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  1. Abiding here

    Enlightening being is the incipient pivot of the creative, arising undifferentiated radiating aware essence. The “creative” is itself potential, if one sees. If one doesn’t see its potential, it is eternal karmic evolution. If one sees, then one can use it to take over creation, steal its potential and step over eternity. This is immortality. "Arising undifferentiated" is Complete Reality; just this is the Center: this being the substance of the immaterial body of awareness, one’s own inmost heart. "Radiating aware essence" is presence. This is one’s function. There is no doing, it is itself the basis of one’s state of affairs. The world comes to this. This is not some other place. It is here, right now. In the midst of ordinary situations, accept your function, take the forward step and share yourself freely having walked through the boundary of karmic evolution. Just this is oneself abiding here.
  2. 400 Words on the Gold Elixir

    Harmonious Emptiness has started an important thread on this classic by Chang Po-tuan. It is an "easy-reading" version of Chang's more elaborate Understanding Reality. The discussion has slid into the ditch of energetics spin-offs (as usual) as the general tenor of the posts simply do not address the heart of the matter of just Liu I-Ming's quote below (without even delving into the alchemic classic it represents). Perhaps it is just a reminder that people simply do not have any idea what Complete Reality teaching addresses. People want to get to the real by playing with the polluted— that's a given. Since reality is essence and the light is unattributable, it is no wonder people get side-tracked into the 3600 schools which do everything but work with what is the same. The Golden Flower teaching clearly states that the "method" is to work directly with essence, with no intermediary. That is the beauty of the teaching. In order to work directly with essence, it is necessary to find what is unattributable and work with that. What is the same? Essence is uncreated. Awareness is the light of the eyes, the source of immediate knowledge. Immediate knowledge is your own mind when you do not stoop to deliberations in ordinary situations. Yet ordinary people cannot abide in this continuously. If it weren't for that fact, who would require the benefit of self-refinement described in the teaching of alchemy of the school of Complete Reality? What is different? The affliction of unconsciously following a never-ending flow of thought and then using the same shining mind to pursue illusion and then go to extremes acting on these self-created illusory mind-plays assuring one's perpetual bondage in karmic evolution. It's about real freedom, not some sort of practice taken up outside of ordinary situations.. The world is one big abyss. Not one bit of it is real— not even the personality. What is real is one's own shining mind free of illusion. When one is finished with fascinations pertaining to created cycles and just steps over the whole of it, how else can one gain the perspective to see reality as it really is, and be able to act or not, independent of conditions (which, ultimately, are one's own views.) Sadly, people simply do not want to give it up, hence their penchant for taking up the clear words of prior illuminates and changing them to fit and perpetrate the 3600 spin-offs with countless self-deluded derivations only capable of sinking one further into the abysmal. How can anyone see this and be satisfied with interpretations based on energetics— or even something one could call a "practice"? People don't even question what the elements of alchemy are~ when it is clear that they simply don't know. It isn't even a matter of something to practice. There is nothing to practice. Seeing reality is just it. I respect and commend HE's tenacity and absolute patience in his efforts to bring these words to light, but as the discussions on his threads simply do not even reflect the heart of Complete Reality teaching exposed here as this quote plainly elucidates… I can rarely post on his excellent thread topics. It seems that to address this (his own) topic on his own thread is to be somehow off-topic, which is why I have posted this here. ed note: fix last sentence
  3. The Center has no Location

    In the prior thread, I used the ancient phrase "it has no location" in its reference to the Center, which is the impersonal unity of the immaterial body of awareness. Another alchemical phrase is to float around in the center of the compass. That it has no location is not to mean that it is somewhere else. It is a teaching device to prevent misguided materialistic people from attempting the development and/or pursuit of derivative spinoffs characteristic of visualization, quietism or psychosomatic techniques that only confuse the order of authentic practice by the mishandling of the terminology of alchemy to fool themselves and other unfortunate people. The reason that "it has no location" is emphasized, is because even though the effect of the Center is by virtue of having a physical body, and it is not beyond the body of the being that is going to die, there is nothing that is done by mental or physical manipulation, deprivation or effort relative to the body, in private or in public situations, or is there any part of the body, physical, plasmic or subtle, that constitutes this Center of the immaterial Body of Awareness. In other words, the Center is not relative to the physical body nor is it accessible in terms of any of the so-called "apertures" in the body used by the lowest of the low who employ perverted practices to "nurture essence". Applying the selfless intent of open sincerity without dwelling on anything is the highest practice of enlightening beings, carried out in the midst of everyday ordinary affairs, neither courting nor avoiding potential impurities in terms of people and situations.
  4. The Center has no Location

