be" but I was thinking that perhaps similar to what Louise Hayes says when the body is "listened" to the issues resolve themselves and release. Funny because now that I think of it, Vipassana has "healed" far more of my issues than energy work, qigong or Reiki ever has. So my own feeling is that there is a lot of energetic balancing that is automatically going on in Vipassana. It's just that getting consciously involved or attached to the balancing (in Vipassana) ends up being counter productive.
  7. Who thinks Bill Bodri is right?

    Vipassana has brought me a lot of peace that I never got from energy cultivation styles, I mix the two now and enjoy the health benefits of qigong but I feel that Vipassana still goes A LOT deeper for me. I've gotten a little bit out of Bodhri's and Nan's books but a little too much filler for my liking and too much time spent denigrating other styles.
  8. Kunlun in Australia?

    Yeah I figured the deafening silence to mean that perhaps the Australian plans had gone kaput. Last I heard he was going to be coming out here in Feb.
  9. So does anyone know whether Max will coming to Australia this year? Any idea on dates?
  10. Matrix Energetics

    Is there much of a different between Quantum Touch and Matrix Energetics?
  11. max and the SF kunlun workshop

    I for one appreciate the review Hundun. You're saying what you need to say and if that requires being critical then so be it. I'm still keen to see Max when he comes out but I appreciate have a more well rounded view and you've helped to provide this. Thanks.
  12. Lama Dorje Student

    I interested for sure.
  13. How many Aussie Bums?

    I'm Melbourne too. I might have to get up to Sydney one of these days, there are a couple of good teachers up there I'm interested in meeting. I'd adding Master Dong Yang to the list now.
  14. Lama Dorje lecture

    Well after a review like that, bring on the world tour. When's this guy getting to Australia?
  15. Kunlun Level 1

    This is interesting. I've never done kunlun, but I've always had spontaneous movements in my meditation. I always just thought it was energy sorting itself out - may be it is. Teachers/forummers etc, that I've asked about it always kind of just ignored me - I guess they didn't know either.