    As long as you LEARN, dear, that yours is a TEMPORARY assignment and that I do not follow your directives. I APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS TO GRASP THAT FACT.
  5. The Center has no Location

    dawei wrote: Duh.❤︎ I will add a little more now that I'm back in the mood… Creation happens. Michael is a perfect example. He just wanted to have fun and I didn't go along. Why? Michael has been on a social whirl as of late and I took note of it earlier this week. I actually liked one of his posts because he was able to hold several points together and took the time to address each point in turn, logically. He knows how to argue properly, orderly, and thoroughly (at least it felt that way, as I did not actually read his post). It seems he was having his way with the hapless bum he was addressing (whether or not that's true is immaterial as Michael was acting like he was). I didn't even care what Michael wrote. I just liked how it felt~ confident. Besides, it was pure rhetoric— why would I care? Maybe he's an attorney. It is the only post I've read other than those that appear on my threads in quite a long time. At any rate, I decided to unlike that post shortly thereafter as I did not want to taint his reputation with any association from one such as I~ heehee!! So a few days later, who decides to grace me with a second-hand glance by way of a "too-hip-gotta-go-but-here's-this-titbit… like I'm supposed to be impressed? Not. That's what this is all about. He was screwed before the first thought. And on top of everything he's got nothing to offer this thread. Poor thing feels misunderstood— I get that much. Feeling misunderstood is how you feel when your potential gets ripped off by creation for no reason. Then he got to feel validated by the moderator spraying about "anyone can say anything about anything anywhere… blah, blah, party-line, blah, blah"). Creation happens. If only Michael could address the OP, he wouldn't have to be a dashing, dabbling, social-media dervish on his way to somewhere more important than where he's at right now. Yawn. If he could address it, he wouldn't have to, much less be in suuuch a rush to act like it's a simple matter of rhetorical slap-dash. This was a mark he had to make look easy. It's not easy, Michael. But it is simple. It's called open sincerity without words. ed note: add everything after "Duh.❤︎"
  6. The Center has no Location

    As for Nestentrie's observation… In terms of the Center having no location, where can there be agreement? It is immaterial. It cannot be discussed. It can only be corroborated by those whose experience in its application is verifiable by knowing. The one who would agree has no knowledge to corroborate. If he didn't already know that, he STILL doesn't know that. The point of knowing this Center has its inherent application, which is not a matter of doing. Those who see, have this applied by virtue of inherent potential in ordinary situations such as this one. It does not require doing, only seeing. The mod doesn't see shit. I don't need agreement. I already have a thread of my OWN making with a topic that cannot be approached by convention. The working definition of delusion is not knowing one is deluded. The one who would agree doesn't know he doesn't know. Here's what I know: THERE IS NOTHNG TO KNOW. What is there to discuss with one who would agree with something unknowable? I cannot help these people. They are helpless of themselves. I'm not here for them. Those who don't, don't know where to begin~ therefore in putting on a show of belief in agreement, those invested in reason (the moderator and the recreational philosopher) only wish (as was proved) to usurp terminology. biG w00p. Now they're gone. I DO NOT DISCUSS TOPICS BASED ON REASON OR BELIEF. Nor I do not court favor or avoid censure. In other words, not agreeing later is the same as not agreeing before. Nothing has changed here. Creation came and went. Before and after, right and wrong: Who decides it's all the same? The social moderator and the social butterfly on the social media site got stuck with that.
  7. The Center has no Location

    In the context of this created cycle, I would have to say that dealing with Michael the way I have is to acknowledge that I am not speaking of physics nor philosophy. I do not pretend to be reasonable. Recreational philosophers do that quite well, it seems. Therefore there is no basis for discussion with one who cannot see that his premise is ignorant of the topic. Presence is a quality of immediacy. Off-hand treatment of an ill-conceived glib repartee completely missing the point of the title of this thread is unacceptable. The moderator has a job to do and I have MY job to do. The social butterfly has nothing invested.
  8. The Center has no Location

    I will determine what I shall. If Michael is unable to regard the OP and posts unconsciously out of habit, That is not EVEN off-topic. It's called pissing on a post.
  9. Abiding here

    Much better, thank you, Mark.
  10. The Center has no Location

    The infinite BY MY DEFINITION, is creation. On my threads, you will use MY criteria— therefore I dissuade you from talking about a "center" YOU DO NOT KNOW. Having stepped OVER infinity— that is my prerogative to do so. Now go play Star-Lord on a thread of your own making and go to town with it— I won't be following you. That you cannot grasp that which is beyond philosophical speculation defines your inability to meet the criteria for contributing at a level of MY determination. Exercise your free-speech elsewhere until you can turn the light around yourself, and prove it in actual affairs. I expect you to raise the bar, Michael. Do so and thank me in another lifetime.❤︎
  11. The Center has no Location

    I am speaking of what you cannot, Michael. Do not bring down the nature of my content to your recreational level. That's called pirating. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
  12. The Center has no Location

    This is not matter of the created universe, Michael. You seemed to have had a grasp of this already from what I had gathered from your earlier posts elsewhere. Evidently, I was mistaken. Though it may work for you conceptually, since it is a matter of inconceivability, those with the will to enlightenment must invariably step over eternity to enter the Way in reality. Therefore, why not just drop it altogether from the very start? That it has no location is not dependent on anything. It is the created which depends on this. Arriving at its pivot is beyond your ken to cleverly consider by such nonsensical logic. Honor you essential nature and arrive at its basis which is the homeland of nothing whatsoever. Then you will come to discover that infinity, space, center, ALL, higher and lower (in your current lexicon) is neither here not there (in terms of my lexicon). I don't disuade you from using the created as an example to describe reality, but do not pretend to manifest something in the way of rhetoric where it does not apply— even when you might have an eternity to throw away. So don't go off half-cocked and be cheap with your posts on my threads, mr Star-Lord. When you actually have dispensed with eternity, we might have something to talk about wordlessly. It is the province of adepts to use creation to arrive at the real within the context of each created cycle. This is the working definition of immortality, being the fact that one does not go along with creation. There is no order for you to contrive in the sense of the topic of my threads, Michael. Either you get it or you don't. Getting it is not within the realm of any order you might contrive intellectually. Either you know it or you don't …and you don't. ed note: add last line
  13. The Center has no Location

    Yes, Brian, it seems to open up of itself when we stop using mind in the same old reasonably self-reflective way. Real Knowledge's application is activated in NOT using the intellectual/psychological apparatus. That's why it is called the nonpsychological. People do not understand that the nonpsychological is spiritual. How embarrassingly simple is it to stop employing the shining mind to validate the false identity of the human mentality? "As easy as turning over your hand." Yet another facet of The Secret of the Golden Flower's brilliant term turn the light around. ed note: add last line
  14. The Center has no Location

    There is no new center. What is new (to you) is having gone through yet another typical creative cycle and gone along helplessly with the change and calling that you wandering, Jace. What it is, is you subject to kinetic subterfuge (karmic momentum) without you knowing it. That is the working definition of ignorance, mon ami. What's the point of that? The point is that you do not know you are not created, therefore you are subjecting your illusionary existence to delusional forces and their consequences. That is beyond philosophy, that's what. It is not even that you are unaware of your essential nature… the mystery can only be experienced intimately oneself and matured within (incubated is the taoist term) over a long period of time before one can even begin to manifest what it means to realize it. It has nothing to do with understanding. There is nothing to understand. The Center is not relative to you. When you come to the practical realization that you do not exist separately, outside of a particularly functional aspect that has falsely usurped the natural spiritual order, you will then begin to develop an affinity with this Center. Please realize yours is a very typical notion relative to philosophical speculation and does not contribute to the basis of this thread, as I do not write for those who have no affinity in this basis. Sorry. There is no place, and this is it, whether you know it or not— such is the homeland of nothing whatsoever. The difference is whether or not you can use it to take over creation, steal potential, step over eternity, and enter the Way in reality. The authentic traditions of spiritual perception on this planet have always been kept alive by their application, not by the verbally reasoned pastimes of philosophically speculative hobbyists. It seems, that at this point in time, your concern, ultimately, is for your own comfort. Don't be petty.❤︎ The point is to have the full capacity of your uncreated awareness present, intact and activated without dwelling on the temporal aspect of phenomena (especially your own self-reifying concepts)— which is the entire buddhist canon in one sentence. ed note: add to 2nd paragraph; add 3rd paragraph
  15. Abiding here

  16. The Meaning of No Meaning

    I once showed someone a simple hand scrawled diagram that changes from a pentagram into a pyramid before your eyes, and his only reply was “What does it mean?” I knew at that moment that there is no elaborating this condition. ***************************************************************************** Someone wrote via PM: I was reading one of your recent blog posts and I am interested to get an elaboration on the following passage: "Reality itself has no meaning. It never has and it never will. It just is. So be it. Awaken to it now as is, no different than your own everyday mind without making arrangements beforehand." ****************************************************************************** Reality has no meaning, it just is as it is. Seeking meaning in things (body, mind, society, events— the four empty names) is just the perpetual result of mental agitation of the intellectual apparatus. Seeking anything is simply over-stepping upright immediate acceptance and selfless response to reality as is. By virtue of this psychological momentum, habit-energy provides an arbitrary construct based on the personality’s endless quest to seek ascendancy over the fundamental reality of causeless unity. It is just evidence of self-servility habituated to death-seeking energy constituting karmic bondage. Living sane energy is open awareness no different than your own mind. That which is self-evident is immediately known without discriminatory awareness habitually seeking reasons for meaning. Knowing the taste and temperature of water as you drink it is experience beyond the ken of meaning. Further removed is speculative processes rationalizing (comparing) data. Eschewing habitual intellectualism until it ceases to be a psychologically compulsive activity is the basis of self-refinement. Effective self-refinement transcending rote moral imperatives, renunciatory precepts and dogmatic sectarianism is a matter of working with essence directly without bothering with the symptoms of the disease— which is compulsive psychological behavior based on the mental patterns learned and inherited by the being that is going to die. Perpetual refinement of enlightening being is just dealing with what is, based on presence in terms of the situation— therefore, one gradually stops following ramifications based on circumstantial temporalities internally and externally because one can see (acting or not) independently of one’s internal and external milieu of habit energies. Once the habit is forgotten, there is no compulsion to act in accordance with it. In the interim, the ancient admonition that excessive insight destroys potential says the same thing: to wit, fixation on sense blinds one to essence. What I define as meaning is a description relative to circumstantial bias. Bias lodges in extremity whereby one looses the balance of light and dark, yin and yang, hard and soft, firmness and flexibility, sense and essence, self and other. The subtle operation which partakes of the supreme vehicle founded in the stability of Complete Reality, Suchness, by enlightening being is simply dealing with what is, as is, presently. Reality is neither emptiness nor formality; so what can be grasped? When one sees sameness in the midst of difference, there is no determining where the self begins, therefore there is no determination based on the existence of the self-made personality’s historicity in terms of any present situational responsibility. Response is precise in terms of the situation’s potential independent of emotional or personality issues. The subtle consistency of reality isn’t based on anything beyond an inherent incipience with respect to the present situation itself in terms of potential, the very root of sameness within difference which is what seeing reality is. Resting in presence without bias or inclination is the authentic foundation of the nondoing of enlightening being. Resting in the highest good is activation of one’s unborn Mind without dwelling on its relative contents. The meaning of subtle observation is knowledge not devolving into ramifications. Consciously aware is the root, not following the branches is resting in the highest good. The Unborn never having begun, what therefore would be the point of making arrangements beforehand? Knowledge is already immediate. Meaning is how we construe arrangements in terms of before and after, self and other. Whether or not others make arrangements, just the same, there it is. Seeing this is being, based on nonbeing. Here, spirit is untrammeled, already alight. Why would anyone go on to dredge up stultified causes of mental agitation in order to follow ramifications based on karmic awareness? Who awaits? Arrival is meeting as it is. Everything is apparent; there is nothing left. Even the heart of the Mystery of Mysteries amounts to open awareness without traces. Stroking woven hairs, or even braiding them myself to suit circumstances, I do not avoid impurity nor do I take it up unknowingly— only adapting intimately according to the time and the situation, not the person. Neither still nor moving, though conditions are the product of circumstance, what can I say other than I don’t know anything beyond the fact that there is nothing to know in terms of reality— and the particular is only an energy-sucking trap. If you know that, you can come and go at will without seeking outcomes. Reality itself has no meaning; knowledge has no absolute point of reference other than nonbeing. Seeing nonbeing, the personality has no absolute reference beyond being. So be it. Awake. Act or no, there is no reason for motivation in terms of the personality. Why? Because to do so knowingly is impersonal adaption, which Don Juan Matus calls controlled folly. Because those who do not see ignorant folly in doing so (following circumstances based on the perspective of personality) do so unknowingly (considering the person an existential absolute); delusion is furthermore forgetting one’s own effective ignorance as the basis of karmic bondage in endless creative cycles. There is no meaning. Wonderfully aware, immediately present, just this is it. Meaning is simply a diversion for those who imagine themselves habituated to doing; that is, those whose habitual psychologies go along with the taxing intricacies identifying with the doing of the mechanics of having knowledge do not realize their needless and wasteful bondage to conditionally incremental patterns that can be seen through at once by virtue of instantaneous real knowledge, which is your own everyday mind without the psychological overlay of multifarious momentums driving the horse-heads and mind-monkeys of personal identities throughout time. This is energy that instantly transfers to the development of enlightening qualities once it is freed up by one’s awakening to real knowledge. There is nothing wrong with dealing with intricacies unless you don’t know better. Not knowing better is habituation to psychological patterns perpetually locking away the potential to fuel the natural development of enlightening qualities that in no way hinder skillful manipulation of mechanistic properties pertaining to psychological and physical arts and disciplines (not to mention everyday ordinary situations). Not that one who knows better would ever find it necessary to entertain such manipulative interference even to meet the requirements of temporary circumstance; here, the overarching and subtle issue is of one’s habituation to patterns of adaption to circumstantial requirements that, in fact, interfere with the development and evolution of the sanity one is born with. The nature of creation is such that what amounts to gradual practice is either trapping or freeing energy in the course of one’s lifetime. Trapping energy is personally compiling karmic debts of endless cycles of birth and death, both of which do not exist in reality— yet bondage to delusional existence is your own mind. Therefore ignorance of Complete Reality is bondage to karmic illusion. Freeing energy is freeing potential from the matrix of karmic evolution grain by grain by virtue of everyday ordinary situations whereby one gathers the medicines of the elixir of immortality. Unborn Mind alone is real, it is one’s true identity. Birth and death are unreal because Mind is unborn. Awakening to reality, one ceases following relative perspectives in the midst of phenomena while not denying characteristics comprising the situational continuum. Unfortunately, intellectualists fear that anything that threatens their carefully cultivated and clinging relationship with a mechanical understanding of meaning will cause them to somehow miss out on something, as yet un-categorized within their acquisitive conceptual inventories of what passes muster as manipulable knowledge. The fact that nonpsychological awareness is un-categorizable is totally lost on them, it seems. Rationalists cannot grasp the fact that it is impossible to utilize the rational aspect of the human mentality to acknowledge the un-categorizable function and capacity of the inherent mind of tao. Relying on conceptual knowledge, speculative pastimes are all that recreational philosophers can compound daily. It is extremely pathetic and wasteful for people to carry on as if they were immortal when they are themselves unable to recognize their own immortal nature. Real Knowledge is absolute and neither applies nor is accessible to personalistic psychological capacities. Intellectualists are perennially limited by an inability to assess reality in terms of an habituation to reason and the fear of venturing beyond reasoning’s confines which are by definition strictly relative to a personalistic interpretation. The boon of accessing Real Knowledge is o b j e c t i v i t y , in terms of the real’s application within delusional existence. Dogen says that the hallmark of illumined qualities is the grounded consciousness of one’s function being “deluded within delusion”, which has no place in the pastime or lexicon of recreational philosophical discussion. Why? Because there are people dabbling recreationally within “realization upon realization” without ever experiencing the basis of the economy of its application (much less its power), who can never see that the reality of noumenon cannot be played with as a thing out there. Reality has no wiggle-room because it is an undifferentiated unity-field comprised of one’s own mind-ground in terms of creation itself. It is what it is. Buddhas don’t discuss interpretations of reasoning out of habit or for pleasure. Why? Because relativity is not the basis of anything but suffering and endless rounds of birth and death. Buddhas don’t discuss interpretations of nonpsychological awareness either— not only because there are no characteristics to discuss, but because there are no words to discuss it. It is a matter of seeing it for oneself. The authentic transmission outside of doctrine (meaning) has its application and that is the reason for teachers in the first place. Wordless essence is one’s own mind already, therefore in terms of mind, there is nothing to teach. "See essence on your own, then seek a teacher.” The real dance is a swirling churning sea of endlessly chaotic interplay; impersonal whitecaps spray at leisure, yet froth at the cusp and command of the leaden abyss, even while coolly equivocal and randomly indifferent clouds surpassing the vaulting horizon briskly sail aloft, aimlessly and ephemerally direct. Or perhaps there is an approachment. A point of light, glimmering, an infinitesimally jeweled tai-chi hovering silently in the center of cosmic space. Seeing the grains of glowing liquid pearl amidst even brighter black points defining a living vortex within an empty vessel—a pot pairing water and fire eternally traversing the dim primal void, there is no one knowing the singularity of arising and subsumption in reality. Why? Because Primal Unity being selfless, there is no one, whose living potential essence, the complete and pure miraculous impersonal awareness, ever witnesses itself with a knowledge of self. Knowledge has no such knowledge: there is no known self. The unknown self has no knowledge. It is knowledge. This is entry into the inconceivability of mysteries. Abiding within mystery is expressing unique power which does not add to or take away from anything because inherent sameness is the mind-ground of inconceivably aware essential nature. This is not dwelling in a relative socialistic “hope and change” sameness and its culture of emotionalism designed to hopefully screen any visage and exhibition of the exemplary (not a value-judgement) from its midst in order to create and maintain a purity of any sort, much less one of mediocrity (that might threaten the purveyors and the cultivated beneficiaries of this social engineering). And for what purpose, one might wonder, this purity… Revelations of the basis of Complete Reality are for those whose capacity is equal to the inconceivable celestial mechanism in terms of a unified (interchangeable with “selfless”) subtle adaption by virtue of the inherent potential (unity) comprising everyday ordinary situations. There is no meaning in terms of what never has and what never will. The essence of creation is selfless aware potential energy. Awareness is itself uncreated~ and there is no other awareness: it’s your nature. If one can see this, one’s own function in terms of potential in the mist of creation is enlightening being by virtue of the nature of awareness itself. Seeing the light changes nothing, starts or ends nothing, and reveals nothing other than one’s own seeing. One’s Dharma-eye is the world inseparable from the perspective of the true identity of mind. Therefore enlightenment and delusion look the same because they are the same in reality. But for those who do not see reality, its sameness has no power. Acting or not, in accord with the timing of reality, is partaking of the Supreme Vehicle, in terms of Suchness, by virtue of one’s awakened Dharma Eye. The power of seeing is in its selfless perspective. Activating the open sincerity of the objectless intent of the spiritual potential of the being that is going to die is what transcends karmic evolution. If you see reality with karmic vision, you are bound to creative cycles. If you see reality with the Dharma-eye, you function freely within karmic cycles as a partner of creation. Why is there no meaning in terms of what never has and what never will? Because unity (selflessness) is all-at-once in the midst of the gradual. It is possible (and real) to treat absolute and temporal as the same breath. In transforming endless cycles, the result of this fact and this perspective is perpetual incipience. Of course one is not going along with creation. Why? There is never anything left. Nothing ever happens, ultimately. Presence is simply what your own unified free potential within the matrix of karmic evolution is. This is how sages end up doing nothing. There is no other way to describe it in words. The multifarious strangenesses that permutate and permeate conditions are not reflections of anything~ they just are as they are. Don’t react. They are all ultimately meaningless. It’s no different than formal meditation in this regard: just note the characteristics of phenomena without loosing yourself in the present continuum. It will all amount to nothing, unless of course you are seduced into going along because you are afraid you will miss out on something. This is not to say that a purity of insularity is effective practice. Not at all! It is imperative to find out what happens (in terms of subtle practice) because existential reality is already karmic— you have to deal with it, but getting involved in influencing outcomes is bondage, not freedom. Simply maintaining equilibrium in the course of affairs is the foundation of effective response. If you are free now, what else would you add in the end? If you rest under that huge and useless tree in the homeland of nothing whatsoever now, what never has nor ever will is just the way it is, and you know it. Few are those who know this and can appreciate it. Fewer still can carry it out effectively. Without a doubt, the sages, saviors, buddhas, wizards and adepts of authentic transmission of Complete Reality beyond any sectarian planetary teaching or tradition are none other than people. Neither possessing nor intending based on the personality, experience leaves no traces because tracelessness is your nature; open and sincere, sensitive and effective, serene and unperturbable: completely awake. This is the meaning of no meaning: above or below, the wonder has no reason being. And that which is beyond Tao~ tao, itself source of the selfless homeland of nothing whatsoever? What of that? Rest assured in sublime insignificance…
  17. The Meaning of No Meaning

    Hi Asmo~ ask Apech about it— he's the one I showed.❤︎ It's just that I only stumbled on it myself by accident and PM'd him about it immediately because he is into Egyptology and such, so I knew he would relate to it. The effect of the change is quite striking, but I only did it the one time myself before I described it to him (then I never did it again). Maybe he has the PM or perhaps you might doodle around in the interim. It's a (scrawled *that's key* haha!!) star-shape with some sort of pentagonal line tying it together as I recall. Apech was able to arrive at the effect by my description easily enough, Asmo~ ask him if he can conjure it up again for you! As for an mspainting, I am web-illiterate, myself— I don't know what one is~ heehee!! ed note: add explanatory note below 1st line
  18. The Meaning of No Meaning

    Just google wayfairie.tumblr taobums (because my content is evidently keyed to my "title" here on taobums), enough of the old threads will come up to keep anyone occupied… There are five years worth of threads, even though I have only posted 1700 times since December 2008. I used to be able to go back to my first post when rain responded (and I PM'd her~ heehee!!). And just a little before that (date in time), was the last time Sean posted in the Articles Section. ed note: write out my ttb title in the 1st sentence
  19. The Meaning of No Meaning

    Well done, Rara!! …and thank you all for the nice replies❤︎ Even so, FmAm, freedom is knowing the nature of appearances (or not) and not following unawares. Having knowledge yet being unable to act on knowledge is the same as having no knowledge. Knowledge is seeing; acting on knowledge is not going along with appearances unawares. Your excellent comment is missing just the one aspect of opening up and accepting its (knowledge's) function without entertaining the illusion of self-reflective doing (control). Yun-men's dried shit-stick, already applied in terms of essence, potential, absolute, relative and enlightening response, aptly portrays the point of no-meaning, yet what is one's own freely applied effect, in terms of recognition? There is a point of power wholly inseparable: a shit-stick being the one very sameness. Yun-men is brilliant at the turn of a phrase~ he could have very well said, "Whatever". It's just that people being what they are, just this kind of utterance has stood the ages …haha!! poor Yun-men. haha!! Arrival at non-objectifying freedom is the fundamental basis for independent subtle observation. Use it well. ed note: add response to FmAm; tweak the line with the parenthesized "(control)" in 2nd paragraph; add quote from the OP
  20. The Meaning of No Meaning

    Awakening to the possibilities of no meaning is simply a matter of not employing mind in that capacity. The problem is that because mind is so quick, we cannot catch it in the act, therefore we go along with its habitual mental activity unawares and fail to notice our unbroken stream of assumptions leading on and on constituting the basis of falsity for lifetimes. The habit of intellectualism assuming an identity being the false basis of existential reality is so deeply seated, opportunities for individuals to escape are truly rare— and when conditions arise, people rarely recognize them. This is the true importance of the unbroken subtle concentration observing mind spoken of in the classics. It is a matter of sincere intent alone. Taoism calls this the "go-between" joining sense and essence. ed note: typo, last paragraph
  21. The Center has no Location

    "Other" is close enough. Xi Wangmu (Hsi Wang Mu), the Queen Mother of the Western Court in the Kunlun mountain range (purported to exist west of the cultural homeland of the Han) is the doyenne of the celestial organization of Taoist immortals. It is an origin myth of sorts. I use the term "myth" advisedly. Oh~ I lied about the romance novels. I only read the covers of teen romance comics… heehee!! Perhaps that will be the source of my next avatar!!❤︎ I'll be on the lookout for a guuud one~ ed note: add the Queen Mother's name to 1st paragraph
  22. The Center has no Location

    dawei said: I think so, to some extent, dawei. There is a matter of degree and people tend to consider such concepts as absolutes. The critical aspect is in its application. Without taking this into account, there is no enlightening function of subtle adaption, which is the basis of all authentic teaching traditions on this planet. In terms of the context of my statement as quoted, oneself abiding in no-mind naturally is one's natural pristine aware function open and untrammeled, sensitive and effective, calm and unperturbable in everyday ordinary situations. It is the natural stability of one's lucid capacity shining; (the red-headed little sparrow-mind having folded its wings). In terms of no separate individual mind, this little sparrow having folded its wings is not at all different than no-mind itself. There are no two minds. Mind is one. It is the sparrow's two wings which are emblematic of duality— not the tao-mind vs. the human mentality. When the sparrow folds its wings, it is as of yore …which is as before the first thought in perpetuity. This is not a reference to the absolute or sudden illumination. Before the first thought is already the integral capacity of one's awareness, uncreated all-at-once immediate knowledge. This is the context of no-mind as quoted. It is one's spiritual nonpsychological perceptivity activated and not dwelling on anything. In the active sense, it's literally not minding. Ironically, in terms of self-refinement, it is the result of minding mind and not minding things which arrives at the world-honored result of the stabilization of one's long and gradual process of conditioning oneself to resting the mind on no-mind, until it folds its wings over and over and over again. That is, freeing oneself from the habit of (ar)resting the mind on things, thoughts, etc. Revisiting (returning to) this is the natural refreshment of the pristine essence of awareness within each alternation of yin and yang by virtue of created karmic cycles. It is the meaning of the saying use the false to find the true. Eventually, after a long time, the mind puts its artificial habit-energy wings away for good (the highest good) and one ascends to heaven in broad daylight to pay court to the Queen of the West in the Kun-Lun mountains…❤︎ heeheehee!! oh dear, has i been reading too many romance novels?!! I cannot read too many romance novels!!
  23. The Center has no Location

    *blush* heehee!! Yes, seeing voids is/not-is. This is sameness responsively accepting its function and taking the forward step, deluded within delusion. Not abiding in the human mentality is called "meditation". Even so, just this is mind alone. Knowledge having no object is the same thing as "meditation" in order to speak of abiding in the highest good before the first thought. Otherwise, "meditation" falls into a class of remedial formality. True meditation is not relative to doing~ it is just a way to refer to abiding in no-mind naturally. ed note: I blushed in response; the addition came in terms of "meditation"
  24. The Center has no Location

    Oui, mon ami~ I kept looking for me and ultimately I found that there is nothing at all to speak of, and whatever or wherever that homeland of nothing whatsoever may appear to be, it has never fallen into the creative. When I speak of appearances, whether they arise as the absolute or as karmic evolution, it is knowledge being oneself alone; there is no other. Wayfairie recently posted a quote from Linji that says supernormal powers of the enlightened amount to entering into phenomena without being confused by phenomena. So when I speak of appearances that do not confuse people in the midst of situations, it is just that there is no personalistic psychological locus existent to posit confusion because there is no habitual thought based on the facetious personality of the being that is going to die. This thing of no location is universal. The Center is the totality of reality with neither inside nor outside. Though its (transcendent) effect does not rely on the sudden—experientially, it's you: therefore, you are not it by virtue of its (your) selfless nature. There is nothing to maintain for appearances sake. I have been bouncing back and forth between the relative and the absolute in terms of appearances for a reason. THEY ARE SAMENESS. THERE IS NO TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN. THERE IS NO COIN. Just smile! It goes without saying that you do not constitute a point for confusion to accumulate. And by that, in terms of the relative, I mean there is really no self to maintain in terms of a psychological locus for confusion to accumulate. There is already nothing whatsoever to account for in terms of self and other relative to conditions. When Gautama buddha held up the flower, Mahakasyapa just smiled. Confusion? How can there be confusion where there is nothing to understand? Confusion is only possible by referencing the personality's construed psychological awareness in terms of its own relative not-self, whereas nonpsychological awareness' perspective is in terms of the present impersonal situation. The only reason the authentic teachings exist is to counter habit energy being YOUR habit. Conditioned energy is karmic— it just is, whether you see your nature or not. The provisional teaching of emptiness or the illusion of temporal existence is just so people will avoid losing themselves unawares long enough to develop an independent perspective based on nonpsychological awareness in order to forget the self-reifying thoughts and feelings that bind one to karmic existence. Reality and delusion appear the same because they are the same. Substantial stability of clarity functioning in the midst of appearances has no confusion because there is no psychological locus (location) for habitual self-reifying thoughts and feelings (confusion) to accumulate. What's left is impersonal characteristics. Just this is the basis of one's response. Effective response is the result of seeing through phenomena without denying their characteristics. Abiding here (enlightening being) is the incipient pivot of the creative arising undifferentiated radiating aware essence. The creative is itself potential, if one sees. If one doesn't see, it is creation/karmic evolution. If one sees, then one can use it. Arising undifferentiated is Complete Reality; this being the Center. Obviously, it is the self. Radiating aware essence is presence. This is one's function. Just smile.❤︎ ed note: add "The only reason the authentic teachings exist is to counter habit energy being YOUR habit." in 8th paragraph
  25. The Center has no Location

    The point is this, Trunk (and anyone else who might benefit): To consider formal meditation high, and ordinary situations low, is the perspective of an outsider. And outsiders ought not be proscribing anything to others, even if they have heard it from those they consider higher than themselves. Again, meditation, or even consciously treating everyday ordinary situations as meditation is poison. This is what ought to be used sparingly only by the most recalcitrant of human mentalities, and then under the supervision of an enlightened teacher. I believe there should be enough to go around. Otherwise it is best to follow the dictum: See essence on your own, then seek a teacher. Curiously, it is the currently popular Tibetan tradition whose xenophobic cultural tendencies counter this otherwise universal approach to self-realization and, more importantly, its application in everyday life unbeknownst to anyone. I am not a stranger to this phenomena as I have seen its effects on close associates due to that particularly rich tradition's religionist predilection. Everyday ordinary situations IS the center. Reality does not look different than delusion. To maintain an inner posture of meditation (in action, no doubt) isn't even entry-level. I have been saying for years that enlightenment is entry-level. Living in the world in the capacity of enlightening being is already its center without beginning. It is already your own mind as is before the first thought, people. To see delusion as reality (and not the other way around), is true meditation AS the center having no location. Meditation students should already know that there is reformative meditation on emptiness, the provisional and on the center, and that one must apply concentration on each aspect from the perspective of each aspect (that's nine aspects). Furthermore, there is abiding in the center of all perspective without aspect. Remember also, that going here is different for each student, yet all have the potential for enlightenment— which ultimately has no culturally relative aspect. The Avatsakam Sutra states that Universal Good is the source of civilizations. Culture is derivative of this. Culture determines that which is profane and that which is profound, but it cannot determine that which is nonoriginated within oneself. This Center is oneself, yet it is not arrived at by technique, nor by teachings, nor by cultural emphasis on particulars suited to times and places. Nothing is created, there is no creator, Mind is unified awareness. Do not employ high and low to arrive at this center of the body of awareness having no location to view within the context of reason's machinations and intellectualist's prose. And if you do manage to arrive here, it will not be as a result of effort or inclination, since it has already been thus all along without your knowing so. And if what I have written does not resonate with you, then perhaps the topic is juuuust beyond your current reach to warrant posting a reply. But do, please, consider commenting sincerely by PM.❤︎ ed note: typo last line